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Do Children Attract Spirits?


For several months, I worked at a preschool. When I first started working there, another teacher-lets call her Annie-told me the school was haunted. At first, I thought she was just messing with the new girl and brushed it off. I now realize that I should have listened to Annie when she warned me.

The first experience I had came when I was changing a child's diaper during nap time. Every other child in the room was asleep and the lights were off, so it was just this child and I awake when he-let's call him Greg-began waving at the ceiling above me. Being new, I simply assumed Greg was waving at me, until he began babbling and laughing, so I asked "What are you waving at, Greg?" What he said still chills me to the bone. He looked up at me, smiled, pointed to the ceiling over his head, and said "Lady." This boy wasn't even three years old, so I was about to brush it off, until his smile faded a little and he went "now man."

Shortly after that first experience, I was trying to help Greg get to sleep by patting his back while another boy-we'll call him Jamie-was on the mat next to Greg's, already fast asleep. I kept looking around at the other children as I tried to help Greg fall asleep when Jamie sat straight up, a huge smile forming on his face, and started waving at the door to the classroom. I assumed Jamie had heard the door open over me humming to Greg and one of the principals was coming in to talk to me. I turned around, expecting to see the door open, but no one was there. I turned back to Jamie, who had already laid back down and started to fall back to sleep. There was no way as quickly as I turned I wouldn't have noticed a light from the hallway or a figure retreating.

Several weeks later-after a conversation with one of the principals which confirmed the school was haunted-I had moved passed the event with Greg and Jamie and continued doing my job. One evening, I was cleaning a classroom with the last child from that particular room-we'll call him Ian-when I realized I needed to return something to another room. I told Ian-who was only one-to hold my hand as we walked to the empty classroom so I could return the item. Ian-being a very well behaved child-held my hand and gripped my pant leg as I put things away in the empty room. As I got ready to leave, a large stack of papers flew across the room, right passed Ian and I. There was no way a one-year-old could pick up that stack of papers at all, let alone with only one hand available. I picked Ian up and ran back to the room we came from. But I returned to that room after Ian had left to clean up the papers, still scared, but-being respectful-didn't want to leave a mess for another teacher. The stack didn't move this time.

The final event came, once again during nap time. I was once again, trying to help a child-this one we'll call Liam-get to sleep. I was on one side of the changing table with Liam, while another child who was still awake-we'll call him Michael-was on the other. Michael would not go to sleep if you were near him, so I worked on helping Liam, but kept an eye out for Michael to get up. One time, just as I turned my head, I saw a head of brown hair over the side of the changing table. Sighing, I stood up and made my way around the table, only to find Michael asleep, and realize something chilling; the only brunette in the room at all was myself, and none of the children were tall enough for me to see their head over the table from the angle I was at.

My question is this; do children attract spirits, or is this paranoia brought on from a child's imagination and another teacher's joke?

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earthangel67 (4 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-26)
I agree with RavenAngel. Generally, children below the age of 5 years are far more open to experiencing, what is perceived as the supernatural. This is because they have not developed the intellect (ego self), nor much in the way of belief programming, therefore, they do not distinguish between our realm of existence and that of spirit. All of mankind are capable of this, it is simply that as we developed intellect, modern beliefs/fears, etc., the ability was lost. "Use it or lose it" scenario. This is why people who do have the ability, or who learn to harness this ability, are widely viewed by the populous as oddities to be mocked and feared. My own children both saw and interacted with spirit, that I myself was unable to see at that time. To them the experience was real. Also, my cousin had many encounters when he was very young, as outlined in my story "Aunties House". I also agree with Biblio, that no threat seems to be posed by these entities, just attention seeking. Providing no threat is felt and the children are happy, I wouldn't worry.
RavenAngelvX (2 stories) (6 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-26)
I remember once someone told me (or maybe I heard it in a movie) that children are like beacons of light to spirits because of their innocence and that they are still new to the world. I absolutely believe that children attract ghosts. I have an almost 2 year old son, and he can't really talk well, but I always see him giggling and babbling to this certain spot on his bedroom wall, and sometimes if he doesn't want to take a nap, I'll hear him babbling to someone, and sometimes I even think I hear another voice. I'm quite positive he has at least one ghostly friend.
Enlightened1959 (8 stories) (118 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-25)
My dad passed away in September of 2015. My grandson was 2 years old at the time. A few months later he was sitting in my daughter's living room floor. He looked up over her head towards the ceiling and started smiling and waving. My daughter said "Colten, who are you waving at?" He looked at her and said "Papa!" This has happened on several different occasions since then as well.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-25)
Greetings, kentucky_believer.

While the confluence of events would make anyone feel paranoid, paranoia would not knock over a stack of papers. Paranoia would account for your imagination making shadows into scary shapes (as in pareidolia), but it wouldn't generate an image of a brunette's head unless there was something there for your brain to mis-perceive (e.g.: a brown blanket). Pareidolia, by the way, would make your brain lock onto **possible** human-shaped shadows in the hallway outside your classroom door, so the fact you did NOT see someone there is more indicative of the supernatural than of paranoia.

Young children, typically, are more open to the possibility of seeing the supernatural, as their brains don't distinguish well between conventional reality and fiction, nor do they necessarily separate the natural and supernatural elements of the world. I've not heard of spirits being drawn to a location because there are children in it, but I have read both of spirits who were already in a location where a school was build and of spirits who linger in schools where they died. Perhaps other commenters could address this more fully with you, based upon their experiences.

I suppose that the good news is that you're not paranoid; so long as the spirits which are loitering in the school are not presenting a danger to you, nor are scaring the children (laughing and waving at them hardly suggests fear!), then you've not got a lot to worry about. The moment one of them becomes aggressive, though, there may be a problem. My hunch is that an entity pushing over a stack of papers was not an aggressive act so much as it was a demand for attention, but I can't tell you that for certain; if it made you uneasy, getting out of there was the right thing to do.


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