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Ghosts Seem To Follow Me


I have seen strange things all my life, starting when I was very young, maybe 6 or so. Since then I've mostly gotten used to it; however, sometimes it still creeps me out. The following are experiences that I have had with the unknown both in my home and at various places I have worked at. I begin with the most recent, i.e. Last week. Fair warning, this is a LONG post.

Wednesday I was putting my work things into the car. I turned around to throw something away and turned back in time to see the gas/oil mix container for our weed-eater come flying off the shelf above my car. After cleaning that up and going back inside to wash my hands, when I stepped back out into the garage and reached back to shut the door, I distinctly heard an indistinct whisper followed by a growl.

Thursday morning as I got up to go into work early, as I left my room to go upstairs, I heard what sounded like shuffling coming from behind the curtain that covered the doorway to our laundry and cat area. Of course I assumed it was my kitty and went to the stairs. When I looked up the stairs I saw my cat sitting there staring down at me, this is strange as she usually waits outside my door to meow at me when I get up. I looked around the corner at the cat area at the other end of the basement, by my room, to see what looks like a shadow of a person that then walks through the curtain. Nothing was found when I went to investigate.

Since this all began my cat has been extremely hesitant to stay downstairs for any length of time and when she is let into my room she will pace around for a few seconds then demand to be let out. She will then book it back upstairs.

I have been hearing what sounds like footsteps walking around upstairs when I am home alone. I will, of course, sneak upstairs to find out what's going on only to find an empty house. On the rare occasions I do manage to get my furbaby to sleep on my bed she will be sitting there then suddenly will snap around and stare at part of the wall/ceiling or will act like she's listening to/watching something.

Whatever it is is more than likely the thing I hear thumping my wall at night (my room is currently in the basement). Other than that it's been docile.

Next up is the haunted mall I work at occasionally. This part will be my experiences along with ones from coworkers that verify what I have had happen. The location of this mall is withheld for privacy reasons and to protect the mall itself.

I first started here last year when my company first won the contract. In the beginning we were all alone on night shift. One night, as I sat at our report writing pc, I felt someone looking at me. I had my back to the windows so I turned around. There was a young boy staring in at me. At first I thought nothing of it, just waved and turned back around. Then I remembered a very important fact; our office is on the 2nd story. Needless to say when I turned back around he was gone.

In that first office, before we moved to the main office, if you closed and locked the door you would clearly hear someone knocking on it. If you looked closely enough you could see a shadow through the window. Nobody would ever be there when we opened it however. You can hear children laughing at night when it gets quiet. If you looked across at the next building (outdoor mall) you could occasionally see shadows running back and forth through the vacant upstairs, which is unfinished.

Once we moved into the main area we had less of an issue with the boy. However whilst sitting at the pc there after my coworker had left I heard women talking out in the hall. I thought it was our client coming in so I got up to greet them. There was nobody out in the hallway or in the office. I went out to look for them and clearly saw that the only vehicle anywhere near our office was mine. I blew it off thinking I was tired and went back to the pc. Now it's around 2am at this point. I'm sitting there writing up my nightly report when I clearly hear, right in my ear, a woman's voice asking "Are you ready? I'm ready..." I turned every single light on that I could find and blared music for the rest of the night. No idea what she may have been ready for but I wanted no part of it.

The vacant area under our building, formerly an underage nightclub, has a very negative feel to it. Even in the brightest, sunniest of days if you entered you would immediately feel unwelcome. I went in there once alone by myself at night to check the ambient temperature to make sure the pipes weren't going to freeze as the winter was harsh. I felt nauseous in that building. On my way out I glanced to my left to see a large dark shadow person watching me. As I stared at it, it started moving towards me. I have never moved so fast in all my days. From that moment on I made my coworker/friend (who had seen creepy things as well) accompany me to all of the vacants. We both felt unwelcome in that first vacant but we never saw the shadow dude when we stuck together.

On to the other sightings.

My former boss was walking by the building with the vacant upstairs one day. As he passed by a window he looked up and noticed a young boy standing there staring down at him. He went inside to check and found no sign of anyone within.

The janitor boss-lady pulled into work one morning just before 6am. The mall was completely silent and she was the only person there. As she sat in her car waiting for the clock in time she looked up at the windows (our office building) and saw a young boy running up and down the hallway. She said she grabbed her things, ran inside her office downstairs and locked the door (as if that would stop anything). She called her boss demanding to know what was going on in the building and his response after hearing her story was that they knew about the strange events and had seen them for themselves.

This mall is a very strange place at night. During the day it's very peaceful, except for the shadow man vacant. We are still unsure as to the history of this place and where these spirits arose from.

On to another haunted workplace. Again the location is redacted as the highers ups there refuse to admit to any activity even though some was caught on camera.

I began at this warehouse as a temporary special project overnight guard. My duties were to escort the construction workers around the building and to sit and watch from the golf cart as they rebuilt the conveyor system.

The first few nights were peaceful, albeit boring, however in about the middle of the week I started noticing odd things. The lights in the warehouse were motion-activated so most of the place was dark at night to conserve energy. I would notice the lights turn on one by one down an aisle; however, nobody would ever be visible to me. I ignored this for about an hour when I heard the sound of a woman laughing from behind me. I turned around and at the very end of the shipping area, behind the loading conveyors, I saw a dark figure running back and forth from the dock doors back to the aisle. I watched this for awhile then turned back around, trying to pretend it hadn't happened.

Later on that night, about 0530, I was stationed by the overhead door, waiting for the contractors to finish their nightly cleanup. I heard a noise to my left and turned to look. About 20 feet away, standing by a support column, was the same dark figure I had seen at the other end of the building. I could make out no features on it at all, it was simply a solid black figure of a person. As soon as I made a move towards it, it ducked behind the column. I ran over to look and it was gone. There was nothing around for it to hide behind except that column.

Shortly after that I was awarded with a permanent position alternating between the truck entrance and the front desk. The truck entrance was peaceful, never had any issues with it. However the front desk was extremely uncomfortable to be at alone on the weekends, day or night.

As the warehouse closed Saturday-Sunday there was no one around except for myself up front and the guard at the truck entrance. It was very common to hear footsteps coming down the hallway to the right of the interior security window. They would stop shortly before a person would normally be seen from the window then turn around and go back down the hall.

One day, as I sat at the desk, I heard the footsteps again. After they retreated back down the hall I heard chains being rattled and a crashing noise. After summoning the guard from the gate up front I went back to find that the chain-link gate that closed off the kitchen area had been ripped open and has partially hanging from its track. That gate was normally alarmed yet no alarm ever sounded that day.

Another day I was by myself, Thanksgiving actually, so I was annoyed at being at work rather than with my family. The footsteps started up again. I was already irritated so I yelled at them to stop, that nobody cared about it and that it was getting annoying hearing it wander around. The sounds stopped dead. Whilst I was congratulating myself on stopping it, something black crashed into the window facing the parking lot. I ran over to the window but saw nothing, no dead birds that could've caused it or anything. I backed up to my chair, watching the window the entire time.

As I sat down I turned to my right and froze. There, in the interior area behind the security glass where the employees enter, was the same dark man. As I looked at it, it started beating on the security glass, almost like it was punching it. I covered my head and yelled out that I was sorry I yelled at it. When I looked back up it was gone, then I heard the footsteps retreating back down the hallway. Never again did I yell at it or any other thing I heard. That was enough of a warning for me.

Now for one of the earliest experiences in my current house, the one I now sleep in the basement of. Before I was in the basement my room was upstairs on the front corner. I was on my computer watching videos when I heard a woman humming, almost singing, coming from my left. I didn't think to much of it at first as the window is there. I thought someone was walking by. My cat, who was curled up on my bed, suddenly sat bolt upright staring at the heating vent on the floor. She then ran out the bedroom door into the living room. I got up and went out to find all three cats, mine and my parents' two, sitting lined up in front of the open basement door staring downstairs at the spare room. My cat, who was on the end, kept looking back and forth from me to the stairs, as if trying to tell me something. I ran back in my room, shut the door and blared music until my parents got home.

Shortly after moving to the basement, my cousin and my young nephew were over. We decided to play hide and seek to help keep my nephew entertained. My cousin decided to hide in the spare room whilst I went for the cat area. Five seconds go by and my cousin comes flying out of the spare room cursing, saying that something had whispered his name into his ear.

I have more experiences that I will type up at some point, and as more happen all the time I will add them when I can. At this point I've accepted the fact that I will likely always see/hear things of this nature. Hopefully they don't drive me crazy!

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Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-07)
Kriak- Yep, it sure is a long post. But packed with a HUGE amount of encounters! That is a very, very active life you have.

I agree with your title as well. They seem to follow you. I have learned that some folks just attract them. It seemed I had to deal with that for 7-8 years. Whew, I'm on vacation right now from them. Ha 😆

Great stuff, follow Tweeds lead on the cleansing. It will help your house out. Thanks for sharing
I'll be looking forward to your new stories.
babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-02)
Welcome to YGS Kriak! This was a good read. You certainly seem to have had an "active" life but I do like how you've handled it by not letting fear take over.

I'm sure there must be some way to get some history on the work place. I can't think of anything off the top of my head right now other than asking around, but it might put things into more perspective to find out what was there in the building or the area before it became a mall.

Your cats seem to be onto something at your home. I know mine is with my "visitor" here and I do pay attention to him when he starts getting twitchy. He's the reason I was able to see our "visitor" full on one day.

I'm sure more and better suggestions will be offered here as far as getting into the history of your work place. We've got some great detectives here. 😊

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more from you!
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-02)
Hi there Kriak,

Interesting haunted life you lead! Do you ever cleanse and shield your home and yourself? If not please do! Not that all ghosts are bad but if you live and work in a highly active area having that layer of protection around you will make a huge difference.

Had a couple thoughts about your experiences here, first a question are you male or female?
Reason I ask is because the lady who asked 'Are you ready?...I'm ready', without knowing the the intonation of that statement, the words read kind of seductive but in a taunting nasty way. Not nice. Or maybe this woman was referring to the other ghosts present and was actually there to keep the peace. Kind of like 'I'm here for you buddy'. That would depend on the impression you got of the voice.

Believe or not I have a feeling that black figure is actually a good guy. Assuming it's the same individual who hid behind the pillar and was gone by the time you ran to check things out, possibly he didn't want to scare you, so quickly hid. Think about this for a minute, you yell at the pesky noises and maddening footsteps, they quieten down, then 'someone' else is suddenly banging on the door demanding in! Almost like this being was called to action by your yelling. I have a funny feeling this being can't get in sometimes, probably because the pesky ghosts are keeping him out somehow. So he hangs around that window instead, in a guarding capacity. I could be COMPLETELY wrong of course, but that's the impression I got. Not so much a bad guy, just a frustrated one.

This nonsense in the garage, I tried to come up with a 'nice' explanation and couldn't. Have a sneaky feeling something/someone followed you home from the mall. Probs the same 'someone' responsible for your cat's odd reactions and the rest. All the more reason to look into cleansing/shielding.

Some towns seem to be more active than others, for whatever reason, maybe your town is just super active. I got to thinking about malls and maybe malls in general are ghost hot spots. When you consider the amount of people who pass through or work there daily, I guess it stands to reason. Also malls are typically a teenage hangout and teens can attract poltergeists. So yeah, makes sense to me. During the day it would be calm, like you said, because everyone's caught up in their own activities. But during closed times, well I guess all bets are off.

Here's a cool shielding method heaps of us here use. Scroll down for instructions:
It won't get rid of ghosts at your mall, but it'll make you less 'interesting' to idiot ghosts. It will, however, work very well on your home, get rid of any pesky idiots who may have followed you. Be sure to include the interior of your garage.

Thanks for sharing with us, look forward to your further submissions. Oh, and welcome to YGS! 😊

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