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Grandma Visiting Me In My Dreams


This is my first time publishing one of my stories on here although I've always been a fan of reading stories on this website for years. I'm going to try to explain everything as much as possible.

So back in 2006 my family and I lost our grandma. It was extremely difficult for me because I had grown up with her and we shared a room together so that way I can make sure she was still breathing during the night as she was only able to breathe through her oxygen tank. When she passed I was only 8 years old and at the time I didn't know what death was but somehow I knew that she was gone.

Fast forward when I turned 15. I had never had any dreams of my grandma until then. One night in my dream, I had received a phone call and when I answered, it was a woman whose voice I didn't recognize. When I asked who it was, all it said was "don't tell me you forgot about me already?" and in that instant I knew it was her. I woke up in tears as I had been crying in my dream. The next day I told my mom what happened and she couldn't help but cry and said maybe she felt like I forgot her (which couldn't possibly happen.)

After a few years I had another dream which I don't clearly remember but all I can recall is that she walked into the room and I couldn't believe it was her. I was crying with my head on her lap while she was caressing my hair and I was telling her that I missed her.

Now let's fast forward to this year on the night before my 20th birthday. I dreamt that I was inside a room with my mom and apparently it was my grandma's room with her things inside. I was a little sad because I knew she was gone. While on the bed, I looked over my shoulder and saw my grandma was laying down next to me. I was so in shock that I burst into tears and she smiled at me. I was hugging her and telling her that I missed her everyday. I felt so at peace with her there. And just like that I woke up. I noticed every time I woke up I felt so much sadness in my heart.

The next day while my boyfriend and I were driving to my parent's house for my birthday dinner, I explained my dream to him and he said "Babe, your grandma came to visit you on your birthday." I hadn't thought about that until then which gave me the chills and made me get so teary eyed. I genuinely believe my grandma came to visit me that night and perhaps even thinks that I forgot about her. Thank you for reading.

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Sleeping-with-steve (8 stories) (561 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-03)
Hello Pandj,

I enjoyed reading your post and really loved reading the YGS members comments.

Do you think your grandma was actually in the room and not in your dream? The way you describe her visits, it seems like she might have been in the room.

I'm sorry you miss her so much.

As AugustaM says, 'love is eternal'. I agree.

Look forward to more posts from you.

Best wishes
😘 ❤ 😘
pbandj (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-10-31)
Thank you all for your lovely comments and stories. I was a little surprised when I logged in and saw them, I didn't think anyone would actually to read it lol. It means a lot ❤️
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
5 years ago (2018-10-30)
Hi Pbandj,

Welcome to YGS (I love your username). You experienced what I and many people call a 'visitation dream'. A visitation dream feels very different from a random, nonsensical dream. You remember small details and emotions years later. Oftentimes, your deceased loved one will suddenly appear in the dream out of nowhere with messages of love and reassurance.

I've been lucky enough to have a few visitation dreams from my mother who passed almost 17 years ago. It's very healing and validating. ❤

Thanks for sharing a lovely account. 😊

AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2018-10-30)
I lost my grandparents when I was quite young as well. I reference them so often on this forum and my first and second submissions refer to them. I fully believe that death can't beat love - if someone who loves you very much passes on, they are never fully gone from you - they'll be just over your shoulder all your life though you may only get actual contact from them once in a long while and, for some, maybe not at all.

I always liked the ancient Roman tradition of maintaining a private household shrine with not only images of household gods but most importantly images of ancestors and remembrances of them. I always found that beautiful and, personally, quite meaningful.

I have not "seen" my grandparents since the morning of my grandfather's passing but little "coincidences" along the line show they're around. The closest I have come to a physical paranormal experience with them was when I visited their grave for the first time. I was deemed too young to go to the funeral when they passed and, as it was 9 hours away, and my mother always felt too emotional to take me - it was 2012 before I was able to go. My husband came with me. The graveyard is an old one and climbs up the side of a mountain. It was October and snow flurries had begun to fall soon as we passed beneath the gates. I was entirely unprepared for the weather and freezing so after searching together for twenty minutes to no avail, we decided to split up. As he walked away, I stood there gathering myself for a moment as I had started to fear that we might not find them or that we were in the wrong cemetery. I closed my eyes and sucked in a deep frigid breath and it was as though something latched onto me. When I opened my eyes, I couldn't see my husband anywhere but I knew exactly where to go. I climbed up the hill, around several larger monuments and trees with a complete though utterly bewildering sense of confidence. And there they were, two pillow markers flush to the earth, nearly impossible to see unless you were standing right above them. My knees went out from under me. I dropped between them and just balled - I had no idea how much I had been bottling back for twenty two years. I cried wracking uncontrollable torrents for fifteen minutes then through my sniffles and hiccups, told them everything about my life. It truly felt like they were standing right there. I could feel warmth "standing" on either side of me. When I had finally done and gotten myself together, I started to stand to say my goodbyes and only then did my husband find us. I think they wanted their own moment with me.

I don't think your grandmother is ever more than a breath away from you nor do I think she would ever truly feel that you had truly forgotten her- love is eternal ❤
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2018-10-29)
Hi, Pbandj -

Thanks for sharing your story with us. I'm very sorry for the loss of your grandmother. I'm sure the timing of your dreams are perfect. They will happen when you need comfort, or going through an important milestone, and yes, even to make sure we don't forget them.

I lost my father when my children were very young. All three were very close to him. I had a conversation with my son one day that made me very sad. He told me that he doesn't remember what his granpa's voice sounded like anymore. He said that he was trying very hard not to forget but it was becoming more difficult. A few days later he came to me and told me that he had a dream that my dad came to visit and that they had a long talk and a couple of laughs. My son told me "mom I remember his voice now and I remember how he use to laugh". He was so happy.


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