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He Came Out Of The Mirror


JANUARY 13 2013, Sunday, watching Seahawks playoff game with Atlanta. I work at 6 pm tonight so I am propped up on my bed, only slept my usual 6.40am to 10. 14 am. I always wake at 10.14?

To my right side is my wife's side of the bed than maybe 3 feet to the 7 feet long hall to master bath. Both sides of hall are double sliding mirrored doors and bathroom door also has long mirror mounted on it, very cool looking.

I am probably 7 feet from 1st mirrored door. Russell Wilson just passed and we lost the playoff game and our season was over. When broadcaster said we lost, I saw movement to my right and I turn my head slightly to see a long haired, good looking man with curls you could put a pop can through, slowly coming through the first mirrored door. He is looking strait ahead into mirrored door in front of him. I feel I could poop right now.

His eyes looked down, then back strait ahead - he did not move at all. I have learned from Ghost shows that you never look away or blink. I study him. He is wearing a leather jacket that's dark, the kind with open v down the front. He has a white shirt under it with a green inch and a half stripe in center of v chest area and a yellowish stripe under that of same size and white under that. Still staring strait ahead a head of brown long hair with huge curls, I am about 7 foot from him can see grey hairs in his curls, I can only see front of body and his right side pointing to me. He is around 6 foot a little less and looks like a normal living person, then he is just gone.

'Seahawks fan, Timing, Just wanted to be seen,' are some of my impressions. I excitedly find my wife and tell her all. Came back into room to see he was standing in our air purifier that was up against door. He had looked down at other mirror.

I head off to work for the night shift. Running my machine I am thinking that ghost is 3 feet from my wife bedside and what else is coming out of the mirrors. I tell a co worker and she gives me a mediums name and I call her- Appt made.

Very nice lady records our cleansing. She said the spirit will not give his name. That his hands were very dirty, he is drinking hard alcohol, loved my wife's perfume and loved his girls (neighborhood ladies).

Well she brought up family, my deceased dog that will be moving to Hawaii with us, and we sent him to the light.

She told me not to acknowledge or talk to these ghosts as I might pick up a bad one. I did always walk into my house and give ghost high fives and say thank you for taking care of my family. She did tell me to keep a journal of my experiences and she warned me that most people don't have sightings during daylight hours or are talked to and your a bright light to the other side so be careful. She kind of took all the fun out of ghosts by saying this stuff.

I drew this guy in my journal. Bottom line the colors of his clothes were amazing. A good looking man, I think he did well with the ladies. Thanks for reading. This took over 3 hours with 1 finger More to come.

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outofthemirror (6 stories) (22 posts)
14 hours ago (2020-11-25)
Mrsramsay with all my going backwards Mirror guy had brown eyes. I can't believe I erased that. Thanks for asking about information about this man. He did not look at me only strait ahead slightly down then back up strait ahead. EMOTIONLESS. I hardly never used master bathroom and rarely walked in front of these mirrors. I try not to use the word PORTAL but my house came alive after I installed the mirrored doors. I was home all day not a trespasser. I repeated here the mediums thoughts. I type now my way. I want to use the least amount of words and get to the point. I drew this man stripes and all. He came through a solid mirrored door, I inspected inside of closet full of girl stuff, shoes long dress stuff don't know how he got thru. I think I answered your questions. PEACE
MrsRamsay (8 stories) (150 posts)
18 hours ago (2020-11-24)
Hi there, Mrs. Ramsay here and I'm a writer and editor who has truly enjoyed your stories. Just imagine if you could type 70 wpm, haha, you'd be prolific! Your wife must be a gem to type for you! Thank her for us, please.

This mirror story is quite helpful to me. I never really heard about opposing mirrors (have not been a big reader on the topic) but it makes perfect sense to me. I always was inherently nervous about two opposing mirrors and did not know why! Maybe it's that thing where the image seems to go back and forth to infinity and beyond.

In my bathroom I have two huge wall mirrors on a right angle, and sometimes the opposing shower door makes me nervous, never knew why and I'm NOT a nervous person. I took some photos once in there and my mom's face was in the mirror but I lost the photo when my computer died!

It seems like you knew immediately that the guy in your hall was a spirit even though he seemed solid. Did you ever think: intruder!? Can you describe his eyes at all? Did he look at you at all? Interesting that you recall his clothing so well. And, how did you know about the perfume? I'm guessing the medium told you that. Hmmm... So, so interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Manafon1 (5 stories) (677 posts)
2 days ago (2020-11-23)
outofthemirror--No worries. When you "put yourself out there" to share a paranormal account it can be a bit intense but I think you will find a great open minded community at YGS. As for a lie detector test, I have other things I like to spend cash on 😉. Thanks for sharing your accounts.
outofthemirror (6 stories) (22 posts)
2 days ago (2020-11-23)
Manafon1 Sorry for getting snippy. Wife did not want to type the way it was written we were going at it. She reads points out all my mistakes as she is reading, there already posted. My wife is laughing at me because Manafon1 even found more that my wife missed and I am ripping off the bandages of these old wounds that really have never healed and even now stressed for putting these stories out there. Hate was the wrong word. If you have doubt's, you can pay for lie detector test.I'm not kidding.
The_Morrighan (1 stories) (13 posts)
3 days ago (2020-11-23)
Out of the mirror - First of all I'd like to say that I've enjoyed reading your accounts. Secondly I'd just like to say that nobody has been offering you 'hate'. I've lurked on this site for several years now and 99% of posters receive questions and comments on their narratives and this is so that other YGS members can better understand the sequence of events and context. You haven't been singled out and you're not being 'picked on'. It would be a shame if you left this site over a misconception.
outofthemirror (6 stories) (22 posts)
3 days ago (2020-11-22)
Manafon1 I am thankful to finally have a place to unload these happenings, I word them the best I can, If any of these happenings help even one person then it was worth it. Clouds that do no harm to mirror people that want to be seen. Probably typo's in next two stories already sent. When stories are in I'm gone. I noticed some ask and seem to make your story all about there thinking.
Manafon1 (5 stories) (677 posts)
3 days ago (2020-11-22)
outofthemirror--There's no hate coming from me. I was merely asking for clarification on a few points. Everyone who posts accounts on YGS are asked questions. We can only understand through communication.
outofthemirror (6 stories) (22 posts)
3 days ago (2020-11-22)
WENT BACK INTO ROOM AND NOTICED WHERE HE HAD, HAD, IS MISSING. The word had. My wife also noticed it. He showed himself for seconds and never seen again. Sent him to light. My dog was female sorry. I know there's thousands of day sightings. I proof read all these happenings 20 times at least I'm not that good. Don't dismiss happenings. There will be more, try to control the hate. My typing, I was going to put BE KIND AT END. Good mindset. I've seen. I know I'm going to get beat up by some from my happenings, but they happened. And my wording may not be the best.
Manafon1 (5 stories) (677 posts)
3 days ago (2020-11-22)
outofthemirror--I know you type slowly but both of your latest narratives jump from thought to thought in a manner that sometimes makes them difficult to follow. When you retuned to the room how long did the apparition remain standing in the air purifier? When you left for work was the apparition still visible? Did your wife see it and if so what was her reaction? I can't imagine she wouldn't have been thrilled to be left alone with a ghost who was digging her perfume. Did the medium you contact send the spirit of the guy to the light or the spirit of your deceased dog?

These are a few questions that came to mind reading this particular account. Also don't agree with the medium's opinion that apparitions mostly appear at night as there are thousands of well documented daylight sightings.

You describe some freaky stuff to be sure but you seem to take it in your stride which a good mindset to have.

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