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First of all I would like to apologize for my writings. I'm from Malaysia and my English isn't good. I hope it is understandable.

Well the story goes like this. This happened to me after I gave birth to my son. It happened when I was still in the hospital and during labor I had complications and my son was diagnosed with shoulder distoxia and was admitted to NICU. The hospital that I was in does not look like a hospital, it's more like a double-storey hostel with open air corridors.

After delivery I was sent to a different ward for recovery and my son was sent to NICU. It is located behind my ward and to go to NICU I need to walk out through the open air corridor. Well, I'm a Malaysian and many Malaysians believe that mothers that have given birth to their babies are advised to stay home and during that period we called it confinement period. We are advised to confine from all sorts of things such as stay away from the window at night cause we're still bleeding and blood after delivery is considered dirty and could attract any kind of ghosts or evil spirits.

It was midnight when I went to see my son. At first I wasn't afraid of anything (ghosts). I walked along the corridor to get to NICU, I sensed that there was something looking at me from the outside. It felt strange cause I was at the 1st floor of the hospital. It kind of watching and following me until I reached NICU. I can feel my hair behind my neck are standing. Usually when you feel your hair are standing there's ghosts nearby. I brave myself and say a little bit of prayer. After I done seeing my son I went back to the ward. T

Hat night as I was sleeping, it felt that there's something pressing me down or holding me as I couldn't move. When I opened my eyes I could see a white and a black figures around my bed and few children are running around my bed. They looked like some sort of tiny human being, my guess was still-born children ghosts. The white figure told me that I shouldn't be there (at the hospital) that I must go home and the other black figure was trying to hold me back as if it refuses to let me go. And I remembered that my mom used to tell me if I have ever in a situation like that just move my 2 big toes together and so I did and it worked.

Ever since that night, I was experiencing it every single nights and after my son and I were discharged. It seems that whatever the thing is followed me back home and be it afternoon, evening or late at night when I feel like going to bed, at any sleeping positions I surely can't move.

I told this to my family members and my neighbor who is staying just opposite our house everything about my experience. And she advises me to put any sharp objects such as scissors or nails under my sleeping pillow. She gave me a 3 inches long nail to be placed under my pillow to stop it from happening again. Guess what?! It really worked and from then on I have never been disturbed during my sleeping peaceful nights *touched wood!

I have more chilling stories to tell but will share them with you next time.

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bekher91 (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-06)
I know that traditional warding method. It was used to ward off one of Malay ghost, but maybe you do know that ghost. Maybe it is not that ghost.
Mazzmarach (2 stories) (78 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-03)
Ahoy, Oceania.

Your experiences are eerily similar to mine, which makes me wonder why I never thought of iron under my pillow... But what really intrigues me, is that that is a traditional warding method against Fae.

I agree with Roy. Pray for the kids and for their spectral caretakers (I'm assuming they are).

Smooth sailing,
roylynx (guest)
8 years ago (2016-06-02)
Interesting story!
The open spaced hospital sound like old old style hospital around here at my country too, less and less of those are still functioning though, only old people visits them now.
I have searched for spirits of still-born children. They are not necessarily all bad so don't worry. Most of them just want some attention just like some normal children, the only difference is they may not have a parent whom would remember them, those cases they will go to their "parents" and tries anything to get their attention. Yes, its again from some Asian believes if you felt a little familiar, as I know each regent (country) will have different believes and different ways to solve this. Yes, again in my community I have heard that little knives are very effective BUT if it was the spirits' own mother the question pops out, will it be too harsh for a poor little spirit? It was once bounded with you and now you are repelling the poor little spirit? Another word, those are little spirits and will not really harm you, but if they get aggressive there is a reason, just like children.
Your case it might just be one of those unrecognized children in the hospital attracted by a new mother or a new born baby. If there is any chance, please pray for them. I know they were not yours, but they were someone's child and need lots of love. No one is born evil.

Blessings from São Paulo


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