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The Very Beginning


In my dreams, I had two creatures that always present, in every dream, I felt them. However, they didn't limit themselves to my dreams. I'm being "haunted" by two things; I don't know what.

I was six when I first dreamt of them, at fourteen I started feeling them in real life. At sixteen, I started seeing them. Up until today, I still talk to them.

There are two creatures, which I named Kharon and Galen (Greek names).

I've never been scared of them, but I tread very lightly around Galen. He is a being who frightens me, he fed from my fear, and therefore he causes them. Kharon on the other hand, the best way to describe him is that he is a guardian angel.

I have never told anyone about this, I'm too afraid because it's absurd. I talk to them, and they talk back. They aren't just shadows or fragments of dreams; they are real as I am. Some people see them but the majority doesn't. I don't know what they are, but I'm not eager to find out.

Due to my PTSD and depression, I was told that I need psychological help; because I really needed help at that stage. I told the bare minimum to my psychologist who then told me I needed to keep a journal about my dreams (I left out the fact that I have two beings whom I talk to) and after a few sessions I told her about these beings. She said this isn't the first case she heard of it, so she advised me also record my actions with these beings. That's what I'm going to share; I'm going to share those journals.

To explain how they look is important, Kharon is tall with unnatural glowing green eyes. His voice is so similar to the wind, it's gentle and soft. He looks human, but not quite.

Galen is close to 7ft, if not taller; he's extremely slender. His body fades at the edges to shadow. His eyes are lifeless and red, not just the pupil the entire eye is red. Sometimes the red oozes, like tears. His teeth are shark-like, sharp. He always grins, it's sickening. His voice reminds me of nails against a blackboard. He very often sits by the foot of my bed, staring at me, sometimes giggling like a mad man. Kharon always stands by me when Galen is near.

Kharon likes corners, he enjoys striding in darkness. I once asked why he hates having a light on, and his response was the light hurts his eyes, and he cannot see with the light on. So that is the reason why he never "comes" out during the day. I still feel his close by but I cannot see him, not like I can see Galen; stalking around corners, hanging from the ceiling.

Galen often says in a singing tone "little flower, so pretty alive, so delicate and fragile. Soon to be mine."

The first time he said those words was when he crawled from my closet. I was so scared I couldn't cry, I couldn't scream; I just sat and watched as he crawled onto my bed. He sat on the foot of my bed, head cocked to the side looking at me like a child.

Kharon would stand by my door, looking at Galen; never looking me directly in the eye. Whenever Galen would move, Kharon would bark out some words which I have no knowledge off, but by the tone of his voice I know it's a warning.

I will keep posting under two titles: Dreams and Journal. Thank you for reading my experience.

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Ayumi_H (2 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-01)
Heyo, I just wanted to say, your story really struck home with me on this... I have a few entities that hang around me kind of like Kharon and Galen. I just wanted you to know that your not alone on this. I kind it really interesting that you have them there. I found your experience to be really interesting. There aren't many people I know who share a similar situation to myself.

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