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Visiting Spirits 2


This is a follow-up article to "Visiting Spirits" which I wrote about four years ago. In the meantime several instances listed in Visiting Spirits, having been repeated and a new approach having been used, have improved "knowledge" of what happens and why during the Spirit's visit.

Based on each occurrence I conclude that the detectable visits are made for a single purpose: to inform me of the death of a friend or relative, either of mine or of the Spirit. There may be other visits but each indicated one has usually been connected only to those deaths.

For example: A year or two ago two visits were detected by the activation of the Tom-Tom, which I previously described in Visiting Spirits. I could not connect those visits to deaths of someone I knew until a while (days, weeks) later when I was informed of the deaths of two of my wife's cousins with whom I was not in contact after her death.

About a year ago, another visit occurred three days after the funeral (which I attended) of the man who married one of my cousins and who was the Best Man at my wedding over 50 years previously.

Then, one day, my touch-on lamp four feet away was lit again but I could not connect it to the death of someone I knew but I still believe it was probably a relative of my wife.

Several weeks ago I learned of the death of a very good friend of ours but nothing happened for about two weeks. The, suddenly, as I was washing up in my bathroom, a hand towel fell to the floor from a towel bar on which it was laying as usual. It had never fallen before hence I accepted it, tentatively, as a visit indicator of the death of our friend.

The reason I interpreted the falling towel as the visit indicator rather than the activation of the Tom-Tom is that the Tom-Tom had not been used for about a year (I had gotten used to traveling in the vicinity) and its internal battery was, therefore, totally discharged and unavailable for the Spirit's activation. When the Tom-Tom is operated in the car, it is plugged into the car's battery and its internal battery becomes fully charged. Once the Tom-Tom is removed to indoors, its battery decays slowly. In several trials I determined that the decay occurs in more than a period of at least six weeks. After this deactivation period the Spirit is no longer able to activate it unless it can supply the power required to recharge the battery. Its ability in that respect is unknown.

Why are some of the visits connected to the activation of my Tom-Tom, or of my touch-on lamp, or to causing a towel, for example, to be involved in some action which is unusual? The answer, I believe, is that the indication of visit may occur only in my immediate presence wherein the Spirit seizes any means it can. This suggests that the visit is brief. The indicator of the visit was never left activated when I was absent from my apartment, which is not frequent in any case. Incidentally, each of the visits I was aware of occurred during the day and never at night.

That's the story I can recite at this time. Hopefully, the conclusions I have drawn are valid but, of course, there's no way I can prove any of them. I can believe them only from their consistency and reasonableness. Some day I will learn if I am right but will be beyond passing on the information.

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1082 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-31)
Greetings, tonepete.

It's good that you're updating the information on the website, even with the 4-year-interval! Those of us who found the site while researching phenomena similar to our own experiences appreciate that you've taken the time to provide the information. (Has your wife continued to drop off coins? Is there any correlation to the dates of the coins and events in your lives? Have you collected the coins, or have you spent them?)

You have moved closer to your son, which is good, but you didn't discuss whether or not you have mentioned your wife's visits to him.

If you don't object, I would ask a favor of you, based upon simple (possibly unscientific) curiosity.

Consider being a spirit who lingers to have a posthumous visit with your son; I know your wife will be impatient to chat with you, but if she's visited every time a friend has died, she'll understand your wanting to say goodbye to your son. If you were to leave your son a note with directions to your account here (and your password) in order to post/upload the results, you could provide him with simple directions ("simple," because he'll be grieving your death) to ask specific questions and to write out on a sheet of paper response options to cover the most likely answers (e.g.: Yes, No, Hopefully, Don't Know, True, False, and Not Allowed To Say). As he slowly runs his finger down the notepad, interfere with the smoke detector at the opportune time. Obviously, there should be a control question or two scattered throughout so he'll be able to confirm your identity and to rule out coincidence. As you are a retired scientist, consider setting up double-blind questions --such as responses to questions about events which occurred post-mortem-- and requests to set off smoke detectors, voltmeters, cellular phones, etc., at specific times. You're the Scientist here, take the time to think up parts of the experiment which would be fun for you to do! It may come to nothing, but it doesn't hurt for me to make the suggestion that you anticipate one final experiment before joining your wife.

Take good care of yourself; be practical and logical in your approach to your "golden years." (I know, it's a euphemism for "getting even older." If it helps, this website switched me from "young adult" to "middle age" this afternoon, but I still have trouble with the idea that people think I'm an adult.)

If the experiment idea is a bad one, I apologize; if you like the thought of setting it up, then I'm pleased.


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