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The One With The Smile


This goes way back in 2004 when my family was involved in a charity organization. We used to receive presents from the missionaries and my Aunt (lived with us), who was ill that time, got a a scholarship for one of her daughters who was still in primary at the moment but was to be sponsored until college.

The second and last daughter was promised a female cow which was to be received in a month or two. My poor Aunt, being ill and a single mother, you can imagine the excitement she was in. Okay, we were all excited. I mean we danced until we got used to it. Months passed on but we never got to see the cow so we moved on at least the scholarship was real.

Unfortunately after a long fight my dear Aunt passed on. Now only a few weeks after her burial the organization called that the cows were in the village. They apologized for the delay and yeah the same evening my uncles brought the cow home.

I think they made a celebration, we had a lot of food, everybody was in the house besides my Grandma (now late), my Mother and I.

We were standing on the verandah talking about the day, the cow tied in the compound. A woman dressed in our culture dress, very decently well behaved from how she carried herself and how gently she walked, appeared from nowhere. She was walking towards the cow and we couldn't see her face.

This elegant stranger didn't mind us at all. We just stared at her and my mother said something like "huh excuse me?" She didn't answer but kept walking. When she reached the cow, she placed her hand on its belly and then turned around to reveal her face... Holy Jesus in heaven she was the same woman that was buried weeks ago. Jaws were dropped and faces tightened. She gave out a very deep beautiful peaceful smile. We turned to look at each other and in a few she was gone. It's like she disappeared in the cow.

My Grandma wasn't freaked out at all. She walked towards the cow and stood besides it, she then called her late daughter's name and thanked her for visiting, she thanked her for celebrating with the family and promised her to take care of the two girls she left behind.

The people in the house never knew about it until years passed by and it came up in a conversation.

Back in my home country (which I will not mention) weird things happen. I think for anyone looking for a paranormal experience it's the right place to be... But for a fearful soul like mine moving is just peaceful.

I have to say I have enjoyed the innocence of the people I am in now... They will bet their lives that magic or ghost, spirits etc aren't real. People like me who have lost loved ones to magic, felt and seen supernatural, we just have to admire or laugh at their lack of knowledge. Hope to share more stories with you.


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Leen3808 (guest)
8 years ago (2016-06-29)
[at] P0V5B Thank you for your comment
I am from North America but I moved temporary to Bahrain in 2015
P0V5B (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-10)
Thank you for sharing your story. Unlike other stories, this one felt good, had a happy ending after all! And your title, made my mind wander to those episode titles of F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

Well, your country is... Bahrain?:D
roylynx (guest)
8 years ago (2016-06-07)
So sorry to hear about your aunt, I am sure she is now very peaceful and very calm.

Wow! Your last writing was strong!
"They will bet their lives that magic or ghost, spirits etc aren't real. People like me who have lost loved ones to magic, felt and seen supernatural, we just have to admire or laugh at their lack of knowledge"
Love it!

This story reminds me of some Indian believes about cows being a sacred animal, is there such believes in where you come from?

Love from São Paulo


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