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The Approaching Footsteps


I'd never had a firsthand experience of the supernatural until then. To be honest, you won't probably find it scary at all since it lacks originality of imagination and chills of the movies. It is simply a hand-me-down kind of horror experience of many others that I got to experience at one point of my life.

It happened on a rooftop of my uncle's suburban place. My uncle lived there with my aunt and their two still minor daughters. It was a day when we (the extended family including grandma, her kids and theirs) were having a time of our life in a get-together. In the afternoon, we, the cousins, both the grown-ups and the teens, decided to spend some time on the rooftop in the fresh air.

It was a great decision to make since the wind was blowing generously that day and we really had fun gossiping and chit-chatting around, poking innocent fun and then even singing along at times. It was nearly evening when everyone, apart from one of my cousins (whom I'd call A from now on), and I felt like going downstairs. We waved at all of the departing ones which actually were all of them except A and I.

It must be added here that the rooftop had two sides with only one entrance that was now facing us. Since we wouldn't be staying much longer and we'd just been on the other side of the roof, we didn't feel any urge to spend more time at the now completely empty backside of the roof.

So, we were kidding around giggling like maniacs (my cousin was about 15 years old back then and I was 22, I have an amazing gift to become a kid/teen with a kid/teen which is why I am very popular with my cousins in general, and it was the case here as well) but suddenly we both were frozen, rooted to the spot at the same time looking at each other by the sound of loud and clear approaching footsteps from the backside of the roof, where no one was supposed to be present then as all of the remaining party had already left and no one else came through the door (we were directly across the only entrance, remember?).

We kept our stance for a few more seconds hoping for the footsteps to be stopped (it was easier to write that off as overactive imagination than to believe actually something supernatural was actually happening there) but they didn't. To be honest, they became louder as they were approaching closer. When the footsteps were about a couple of yards or so, now clearly knowing that the footsteps belonged to some invisible entity, we simply ran until we were downstairs inside the house.

Even today, when A and I talk about it, we agree on the fact there's no way we imagined it or convinced each other (like by saying, "'hey are you hearing the same footsteps I am hearing?',' yeah, I am'.") that we did. We both heard it at the same time and for long enough to know it was the real deal. Besides, we weren't in any preset horror mode (by watching/discussing horror movies/stories) that our mind would play trick on us. We were in a very jolly mood that day, too ecstatic to imagine spine-chilling things.

The other day, I met A and brought the topic up after years. She then revealed some more details about that rooftop. She told me that they (my aunt and uncle included, though they would not like to accept in front of her, maybe they don't want to scare her more) often heard someone walking, playing even making sound like putting a nail into a wooden surface or something at around midnight or early in the morning. Their sleep was often disrupted by those noises. My cousin even heard sound of anklets that Indian or Indian sub-continental women wear in ungodly hours.

Like I said, it might not sound scary to you at all but experiencing it, facing the invisible presence upfront has its fair share of horror for sure.

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Comments about this paranormal experience

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-15)
Hi mm! I just have to put in that your story is beautifully written!
Bvbarmy101 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-14)
I completely understand your experience with the footsteps. I've had quite a few my self.

I love the immense detail in your story. Some people don't understand that the smaller experiences mean something, too. And don't be afraid to post more of your experiences.

Thank you for sharing you ghostly experience with us!
mm (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-07)
Thanks a ton Wish-Not, I really appreciate it. 😁 Hopefully, I don't have to post new firsthand experiences since I am kind of a chicken about paranormal stuffs. But a few things happened to my near and dear ones first hand. I will try to pen them down soon.

Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-06)
mm- Welcome to YGS. I thought it was a great account. I too shared such a moment like yours, with company, like yours and we thought it was GREAT. Some of the "less" thrilling experiences are some of the best. Especially when they are shared with others.

Thanks for sharing
mm (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-05)
Hey Tweed,

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, people from Indian sub-continent have been living in the area for generations. The sound of the shes sounded kind of noisy flip-flops to me or something similar. I also think there might be more than one (donno why lol).

Btw, English aint my first language,so, there is a possibility of my mucking it up at times 😜
Tweed (35 stories) (2494 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-03)
mm, hi and thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed this, some of the best ghost encounters are the ones that leave you wanting in my opinion.

I'm glad to read about another ghost who walks on a roof. I've not experienced this myself, but stories of a ghost who walked on the roof at night did the rounds in my family for years and years. This ghost wasn't Indian, however.

What did these footsteps sound like, what kind of shoes would you guess they were?

There are many encounters on here about anklets rattling, so you ain't alone there. Do you know if the house had Indian people living there before, or were there any Indian folk in the neighbourhood?

I'm open to the anklets and the footsteps belonging to separate ghosts, but that would depend on the kind of shoes those steps sounded like.

Thanks for sharing. Good ole roof dwelling ghosts lol, I quite like that, don't know why.

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