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Everything Started With A Knock


This is the story of a series of paranormal experiences that my friend and I shared, everything started in late March of 2014. I'm going to premise this by saying usually these stories happen over a moderate/long period of time, slowly building up to a crescendo. This is not one of those cases. While it did start small, it escalated quite rapidly.

I was at my good friend Keith's house (he lives in a fairly new house in a suburban neighborhood). I was taking care of him, as he was recovering from a recent surgery (I can go into detail on the reason for the surgery or any complications if need be). Him and I were relaxing in the living room, watching television, and we heard a series of knocks, which were loud enough to catch our attention quite easily. I thought maybe someone was at the door; however when I checked, there was no one to be found. I thought it was odd but shrugged it off, tried to explain it away, kids playing a prank maybe.

The next morning him and I were awoken around 5:00 am by an extremely loud bang, which startled and confused both of us. We tried to find the source of it, searched the house and found that one of the shelves in the garage had given way. What was strange was that the shelf had previously been securely fastened to the wall, and looked like it had been ripped out. The shelf lay a couple feet away from the wall and the contents scattered around the garage. Keith and I were shaken at this point, trying to figure out what cause the shelf to come off the wall, but I set to securing it back in place, and repairing the damage to the wall. (I'm pretty handy guy so it didn't take long.) After I finished I decided we should get out of the house for a little while and went to get a bite to eat.

We returned feeling a little more at ease, maybe the wood was weak where the shelf had been attached, maybe something fell from higher up and broke the shelf. However, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. A while after we returned I set into accomplishing tasks, feeding the dog, doing dishes, helping Keith change bandages, taking out the garbage and recycling, I was trying to stay busy so I didn't have to think about what had happened. Soon after I finished, we called it a night and went to sleep.

Nothing notable happened for the next few days; however, on the second to last day, I was playing video games in Keith's room and saw figure walk through the door, and walk behind me. I thought it was Keith so I turned around to talk to him, but there was no one in the room other than me. And once I turned back around thinking I was just seeing things, the figure walked out of the room.

Soon after my friend called out frantically to me, I came running in asking what was wrong, he said he had been scratched, I asked "By what, the dog?" but he said no, he didn't know what scratched him. He was visibly shaking, and showed me his arm, and on it were three scratch marks that were just starting to welt up and drip blood. I'll be frank with you, at this point I freaked out, and grabbed him, got in my car and started driving. I rounded the corner at the end of his street and there was someone in the road, I swerved to miss it and ended up crashing into a pole, and when I looked back, there was no one in sight.

In the accident I received a mild concussion and my friend got whiplash and tore his stitches open. I don't know what kind of creature was behind the events of that week and a half, but I haven't been back to that house since and my friend has done everything he can to forget the incidents of that week and a half.

I wanted to share my story with all of you, maybe get some input from people who are well versed in the paranormal.

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savagepotato (2 stories) (10 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-03)
[at] cosmo, the surgery was due to a gallbladder infection which had caused my friend to be ill for quite some time, prior to surgery, and during the surgery his gallbladder imploded and they had to keep him under far longer than anticipated and that is what led to me needing to be there to help him recover, and prior to the surgery, he nor I had ever experienced anything at his house or neighborhood, and shortly after the incidents, I looked up how to cleanse a person of negative attachment, and asked for the house to be blessed by a local church (though I don't know if it was done, I merely suggested it to my friends parents, they looked at me like I was crazy), and we have suffered no more ill happenings. Though, I will say for a little while after the incidents, my dogs would often stare at him unblinkingly sometimes for several minutes. It was quite odd. Like something was hovering over his shoulder, waiting for its time, but that too passed with some time. As it stands now, neither he nor I have had any experiences with the paranormal.

[at] spirit both he and I were quite frightened, and after the the wounds were re stitched, they healed up quite well, thankfully and he was able to make a full recovery. One of the theories I've had is that when he came back from the surgery, he brought something with him, its good to see that I'm not alone in that thought process
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-02)
If it was in fact some sort of negative energy, (I agree with cosmo, its very possible) then because of the nervous energy, and your friends current state at the time, this entity could have very well been amping it up to consume that energy.
Those negative spirits are great at frightening people.
I to wonder, has your friend had any other experiences after all of this happened?
Hope your friend made a great successful recovery:).
Thanks for sharing very interesting I'd say.

cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-02)
Hi savagepotato, (cute name) 😁 Thank you for sharing your story. First I have to ask if your friends surgery was the result of a traumatic event? People who have bad accidents or if something happens to them while they are under anesthesia can bring back something from the other side. If for even a fraction of a second a person crosses into the spirit world it is possible for something to piggy back into this world. Another question is Did your friend have experiences before the surgery? If something was already in the home it could have seen your friends weakness and vulnerability as it's chance to strike. Nasty entities, and the dreaded (D word) love to prey on the weak. I understand how scared you both must have been after your friend was scratched. 3 claw marks are never a good thing. I'm very glad that you and your friend were not seriously injured or worse in the accident. How has everything been after the incident? I know you said your friend is trying to forget but I'm curious to know if the activity continued or stopped.

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