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The Man At My Bedroom Door


This is my first story for this website so I'm a bit nervous posting it but I really wanted to speak of my experiences to others. I live in Northern Ireland and I am twenty years old and a lot of weird things that have happened to me occurred while I was still a teenager.

Weird things started happening to me while I was a child entering early teens around 12/13 but even as a child I was always curious and scared of ghosts and supernatural stuff. As a child I had a fear of the dark (what child doesn't) and didn't like being alone in the dark so when anything made a noise at night I would freak.

The house I was currently living in at the time was only newly build, and I mean only build as we visited our home to be during its construction while we were in a rented house not far away. There was also no strange history on the grounds where the house was build.

Once the house was finished we moved in, this was in 2004, and I was around 7 years old at the time and we stayed there for the next eleven years (having moved out just last year). Nothing strange happened for the first few years for me. The only thing I can recall is just being afraid of the dark and thinking someone was watching me but I put that down to my imagination and fear. I should also add I shared a room with my older sister who was a teenager then but she mostly stayed out at night with her boyfriend.

However as time went on I began to experience a few things. During the middle of the night as I tried to sleep, emphasis on the tried part because I'm a restless person, I started to hear heavy footsteps in the kitchen. These footsteps occurred almost every night for months and they were really loud and I could never understand how no one in my family could hear them. I knew it wasn't my parents or my brother or my sister because I would have heard them leave their rooms as everyone's rooms is beside each other in one hallway. I had questioned them all many times and they all claimed not to have heard these recurring footsteps and none of them were ever the kitchen at night. The feeling of being watched in my room at night also increased.

Naturally I was scared beyond measure. I could tell from the sound the footsteps belonged to a man and that he was wearing formal shoes that made a loud noise on tile floor - that, and I had a feeling it was a man. I could never work up the courage to go downstairs to the kitchen and see who it was so I hid under the covers shaking most nights until my sister came back during the early hours of the morning, then I felt safer with her in the room with me.

Then one night around one in the morning I was in my bed trying to fall asleep when I felt a hand touch me on the shoulder. I naturally gasped and jumped. Turning around, I saw no one standing there and my sister was sound asleep in her bed facing away from me. The hand was the size of a man's and felt like pins and needles when it touched me. I hid under the covers and dismissed it to my imagination and tried to forget about it for the rest of the night.

A couple of months later the same thing happen again, the same pins and needles feeling and it even touched me on the same shoulder! I kept telling my family of the things I was experiencing but they never believed me.

Finally, a few years later when I was about 15/16 years old, on one Saturday morning at around seven I was suddenly woken by the sound of my door opening (my sister had moved out of the house by this time with her fiancé) and I saw a tall man standing outside peering in with his hand on the handle. At first, I thought it was my dad so I said 'what?' rather rudely. However I quickly realized I had no idea who this man standing by my door was; he was too tall to be my dad, and I mean tall, he was slightly taller than the door itself. Part of his face was cast in shadows as he was wearing a brown fedora style hat and the sun was catching his form. He was completely solid, I couldn't see through him, he was very much as real as a living person. He was young looking, I would put him at late twenties, and he had black curly hair. And I'm not going to lie I also thought when looking at him that he was rather handsome. He was wearing what appeared to be a brown suit and plaid trousers with a light brown overcoat. So say the least I was shocked and to my credit I did not scream. This man, on the other hand, looked more shocked than I was.

I didn't know what to do I just stared at him and he looked like he was going to say something but he quickly closed the door and I heard his footsteps slowly retreating from my bedroom door, down the hall to the stairs, then all the way to the kitchen. I heard the kitchen door opening and closing then suddenly there was silence as if he just disappeared. In that moment I realized it was his footsteps that I was hearing those years ago when I was 13 almost every night for months.

I knew I was going to be completely obsessed with ghosts and seeing him again from now on! I didn't get any bad vibes from him, in fact I felt rather calm and peaceful when I saw him for the first time at my door.

To clarify I have communicated with his man after this event several times but that is for another story and also I have other encounters with beings that I wish to post. I know this wasn't the most interesting story but it happened and wanted to share it so thanks for reading.

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Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
7 years ago (2016-05-17)
Lockett- I found your story Quite interesting and thank you for sharing it with us. Welcome to YGS. There might be a case of someone being a little sensitive but it is too early to declare anything like that. However, you being the only one in the house hearing the late night footsteps kind of leads one to think that.

Curious if the handsome gentleman was the one that had the pins and needle touch. I can see him going through the routine of entering your room and waking someone else up at night. Hence his surprise reaction of seeing you for the first time.

Great story, will be looking for your others.

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