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Ironing Board & Drowning


I'm going to tell of two separate recent incidents that I don't believe to be related.

The first is the case of the disappearing ironing board.

The board itself is rather unremarkable; an old table top version, roughly 3 feet long and 1.5 feet wide, constructed of metal. I've had it roughly 18 years, and it was old when I got it. It generally sits against the wall of the hall closet directly below the shelf holding it's partner, the iron.

I was prepping to do a book signing, and decided that I should press the shirt I was going to wear. I was already nervous, what with having to interact with bunch of strangers, while on the flip side worried that no one would show. And you just KNOW you will be being judged by how you look; so wrinkles are a definite no-no. I go to get out the board, only it's no where to be seen. I moved things, looking behind and under. It simply was not there.

Thankfully, I grew up old school and ironed the shirt on the kitchen table. Seriously, I was such a nervous Nellie, I would have ironed a Tee shirt.

The signing came and went. Nearly a month later, in the wee morning hours, I was stumbling, blurry eyed through the living room to the bathroom and tripped over that ironing board! WTH!?! How did it get there? Where had it been? One of those things that just make you wonder.


The second event was much more unnerving for me, and took place a few weeks ago. This particular spring has been down right EVIL when it comes to allergy sufferers. So much so that the usual sinus meds have little to no effect. The news blames it on climate change, all I know is my sinuses have been driving me nuts. High pressure head/facial pain, constant mucus dripping causing me to cough. I went as far as shoving a wedge under the mattress at the head to help with the drainage at night, so I might get some rest.

I was having the oddest dream where I was swimming under dark, murky water. I became disoriented; which way was up? I needed to get air. I was starting to drown - part of me remained logical; this was a dream. I can't swim, so obviously I wouldn't be swimming in reality. Just breath. But I can't! I can't seem to get any air. I'm starting to panic. I'm drowning. My lungs feel fit to burst. I hear someone call my name.

The voice was so loud - like right in my face loud, that my eyes flew open. I struggle into a sitting position and begin projectile vomiting mucus. It's literally running from my nose and mouth, making quite the mess. My lungs were burning from lack of air. I sat in the mess, gulping air, forcing myself to breath in through the nose and out the mouth so not to hyperventilate.

Needless to say, I never went back to bed that night.

I have to wonder - from the way I felt on waking, and the amount of mucus, I was literally drowning in my bed, but was the voice a product of my subconscious or was it one of the friendlies, seeing my distress waking me? Guess I'll never know 100% for certain.

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valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
2 months ago (2024-04-04)
Can't, the best answer I can give you is I'm really not sure. It all depends on the encounter and the elements surrounding it. Strictly speaking, is it a ghost story? Probably not. But does it fall under the category of paranormal? Absolutely. I say send it on in, and I'll see if it works?
CantunSEEit74 (4 stories) (63 posts)
3 months ago (2024-04-04)
Val Are UFO stories accepted. Under spiritual encounter?XOXOXOXOXOXO
Darkangel73 (4 stories) (127 posts)
12 months ago (2023-06-27)
Hello all. [at] Valkaricry
That's crazy! But glad to hear that you got that mess up out of your lungs. Whomever yelled you awake thumbs up to them!
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
1 year ago (2023-06-16)
RC, it would be great if they did put things back where found. Sometimes, they do, but I wonder if when it's put in an odd place, if perhaps that's part of 'proving' they really do exist. For example if the ironing board had been back where it belonged, I'd wonder how the heck I over looked it, but this way - much harder to explain with logic. Sorry to hear you're suffering too!

Rajine, you're quite right, we seem to have many 'visitors' here. But given the age of the house, it doesn't surprise me. The bulk of the house dates back to 1875, with parts of it predating that. That's at least 148 years old, so it's laid witness to a great many events. The reason I say 'visitors' is they seem to come and go. Or perhaps there's times they just go quiet? Perhaps moving from my apartment to say the basement? Once upon a time this as a single family home, so who's to say?

Tweed, not a clue as to who was behind the ironing board. There is a theory that things go missing because the planes of existence have intersected, 'tipping' as it were our stuff onto another plane. Then when the planes intersect again, item returned. Only the connection might be at another point. Makes as much sense as anything else I've heard.
Here in the Midwest, we can't seem to decide what season we're in. Might be in the 90s or the 40s (Fahrenheit) sometimes within the same day. We've had air alert days that stretch out for weeks at a time. Your mask theory is interesting.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
1 year ago (2023-06-16)
Val, an ironing board of all things! 😳 Do you have any idea who's behind that? I would be very annoyed if this were me. I mean nearly tripping over it, no thanks. I think you should let whoever this is know how dangerous their little party trick was. Heaven forbid it should have an encore.

There's a phenomenon called exploding head syndrome. It more or less means when someone hears something loud in their dream that typically wakes them. But I don't see why it can't be paranormal. I mean if it quacks like a duck, right. Our dreams are so powerful. When we're physically uncomfortable our dreams will mirror this, the same as emotional discomfort. So drowning with severe sinus congestion would seem pretty textbook. Scary as hell, but 'normal' all the same. The voice, who knows. I'd like to think it was one of your friendlies.

The allergy thing is rough. My allergies went bonkers last spring too. I have a theory that while masking up for covid our immune systems had it easy and let their guard down a bit. So now that things have been slowly returning to 'normal' our immunes are going 'oh no, it's pollen again'. But you guys have it even worse with all the air pollution from the fires. Can't imagine how horrid that must be. 😕
Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
1 year ago (2023-06-15)
I think you might have a resident spirit, but it's annoying when random things you have go missing and end up in the strangest of places.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (826 posts)
1 year ago (2023-06-15)
When ghosts and spirits borrow things, they should learn to put them back where they belong.

As to the dream of drowning, I had a similar dream earlier this year, under pretty much the same circumstances. Bad allergies, felt like I was drowning. I did not have anyone call my name, I just suddenly woke up.

I have one more thing to say and it is not appropriate for this forum, but it has to do with the way plants reproduce, and why does my nose have to be involved in this?

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