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A Misfortunate Event


A very unfortunate event took place in November 2011. I live in an apartment which is twelve storied and we stay on the ninth floor. A weekday morning there was a foul odour circulating through the floors. My father thought it was probably cause of the biogas plant on the terrace. But however even after that the odour still persisted. All the inmates started to complain about the odour.

There are two ladies who come to clean the building premises everyday. So as per the complaints served by the people they decided to check where the odour was coming from i.e the main source. They started from the twelfth floor i.e from the top then moved to the lower floors respectively until they realized that it was coming from the 10th floor, which was the next floor above us. So they decided to ring the bell but then no one answered.

Finally after several tries a final decision was made and that was to call the police. The police made their way all the way to the tenth floor and they analysed the place so they understood that the door was locked from the inside and there was actually someone inside. The people channeled their ways across the door by demolishing it and finally saw a dead man's body on the sofa. The body was at least two or three days old.

Finally the coroners came and they cleaned the place and took the body away through the main elevator. The kids were playing downstairs, one of them saw the body being carried out from the flat. On seeing that she ran up to her flat. Because of this event, the apartment inmates fleed from the scene because they were afraid of the whole paranormal activity which tends to occur after the death of a human. Only two family remained after the whole scene from a total of 44 families. Everyone else left.

That same day about 10pm we could hear footsteps and knocking on doors. The windows pounding, glasses breaking. Curious as well as terrified I tried to open the door but when I did there was no one. The hallway was dark and the windows were left open. So my parents turned me down saying it was probably just the wind. On hearing that I was exasperated I decided to stay up until midnight so as to experience more things like this.

Hours passed it was 12am in the morning heavy footsteps again like as if someone was climbing the stairs, chairs being dragged out, squeaking and screeching. Then I decided to call it quits, hit the bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night to see an apparition standing in front of my dressing table dressed in white clothes. I thought it was the curtain drapes and was probably hallucinating so I turned on the lights but when I did no one was there. I checked the whole house but nothing was there. Somehow I managed to find my way back to the bed and then oblivion fell.

The next day I decided to tell my mother on hearing that she just vexated and yelled at me for watching too many horror movies. So I told her that if she wants she can come and sleep in my room. So she took it as a challenge and decided to sleep in my room. However she saw the same thing exactly the way I saw it and she finally believed it was true. So she told me this "They are harmless, They won't hurt us unless we hurt them".

Even now five years later he still shows up and hasnt changed a bit which proves that we are not alone.:)

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RedBlackRosemama (34 posts)
5 years ago (2016-06-30)
Leave dead body for three days could stink up and I too want to to know how he died as Ashar123 says. I used to have a best friend before he passed away I smell death as soon months came July he passed away his boss call his father that he didn't come to work three days as soon his father came to his apartment to check up on him and he found him dead with a smiles as another friend told me about it. I guess I have a gift as I can smell death. He have pneumonia so that what I been told and he sturborn that he refuse to go hospital and stay with his father he want go home to his apartment so nobody can't force him and if he stay with his father or in hospital he will be still alive but too sturborn he rather be his apartment. Could be pneumonia in that man in your story. Sorry for the long sentence on here.
ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
5 years ago (2016-06-29)
Quite creapy. The soul I think is angry upon something because knocking, windows pounding and glasses breaking suggest an anger. And by the way what was the reason of the death of the man?

And the apparition in your room is really spine chilling. May God bless the soul. I think you should do the cleansing of your house. The spirit is still wandering.

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