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Little Boy Lost


To start my story off, I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself. I am the eldest of 5 children and the only girl. I have always been sensitive to surroundings and the way that they feel. Along with my Dad and one of my brothers, who are very sensitive, we seem to be the ones that seem to come across the most contact.

We lived in the Atherton Tablelands and before that we were from Townsville. Mum and Dad had just bought their first house, and as there was so many of us and it was only a three bedroom house, some room sharing and quick renovating, our rooms were ready.

At the front of the house as you walk in is the lounge, kitchen and dining area, with a big arc in the middle of the loungeroom that leads to the hallway. At the beginning of the hallway is my parents' room and as you further down, there is the bathroom and two more bedrooms side by side, those rooms became my brothers'. When you go through the dining room there is an outdoor area that had been covered in to create more area for the house. My parents sectioned a part of that off and that became my bedroom.

I never had a door, and especially at night time I would always go to bed facing the other direction, as I always had a funny feeling being just outside the doorway.

One night I was in bed facing the other way as usual, when I heard a noise. I rolled over and faced the doorway. There was someone standing there. I got a bit of a fright and then realized that it was just a boy and probably one of my brothers, so I yelled at it to get away and go back to their bed. I rolled back over and tried to go back to sleep when, not that long later, I heard the noise again. I rolled back to the doorway to yell at my brother again, when I realized, it wasn't my brother.

It was dark, I remember him having hair that was long like a surfer dudes haircut, he wasn't that old, maybe around 8 or 9. He was wearing jeans and an orange shirt. He was so dark and dirty that it was hard to make out the facial features and to me they looked like empty holes.

I screamed and ran for my mum. Talking to her she explained that, while they were living in a housing commission house in Townsville, one day that little boy suddenly appeared, when I was around about 6 months. She said she often saw him around me or in her room or bathroom. He was harmless and was probably some sort of guardian angel. I was happy with that explanation and let everything slip from my mind. I still saw him every now and then but nothing seemed to go on.

Then one day my mum came home from her new job at the hospital, she asked me to sit down as we needed to talk. She started by telling me that there was this lady that worked at the hospital, who talked to spirits and helped them move on. She asked mum if we had any aboriginal heritage, to which mum replied no. The lady then went on to tell mum that there is a little aboriginal boy that seems to be very attached to mum and her daughter. She explained that he wasn't harmful just extremely scared.

This lady started to talk to the little boy and soon found out that roughly around the time that he had shown up, in an area not to far from where mum and dad were living, there was a house fire and the family were unable to escape and so unfortunately they all passed away. The lady said upon leaving the earth that he had been separated from his family, and while searching he came across mum and me. He had also had a little sister around my age, and grew attached.

The lady asked mum if she could help move him on, this part gave me goosebumps. Mum went on to describe what this lady had done, and then stated that he was with his family. She had said that when she was telling him it would all be alright to go and be with your family in the light, she saw his mum, dad and little sister, standing there with him, and as they were walking away, he told the lady to say tell my mum and sister on earth I love them.

It took me a little while to accept that this is what had happened, but I will say that none of my family members have ever seen or heard him again.

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babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-03)
Welcome to YGS Sarsem. This was a good read and so good he had you and your mum to keep him company until he could be with his family.

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to hearing more from you.
Sarsem (3 stories) (8 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-02)
Thanks cosmogal926. Talking to my mum recently she told me that I used to talk to him when I was little and whenever she saw a flash of him when I was younger he was always around me.
I'm glad to share this experience. Out of all the experiences that I have had this one has warmed my heart.
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-02)
Oh my goodness Sarsem your story gave me goosebumps. It is both sad and heart warming to hear the story of this poor little boy. I am happy to hear that this lady was able to cross him over and re-unite him with his family. Oh and when he said "tell my mum and sister on earth I love them" was the sweetest. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible story with us. Going right in my fav's. 😁 ❤

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