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They Came After Her Birth


This is my first story I'm sharing here, so please don't mind any grammar mistakes.

When I was 10, my younger sister was born. It was a great time that year, as I finally got to see her. However, strange things started happening after she came home from the hospital. I would see shadows going around the house, being most active at night. My older sister, who was 12 at the time, would see them more frequently then me. There were a lot of them going around too.

One night, my younger sister started crying. She wouldn't calm down or anything. Extremely tired, my mum gave her to my dad. She calmed down after leaving the room. Upon waking in the morning, he told her that she saw something exit the room, almost like a shadow. Another thing happened when said older sister saw a tall man with a top hat, standing inside that same room. In fact, during that time my mum's room felt uneasy to be in. I would close the door because of how scared I felt. Other times, she would see a figure in a white dress walk across our living room.

I also had some experiences with the tall man. I was taking out some trash out. Our bins were located next the stairs that lead into our house. This is were the garage and the washing line was situated too. There was a path that was scattered with rocks next to a green fence by the washing line. I was just putting the trash into the bin, when I tuned my head towards the rock path. Standing there was the man in the top hat. He was just there, watching me. I could fully see him too. It wasn't one of those fast ones who look almost transparent. He was opaque like an actual person. At first, I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks at me, but I looked at it for a good 5 seconds. Let's just say, I ran up those stairs faster then I could comprehend what I just saw. Didn't like going out there at night since.

My whole family are huge believers in the paranormal. That night, my mum called her parents about the stuff that was happening. I told her about the man and she already knew who he was, but asked why I didn't tell her. My sister also told he about the things she saw. Her parents said that they man in the top hat is my great grandfather, while the figure in the white dress is one of my other grandparents from my dad's side. They couldn't explain the others. They stayed around for a good two months before they just... Left us alone.

This all happened 4 years ago. Nothing like that happened since. Today, my family still doesn't know why they came. We speculated that my sister, who is now 3, may of brought something bad back from the hospital. Those shadows might be just dead ancestors protecting us and cast whatever it was out.

My younger brother was born from the same hospital. We don't know why it didn't happen to him, but to her instead. We moved out of the house 3 years later. Sometimes my sister cries and doesn't go inside her mum's room at night. We think she still sees something, but she's okay with it now.

However, we still don't know who came after her birth that triggered my deceased family members to protect us.

Your friend,


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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2016-07-05)
Tweed brings up a very interesting point - you may have hit on something significant there... However, I'm evidently not allowed to +1 your comments anymore Tweed *harumph*

I also believe that there is a great connection between birth and death - it's all part of the same circle and maybe the birth of the new family member opened some sort of a door for both the curious and concerned family members to come through and look in on all of you. I wasn't there but it doesn't seem to me that any of them meant any harm though I couldn't ever blame anyone no matter their age for being startled by a paranormal experience... It is the unknown and it's basic survival instinct to fear what we don't completely understand. I think it's actually pretty awesome that your family was able to experience this sort of reunion - though it may have been stressful at the time.

I hope that all is at peace with your family these days and that, maybe, one day in the future, you may get to experience another grand family reunion.
ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-30)
Excellent reasoning Tweed. 😊

There can be a possibility that your ancestors were really protecting your sister from a devil as babies being weak mentally and physically are prone to be the target of these unknown entities.

There can be that it was just their urge to see their family as life may end, contact may break but relations tied with trust and care don't. And they still make a frequent visit to your house which causes your sister to avoid going to that room who is unable to understand anything.

Thanks For Sharing! 😊
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-30)
Welcome, Kiiko thanks for sharing this intriguing visitation. I found your writing 'voice' very honest which is awesome😊

Well done to you and your family for identifying some of the ghosties. I hope you've become glad of the moment you shared with your great grandfather, that sounded incredible!

I don't mean this to sound 'creepy' but when I read peoples experiences I look for what they don't say. Things stated within the subtext often on a subconscious level, breadcrumbs to a unspoken truth, if you will. Jeesh, how pompous do I sound right about now?
I could be waaayy off base here but this jumped out at me:

"In fact, during that time my mum's room felt uneasy to be in"
Then, later:
"Sometimes my sister cries and doesn't go inside her mum's room at night."

In both quotes you refer to your mother's room, not your 'parents room'. Which suggested to me there was either a separation or an awareness on your part of an emotional distance between your parents during this time.

I'm not asking you to give details if you don't want to. But your word usage about the topic of your mothers room, and the feelings associated with it felt by multiple people, got me to thinking the reason your ancestors showed up was because of some unrest within your family at that time.

If this rings true to you, nice to know you have some protective ghosties around when you need them. 😊

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