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My Own Domovoi Spirit


I've read many stories of people encountering supernatural things or just something that can't be easily explained. For me most of them looked like stories about a house spirit.

In Slavic mythology there are special protective house spirits or demons called Domovoi. They care about house, family and animals that belong to the family members. Domovoi looks like a small old man, size of a 3 year old child, often covered with fur. He can turn into cat and sometimes likes to trick people turning into a family member.

Now as for my own encounters. Very often at nights I can hear someone with small feet running in the hallway. When I go to check for my daughter, thinking she went to bathroom, but I find her sleeping in her bed. Sometimes when I come home with my children at daytime, and I am ready to open the door I definitely hear someone little running from the living room to the hallway.

Sometimes at night I can hear rustle sounds in dark corners of the house. Also, while reading or watching TV, with peripheral vision I can see a gray cat sitting in the corner or walking by. But when I look there directly, I see nothing.

Once I was brushing my teeth at night in a brightly lighted bathroom. I was looking at the mirror, so I was sure there were no one else there. Suddenly I felt someone rushed across the bathroom towards the door. That thing was strong! I felt air flow and floor shake when it moved. It almost pushed me, so close to me it was. I jumped out of the bathroom to ask my hubby about that. But he was reading his phone and saw nothing unusual.

One evening I baked buns (I can boast they were delicious!) and covered them with foil for the night. I woke up around 3 am and heard like someone tried to open the foil. I was sure a rat or a squirrel somehow got into the house and crawled into kitchen. I listened in the darkness for a while and turned on the light. The kitchen was empty, the foil is on its place and not a trace of any animal at all.

All that above is just like a game. But one time I think Domovoi spirit saved our lives.

At our dining room we have cabinets with glass shelves and glass doors and lights inside. We mostly use the shelves to put things out of reach of children. So we never use the lights as they are mostly blocked with stuff, besides we always have enough light in the room.

That night a cat woke me up. And we don't have a cat or any other pet. I didn't see it, but it felt like a cat jumped on my side of the bed near my feet. It stood for a second and then began turning round and stomping like cats do before they are going to sleep. It kept turning round on my bed until I finally sat up to see what was going on. Stomping stopped. No cats. But I noticed a weird light from the living room. When I came out of the bedroom I felt something was burning. Lights in the cabinets were on and one lamp got so hot that a corner of a small cardboard box on the top shelf started to burn. I threw it into kitchen sink and I woke up my husband. We checked other stuff on the shelves, opened up windows and thought what a good luck it was that I woke up at the right moment.

But I know who I have to say "Thank you!" to.

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Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-19)
Zanzibar, hello and welcome.

My thoughts echo Manafon's and I don't have much else to add except to say when I started reading I thought 'ha, bet Manafon's replied to this'.

Loved reading this and thanks for sharing. A friend of mine believes he has a little elf being living at the bottom of his garden. He leaves offerings out for it and he's in his 40's. So don't feel silly about any of that. 😊
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-18)
Hi Zanzibar

I read your story and enjoyed it immensely. Why do you call the Domovoi a a Demon? I would think that something that protects the house and inhabitants a guardian. Even though it seems that it can be a trickster that doesn't make it evil. In my opinion anyway.

Southwest Native American lore believe in Kokopelli. He's the God of music,fertility,and chaos. He's all in one but some tribes believe there are 3 different beings. One is just a musician, one carries a sack on his back and brings babies to women, and one is mischief maker (chaos) but he's one and the same. I know it's not the same thing but I wanted to throw that in as he is a trickster.

Manafon1 (7 stories) (717 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-18)
Hi Zanzibar--Welcome to YGS. I enjoyed your Domovoi story. I have a great book that I have had for many years titled A Field Guide to the Little People (by Nancy Arrowsmith and George Moorse) and reading up on the Domoviye (plural of Domovoi) really makes me believe that you do have a helpful "dusky elf" in your house.

That you think your house Domovoi may have warned you of a fire is right in line with the elf's reported behavior. The above mentioned book states, "he...warns of disasters and wakes the owner of the house if there is a fire or robbery." Not a bad little fella to have around! The stomping you felt at the end of the bed was quite possibly your Domovoi watching out for you and your husband. Supposedly these elves live behind, or even in, the kitchen stove.

Do you leave little offerings for it? Apparently leaving things (like grain) out for it keeps it happy. They are supposed to be the size of a small child and are only seen (if at all) at night.

I enjoyed reading your experience and actually had my own encounter with what I now believe to have been a nocturnal elf several years ago. If you are interested, that story is on this site under the title Demonic Voices in the Night. The comments other members of YGS contributed about my story led to a fuller understanding of what I encountered and also really opened my mind to creatures I had previously considered only folklore. Thanks for sharing your account.

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