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This incident occurred in the summer of 2011. I was pregnant with my second child and my husband and I were staying at my mother's apartment. It was late at night and we were the only two people home. We had made a pallet in the floor of the living room and were watching TV.

Now the apartment is a small 2 story. When you walk in you find yourself in the living room, there is a large entryway directly in front of you that leads to the kitchen. To your left there is a staircase against the wall that leads to the second floor where there are two bedrooms. There's a big window on the same wall as the door.

So we're laying in the floor a few feet from the stairs, under the window. There are no lights on and the windows and curtains are all closed. My husband is beside me closest to the stairs. I'm laying there when suddenly I see a ball of light moving back and forth along the bottom of the wall at the base of the stairs. I ignore it thinking it must be a reflection but then it bounces around again and shoots up the staircase. My husband jumps in surprise and then looks at me. I ask him if he saw it and he says yes. I asked what he saw and he tells me a light. I jump out of bed and turn the lights on.

Not 10 minutes later my mom and her girlfriend come home and we're sitting around talking when I remember what we saw. I start by saying "Oh my gosh we saw something creepy while you were gone!" Before I could finish my mom's girlfriend says "That little ball of light?!" Guess we weren't crazy after all.:)

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roylynx (guest)
8 years ago (2016-04-18)
Reading this makes me think that orbs really can be active!
I used to wonder if they have thoughts at all, by reading this story, combining with my experience, I think they have thoughts and even feelings.

Love from São Paulo


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