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The Disconnected Light


The story I'm about to share with you happened when I was around 14. I lived in a small home on the island called Sanday located north of Scotland in the Orkney islands. The house was very old and small with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and a bathroom.

At the time it was just my parents and my younger brother living there. My mum and dad had the master bedroom, my brother had the second room and I had the third. My brother's room was very close to my parents' room with only the living room separating them as he is hearing impaired (if there was a fire he would not hear the alarm).

From the living room was a corridor which led to the bathroom and kitchen. My room had a small window looking out onto a walkway leading to the garden and only one door that opened out into the kitchen, making my area very isolated from the rest of the house. (To give you an idea how alone I was... During one night of terror which I may write about some day, I SCREAMED at the as loud as I humanly could while tears were steaming down my cheeks for my parents but they could not hear me.)

Being an old house it had a lot of disconnected electrics from decades past such as old lights, light switches, radiators and the old fuse box... Stuff like that. None of it worked but our landlord had installed some basic lighting and heating which we used. Even so I did not have a light in my room so I had to make do with a lamp under my window to illuminate and warm my room.

This is where my story begins. Like any normal kid I attended school, so every morning at around 7.30 my dad would come in and wake me up by prodding me or just calling my name. This was the daily routine.

The morning this incident took place was a little different. I was laying in bed asleep when suddenly I got a bright light from above blind my eyes. It was going on and off along with a clicking sound, I jolted up. Assuming it was my wake up call I said "OK, OK I'M UP ALREADY!" Or something to that effect. Still being half asleep it took me a few seconds to realise something was not quite normal, then I looked up to the light source. Like I mentioned before, the light socket on the ceiling has been disconnected for many decades, not only that but IT DID NOT EVEN HAVE A LIGHT BULB IN IT. At first I doubted myself but when I walked over to the old switch and flicked it on... It was the same sound I had heard snapping on and off 5-7 times along with the bright light.

I am convinced it was not my dad and it could not have been my lamp as it was always fairly dim, not nearly bright enough to wake me. Even to this day I think back with more fascination than fear. How was that even possible? Thank you for reading my story and I'll try to answer any questions.

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nessiev (2 stories) (5 posts)
4 years ago (2017-09-23)
hi, I am mrbeany17's mum. I can help to confirm that this did happen and I can clarify the event in a little more detail.

Mrbeany17's bedroom was situated at the back of the house along with the kitchen, an extension built in the 1930s, and pretty much isolated from the rest of the house.
It was connected by a small corridor that led into the front of the house. The back door and the bathroom also led off this corridor.

The rest of the house was built around 1900 and was built of solid stone. The remains of a much earlier stone dwelling (a long house croft type) were still visible to the left side of the existing property.

The whole house was in a very bad state of repair and needed major modernisation, even the heating panels were from the 70s. The sockets in my sons room were similar to the rest of the house, 1980s sort of period, but the light fitting in my sons room was original, a very old brown bakelite fitting, the screw part of the pendant was broken so it was impossible to put in a bulb, (thankfully!) the light switch was a round bakelite one, lever operated. Vintage. It did not work, and hadn't done so for the past 30 years! The landlady had not replaced it. (this was not unusual in the orkneys, many properties are in this state) The landlady by the way was approaching her 100th birthday, but could still relate the exact time and date of different events on the island. (like when the first mains water was laid) This is why we knew about the history of the house etc...
Going back to the switch, it did indeed make a unique sound when flipped on and off, and could not be confused with any other sound.

My husband, mrbeany17's dad is not one for practical jokes. He woke our son as usual that morning, our son related to us the exact same account as told above. My son is not the sort that lies or makes up stories, And because of other occurrences before and after this one that had taken place in the house, I am absolutely sure that this did take place.

What happened to my son later in this house was terrifying and not something I can discuss without his permission. We only lived there for 3 years.

I would never stay there again. Not even for a flying visit. I will post some of my own experiences that happened in this house soon. Make of them what you will.
Mrbeany17 (1 stories) (2 posts)
5 years ago (2016-08-09)
(jwarrdor) the light only flashed for a few seconds and at the time I also considered that maybe it was a waking dream of sorts, however as to my dad flicking an old long unused light switch on and off in the early hours of the morning for no apparent reason... Unlikly. Plus when I told my mum and dad about it surely he would have said that he flicked the switch but he did not. Good theory though. (If the light switch had made the same sound as the other modern switches then it would be different but with its old design it made such a unique sound when flicked)
jwarrdor (8 posts)
5 years ago (2016-08-08)
Thanks for sharing,

Was the light still on when you came fully awake? I'm wondering if your mind created the light while you were half asleep through sound association with the switch. Maybe your dad really was flicking the switch?

Otherwise that is very strange.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
5 years ago (2016-08-08)

We would love to read about your personal experiences, if someone else in the family would like to post a story it would be better if they sign up and write the story themselves. This way if we have question they can answer it themselves. If they refuse to make an account and you have permission to write the story, by all means write the story but give the person the credit. Make sure that you get all the details accurate. Like I said it would be better if they write their own experiences.

I look forward to reading your other experiences.

Mrbeany17 (1 stories) (2 posts)
5 years ago (2016-08-08)
(redwolf) Luckily my family are very open to the paranormal and by that time had all experienced something already so when I told them they were not surprised (they found it as fascinating as I did). I may write about the time that I screamed in the future and have many other experiences personally in that home as well as my families to write if your interested (like the time I came face to face with the shadow figure).

(Tweed) since it was years ago I can't remember when it was exactly but was probably very early morning. But to be honest at that moment the last thing on my mind was the current time.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
5 years ago (2016-08-08)

What a crazy experience you had! Did you tell your parents, if so what was their reaction?

You have to write the story about the time you screamed at the top of your lungs and nobody heard you. It sounds very interesting.

PunkysMama (4 stories) (62 posts)
5 years ago (2016-08-05)
Hello Mrbeany17,

That's creepy 😭 Specifically the fact that you were able to find the source of the sound and even if someone wanted to argue it was your dad flipping the switch on and off (why would he?) that wouldn't explain the blinding light!

I have always preferred to be isolated from the rest of my family growing up in smaller homes where privacy was usually scarce, but this seems like it would have been a little intense even for me.😨

Crazy experience, thank you for sharing!
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
5 years ago (2016-08-03)
Hi MrBeany,

Very cool encounter! I guess whoever it was had been wondering what was wrong with the light lol. Either that or they figured they'd help wake you up out of kindness. Was this around the time your Dad normally woke you? Your yelling at them might have prevented them from trying it again! 😆

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