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Through The Ouija Board, Part 3


The first time I used the Ouija board with my oldest sister was a brief, but memorable one. This was back when I was around 14-15 years old, and had already been through some experiences I have written about before.

We have always been very spiritual and also into all things some call "paranormal". We are pagans, and she had always wanted to try the Ouija board out. So one day she asked if we could try and communicate with the spirit through one. We could even have a chance to contact the possible spirits in our house.

There has been paranormal things happening to a lot of people since the house was build by our grandfather in the 1940s, all the way through from our grandmother, mother, aunts (our mother's sisters), us, random visitors... And since no one had died in there, ever, we were curious as to how these spirits chose to locate themselves in our home.

Some say that receptive, intuitive, people lure spirits to themselves, and I think that is true. And there we were, a whole family full of people with the "sixth sense", so to speak. I also believe there is this spiritual hot spot in my childhood home, since certain areas in particular are very active. But that is a story for another time.

So, me being always up to paranormal things and finding out more information, especially since I started seeing spirits and whatnot, I accepted. We made our own Ouija board out of cardboard, the planchette as well, and my sister draw onto it the necessary letters, yes and no, and goodbye. We had gone through all the basic rules of using the board, and with my sister, I didn't have to worry about her being rude to the spirits or disrespecting them, or asking silly questions. We had worked with spirits before, just not the same kind of spirits.

It was in the middle of the day. We were in my room, which is the north-facing corner room upstairs of our house. The lights were out but some was streaming in from the window, on which I didn't use proper, full covering curtains because I like the natural light coming in. We put our hands onto the planchette, and I bid my sister do the honors and start the conversation. So she did. A simple "hello", that is what we said to the board. The planchette started to move, scraping onto the surface of the board. It moved quite steadily, not slow but not so fast as what it had done before. And right when the word "hello" was starting to form back from the board, this hideous, mind-blowingly loud scratching sound came from the nearest corner of the room!

The sound was awful. It sounded like something with big claws was trying to force its way through the wall to the other side, the side we were on. I was shocked, my sister was startled, and right when the board finished its "hello" we said goodbye, waited until the board said the same (which was right away, thank goodness) and we took our hands of the board, and picked the planchette up as well. The noise stopped right there, and I jumped up, turning on the lights.

For a couple of seconds everything was still, me standing, my sister sitting on the floor, and we both stared at the corner where the noise had came from. Then I spurred into action, walking to that said corner. We had to make sure it wasn't just something like one of our cats scratching the wall or something, for although we believe in "supernatural", we always make sure first that there isn't any natural, logical explanation to things we see, hear or feel.

So, I went there and checked how it looked. There were no animals except my African giant land snails in their terrarium. There were no cats in the room, and there had been none coming in or out. And we would've noticed, since we were sitting right next to my doorway before. The snails were all asleep, but there would've been no natural explanation for them coming up with a noise like that, since they do hardly any noise at all, even when moving and climbing the glass. Next to the terrarium there was nothing, behind it was only one CD shelf and nothing had happened to that, and below the terrarium was only some of my stuff in a bag.

So there was nothing that could have caused such a loud, creepy, constant noise like that. And it couldn't have come outside, since we all knew well how it sounded when a squirrel, a bird or a mouse was climbing or scratching the outer wall or the roof of the house. The walls of my room were all building board topped with this soft concrete type of thing and painted over. I tried my own nails onto the wall, and it made a similar sound when I put my strength into it and scratched with all I got. Only difference was, the sound we heard was more intense, loud and made with bigger, sharper claws than mine could possibly ever be.

After that, we didn't use the board again right away. Not without a better means to keep all things evil out. So we searched through various books and internet sites, filling in all the possible ways and things that ward off evil. We used all the basics after that when using the board, like protective circles and symbols, salt, silver, you name it, we most likely got it.

We never heard that scratching sound again, ever. Not while using the board, nor in any other situation. And when we have used the board post that time, we have never turned off the lights again.

The reason I am telling this short experience is because after it I experienced something that I think is linked to this event. Something that to this day is still the scariest, darkest thing that has ever happened to me. About that incident I will write in my next story, for it is a long one and deserves to be recognized by its own. Thank you for reading!

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Fenrispro (58 posts)
2 years ago (2020-04-25)
Omg why did u all keep using the Ouija board? The spirits will never be kind! Unlocking the gateway to hell!
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-18)
Thank you for your kind comments.
I have heard it said many times that when we cross over we tend to gravitate to souls that are "like minded". In other words, those who have negative thoughts and feelings will join others who feel the same. It is also true that negative energy is drawn to and builds upon negative energy.
Personally I have never used a Spirit Board but it certainly doesn't bother me for those that do. I have said before that to me, the Spirit Board is just a tool for communication that is no different than any other attempt to contact those on the other side of death. I'm really not sure why the boards have gotten such a bad rap to be honest.
Although we can be fooled by those on the other side I do think that our intuition can help us discern the good from the bad. At least I hope so.
Please do share more of your experiences as I have really enjoyed what you have put up for us to read.

Have a great day
katzifilth (4 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-18)
Hi you all and Thank You for your comments! I appreciate all of them:)

Thanks for Miracle for pointing people to the direction of my previous stories, they are all linked in a way, since me being the perfectionist I am, I like people to know how this all started out and what got me to the point we are in this story:) So Thank You!

The_Ghost_of_Mark_Whatney >> Glad you liked the cliffhanger; I thought it suited this one nicely! ^^ I try and post the next one as soon as possible!

It is indeed like you said, I think; you can never know who contacts you, and if the spirit is a positive or a negative one. You can do all you can to ward off the evil spirits, but they sometimes still pass, as has happened to us. They might not show their true nature right away, so you just have to go with it and trust your gut with this. As always in life, if something feels wrong, don't do it and get rid of it.

I haven't used the board with much people who believe they don't have the so called "sixth sense". The ones who least thought they would are probably my best friend and the friend of hers I wrote about in my previous story. And their experiences are both, I guess, the one in which only the two of them playing being the negative one my best friend has had. I think the only way for them to have more negative experiences than the ones with the sixth sense, is by them not following the rules and disrespecting the spirits, as well as being negative themselves in general. Negativity feeds negativity, so one could presume that if a person with lots of negative feelings uses the board, they draw the evil spirits in, for I think spirits can feel the energy surrounding them and feed off of it, in the case of the bad ones at least.

So, by being careful with the board - or any means you contact a spirit with -, doing your research, respecting the spirit as you would any other being, doing safety precautions and keeping your own energy in check, I think anyone can minimize the risk of getting negative and bad experiences out of communicating with the spirit world.

Mhannerism >> Thank You for the comment, this one did creep me out when it happened, and still does when I think about it! And yes, my friends were being childish, which is not a good thing when dealing with things you can't be sure of how they respond.

Hope you like my other stories and stay tuned! Take care yourself as well!

AugustaM >> I think, in this particular case, the thing that responded by scratching the wall did not come through the board, but it merely activated it. The room, my old room which we were in, is one of the most active in the whole house, and this is not the first time people have heard or seen things in there.

Story time! Some back story for that area. Before there was two bedrooms, mine and one of my sister's, the area used to be our bathroom and sauna, with a linked in dressing room and this very creepy, super dark attic space with - for reasons unknown since it was creepy and I was afraid of it as a child - a heavy, iron door, the ones you can see in a cold room in restaurants, the butchers, etc. There was even this smudge on the door that looked like dried blood. Icck. No wonder I saw nightmares of that area in our house when I was little.

Anyway, when our mother was a young girl, they once came home at winter. No one had been home for hours, but when they opened the front door, there was thick, snowy shoeprints going from the door and up the stairs. They followed, my mother and her mother, the prints up the staírs, where they took a turn to left and straight to the bathroom area. They stopped at the very back, in the sauna, and vanished. There were no prints coming back, the window was closed, and the sauna was upstairs, so there was no other way out. They never got to knew to whom those prints belonged to, since there is no logical explanation who could have gone in to a locked house and get out of there without unlocking anything.

The other story is, this one also upstairs but in the other most active room, when my mother was home and thought there was someone else there too with her. She heard a noise coming from this little space where she had a cot in - her favourite, quiet reading spot. She thought it was one of her sisters, so she went to look. Upstairs, she could hear something which sounded like book pages being turned. Going in to her reading spot, the noise suddenly stopped, and when she poked in, the space was empty. But on the cot, there was a magazine, open, like someone would have just been there, reading it. But there was no way someone could have gotten out of there before my mother saw them, since it was a small space with only single entry, and my mother was blocking it. No logical explanation was ever recovered for that experience either.

And then, my oldest sister was probably about 9 years old, and they slept in that other most active room with my second oldest sister who was about 6, which happened to be right across from my old one (which was still the bathroom/sauna back then - we renovated the house at 2004). One night, she had suddenly woke up. And what woke her up was this loud, deep, sinister sounding laughter of a man coming from the sauna! She had been scared crapless, and went on to wake my other sister up, but by the time she woke the laughter had stopped. She never heard that again, not to my knowledge.

So, as you can see, a lot has happened in that area long before anyone used the board. Of course, at one point before the shoeprints, our grandparents did rent half of the upstairs to strangers - and you can probably guess which half x3 I know there once lived this older fellow, alone; he was a bit of a hermit. I think back then there possibly was another exit out of the house, but I can't say for sure. And then there was some other family at one point. None of them died in there, thought, not to my knowledge at least.

My mother, when she used the board in her youth, used it in someone else's house. But I can't vouch that none of her sister did it there, or that none of the other residents dappled into the "supernatural". But I am sure there is a spirit hot spot in the house, since in the other active room and onto the upstairs landing that separates the two active rooms, there is this maybe two meters wide area that shoots through them that things like bed shaking and jumping and covers being pulled hard, happens all the time. And of course me being the unlucky bastard I am, I have had a bed on that spot in both the room and the landing (and at the same spot in the other room too), and I have experienced both the rocking bed as well as my covers being slowly pulled off of me. I even pulled back, and struggled to win, since the other one pulling was so stong. That was creepy.

I should try and look up if I could find some info about what was on the spot the house was built on, before that happened. Now I stop ranting, since this is turning into a novel:D Thank You!

RANDYM >> Hello and Thank You! ^^ Glad you enjoyed them:)

I think you are right. Our mind is a powerful tool, and believing in things send out energy:) I have been fascinated in trying to contact the spirits through other ways as well, the recorder, psychic drawing, etc. My oldest sister has tried the drawing method, where you let the spirit draw on paper by using your hand, and has gotten some pretty good results too! I haven't tried that, because of personal reasons that have something to do with me being most likely possessed shortly at one point, I don't feel comfortable with inviting spirits to use my bodyparts x3

And I agree with you. To me, spirits are like people. They were people, most of them anyway, at one point, so I don't really see the difference other than one still possessing a body and one not.

And yes, like I said before, I also believe that it had nothing to do with the board per say, it just lured the spirit into action:) And I can't believe someone voted your comment down, I think you spoke truly! Thank You for that, I think we are on the same page with this one!

Macknorton >> I agree with you, and of course with RANDYM. I like the board, because it is so simply and clear. You can see the answers right away, whereas with the recorder and EVP, you usually have to go the tape over with computer to fish the answers. So, in a way, I think Ouija is a more direct way to have a real conversation with the spirits. Of course, if you are powerful enough and hold a seance, that is a different matter:)

And yes, when you focus your mind and energy towards a goal, you usually are successful. So when you concentrate fully into the desire to communicate with the spirits, I think a sort of gateway opens and you are more receptive for the spirits to come forth and contact you. Same with or without the board, the board can just operate as a sort of consentration point you can direct your mind and energy towards:)

But Thank You all once again for these amazing comments! I appreciate your views and thoughts conserning my stories and experiences, and I hope I do not let you down with my answers:)
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
6 years ago (2016-03-27)
Thanks for your comment and support
I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone with my opinion about Spirit Boards and certainly not anyone here who may be an investigator.

My comments were pointed at the actors on TV who supply the paranormal
World with a ton of misinformation.

Cheers my friend

Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
6 years ago (2016-03-27)
Interesting account katzfilth. I would like to comment on RandyM's comment (which for some reason was, I thought unfairly, voted down. I can only assume by a self- titled, insecure paranormal investigator?)

I agree wholeheartedly with RandyM insofar as an Ouija board is merely a prop to summon contact with deceased people. It's no different than holding a seance (but without an Ouija board) or simply wishing/ praying for spirit contact.
My thoughts on the appeal of Ouija boards is perhaps that because of the planchette etc then people with very little medium issue abilities can communicate with spirit, whereas a successful seance would involve some mediumistic abilities via direct mind to mind contact.
The example of holding a camera, or other form of digital recording device as being no different from an Ouija board was a good one.
It would appear the mere desire alone can be a powerful tool or invitation for spirit contact from any kind of level.
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
6 years ago (2016-03-27)
Hello Katzifilth

Enjoyed the story (s) about the Ouija Board.

Here is my 2 cents worth although my opinion is probably less valuable

I think it is a piece of cardboard. I think it is the belief in it that
Gives it it's power and that is true of a lot of things paranormal.
When you get right down to it using a Spirit Board to contact spirits is not one bit different than doing a seance, or simply calling out and asking a spirit to communicate with you. I have watched TV shows where a "paranormal expert" (whatever that is) say they would never use a Ouija Board and then walk off and hold up a digital recorder and ask spirits to talk to them.
Personally I see nothing wrong with trying to talk to those who have crossed over. They are simply people who no longer have a body and now live on a different plane than we the living.
You mentioned that a lot of paranormal things happened in the home your grandfather built. So I think it was a paranormal event that just happen to take place because you were asking for communication and you just happened to use the board to do it. The same event could have taken place without the board.

Anyway, that is enough rambling from me for one comment.

Best to you
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2016-03-26)
I've always been very curious about using a Ouija board but never have because of all the horror stories I've heard of others' experiences so it's always so interesting to read various folks' accounts especially someone who hasn't blundered in but has done their research and gone about it in a thoughtful way - bravo! I wonder, though, if the activity in your house couldn't have been brought on by someone using a board in the house at some previous time who was not quite so responsible as you - that doesn't mean they are bad or irresponsible people just that they may have done it on a lark and not taken it seriously... Maybe it wasn't even a family member of yours or resident of the house but a guest. Or maybe the activity has absolutely nothing to do with Ouija - some places are natural gateways or the land may have some history predating the house... It would be fascinating to learn!:-)
Great story! ❤
Mhannerism (2 stories) (82 posts)
6 years ago (2016-03-17)
I remember myself facepalm-ing weeks ago because of your friend's childishness in your earlier submission. But this one is creepy! You did the right thing to "rest" because it might disturb you again.

Take care,
Mhanne ❤
The_Ghost_of_Mark_Whatney (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-03-16)
Wow, now that's a cliffhanger! Can't wait for the next installment!

What's your experience with people who don't think they have the "sixth sense" who use the board? Do they have more negative experiences or is there a way for them to experience contact with spirits safely?

I'm guessing that the spirits one comes into contact with may or may not be good (just like strangers I guess).
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
6 years ago (2016-03-16)
Please, before anyone jumps on the o/p about Ouija board use, take time to read her other stories, as well as the comments.

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