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Ghost Haunting The Flat


I lived in a flat with my dad that was 450+ years old. The flat was always freezing cold with drafts no matter what the weather or with radiators on. There was a couple of occasions that I will never forget, firstly about 2 weeks after we moved in I was awake laid in bed texting my girlfriend when I heard footsteps walk down the hall and stop outside my door. I got up opened the door to see if it was my dad but it wasn't him as he was in the next room asleep snoring. I thought nothing of it so I went back to bed. With a towel over the top of the door drying I wedged the door shut, a few moments later out of the blue the door handle was grabbed and shook violently (no windows were open). A couple of months later me and my dad had a clean in the flat and put new bedding on the beds, I did my bed and went to the toilet when I came back the duvet was in the middle of the bed like someone grabbed it and put it in a ball in the middle of the bed, I went into my dad's room and said to him "what you done that to my bed for I've just done it?" he had no idea what I was talking about, he came into my room and stood there in pure shock and said "son,I've been in my room doing my bed I promise I haven't done that to you" at this point I'm a little freaked, I made my bed and closed the door. We lived in the town centre so we spent an hour out that night in the pub as we felt uncomfortable in the the flat. When we return my duvet was messed up again and when I stepped into the room again all I felt was a really bad energy I began to cry for no reason at all, I then felt someone watching me, I felt something on my shoulder. I had to walk out the flat to get to get some air, and above the door sat the original wooden beams of the building with "help me" gouged into the wood, it only just appeared as I have looked up and never seen it there before. My dad has moved out from there now but I still park in there to go to college as my college is right behind the flats, when I go in there I still feel unwanted and like something watches me wanting my out.

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RCRuskin (9 stories) (708 posts)
6 years ago (2016-11-17)
Hi. This is a scary-ish story. If the events happened to me, I'd certainly be unnerved at a minimum.

Question about the message: did you see it as it was being carved into the wood, or did you look at the beam and see it unblemished, looked away and then back and see the message?

I suspect it was the second thing, looking away and then back, which could indicate either the message was not there and then was, or that it was there all along from some earlier event and you only just noticed it.

Whichever way it was, I hope the person received the help needed.

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