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Recurring Presence In My Flat At Night


I am not a religious person, more scientifically orientated, but must remain open to possibilities, since I too have experienced something that has by now deeply rattled me and after searching online for explanations (never a satisfactory one) I have decided to share my experiences and see if anyone can offer any input.

It first happened around 8-9 years ago, but I didn't quite want to take it seriously. It always happens late at night, perhaps sometime in the very early morning. I've always been a very light sleeper and usually go to bed late (more of a night owl). So I was laying in my bed, trying to fall asleep and once I reached that plateau, just before falling asleep but not quite, I got disturbed by a Very uneasy and horrible feeling of someone standing at the door to my room and staring at me intently. It felt like pure and utter evil watching me. I don't frighten easily at all, but then and there fear took control over me in a way that I wasn't accustomed to (lack of control probably increased it). In short, the feeling was nothing like I'd ever experienced before. I tried to rationalize and calm myself down and kept saying "it's all in your head, you're sleep deprived, it's nonsense, don't be stupid", but all the while I felt like this 'presence' was very slowly, but gloatingly moving closer and closer to me, as if trying to get into me. I started chanting the same words with more focus, rationalizing and rebelling to the fear that this thing tried to instill in me and then it disappeared. In the morning, although I was quite disturbed, I just dismissed it as a bad dream and went on with my life until the next time it happened and it didn't happen to just me.

My friends came over one night and we had a small party, sure some drinking was involved, but not drastically. One of my friends decided to sleep over, to avoid driving that late. We both fell asleep in my living room, her at one side and me on the other side, and then I had the same exact feelings of some purely evil entity standing at the door and watching us both. The same fear-inducing, gloating malice like the first time. Again I struggled to keep control over myself in the darkness and decided I'll just ignore it and slap the 'entity' in the face by turning around and going to sleep. It seemed to have worked, however when I woke in the morning my friend looked quite disturbed and we both just mentioned that we had an awful night and then she said she's never going to sleep over at my place because she felt so afraid at night. She said she was afraid to fall asleep because she believed something enraged and evil was watching us. When she said that I was in complete shock. If it was a bad dream, can two people really share one? Or did we both really experience something what I up to that point thought was unfathomable. I told her I experienced the exact same thing and to this day, she doesn't want to stay over at my place because she believes it's being haunted by something. I however became more intrigued by these strange occurrences and obviously tried to search info online. I found that sleep paralysis may produce similar sensations to what we've experienced, but the thing is, I was never paralyzed, I could move freely.

Anyway, a few of such experiences occurred a few more times over the years, and then I moved abroad for 5 years, never experiencing anything like that until I came back home to my flat this year. The first night I slept in my bed this year was unusual and almost evolved. I was laying turned towards the wall, trying to sleep on my side, I left the door to my room open (it leads to my living room). Then it started again, slightly different this time. First it was just pure feeling that there is someone there in my living room, a presence, but it didn't feel evil... I have wooden floors everywhere and then I suddenly heard what I thought was a dog trotting across the living room towards my room (claws hitting off the wooden floor with each stride) as if it was running in front of something, or I felt as if its running towards me to warn me or protect me. I didn't dare turn around, I just hoped that if I ignore it all, it will just go away. But no, what totally freaked me out was that the trot didn't stop, the 'dog-entity' ran all the way to my bed then jumped and something landed right by my feed on my bed. It really felt like a dog had jumped onto my bed. My dog, who passed away, used to sleep at my feet, but he was massive, he couldn't really jump on (always needed to push him up) as he was fat and lazy, but this felt more like an energetic light pup. It felt almost as if it ran to me for cover or warning. And then the real deal started. Again I felt that evil presence approaching me but this time faster and with this anger/rage coming from it. I didn't want to move so I stayed on my side, back turned against the entity. My hairs stood up at my neck, got the goose-bumps and very eerie feeling as if the entity was literally breathing down the back of my neck and trying to elicit a fearful response from me or something... I don't know what it wanted, I just know it felt like it wanted something from me. I could barely hold myself together not to show my panic, so again I decided to play cool and phlegmatic and I shook my shoulder and waved with my hand in a shooing motion and said "go away, enough" out loud. And it did... It felt like some bitter victory in a weird power-struggle.

The last such event happened less than a week ago. Again, late at night, me turned towards the wall, casually trying to fall asleep and all of the sudden, the thing was there again, I didn't see it, I could only feel it, very strongly. I refused to turn around and opted for the usual tactic of ignoring and dismissing. This time I felt it was stronger and much angrier than before. It got really close to me, again as if breathing down the back of my neck and as if applying a very strong mental focus or intention onto my head. It felt as if it was trying really really hard to get inside my head, so much so that this time I heard a very unusual sort of buzzing (like a swarm of bees but more mechanical/electric, like mixed with a Tesla coil sound), as if some static charge or something like that was being emitted around the back of my neck and head. A very unpleasant and unusual experience. This was by far the worst of them all. This was the first time I physically felt something was trying to manipulate me, get inside of me. This time I decided to react and not ignore, so I swiftly and angrily sat up and turned on the light. But there was nothing there, absolutely nothing... It left me sleepless for nights, I was never afraid of the dark, but this time, these experiences have started to freak me out a bit, because I wish I could find out what all of this was and what it wants from me.

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Kaliope (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-17)
Hi Rook and Tweed,

Firstly many thanks for reading my story and offering advice/help!

Now to respond to Rook's questions:
1.The history and description of the flat. Well I call it a flat, but I should've been more precise I suppose, sorry. The property used to belong to my grandparents, but my grandma pretty much lived there alone, because my grandad was travelling around a lot. They acquired this house, when my grandpa finally changed jobs to a 'stationary' one and the company he was working for built this whole neighbourhood of attached houses for its workers. So they bought and moved into it practically when it was first built (I think in the 70s) - so first owners. I don't know what the whole property was before they started developing the area. I never knew my grandad, because he died too early, very soon after they bought the house. My gran passed away over 15 years ago. By my dad's accounts he was the gentlest and honourable person (Navy captain), so I can't imagine he would haunt me in such an unpleasant way.

3. Yes it only ever occured in this house, which I've known and visited, stayed over, practically weekly since birth, but it only started happening a year or two after I moved into the house. I told my parents about these experiences and my dad only ever jokingly said that my gran used to often complain that someone was moving her stuff around, even though she lived alone. I haven't noticed things being moved, but who knows, maybe I didn't even pay attention to it much.

Maybe I should mention that I also had a younger brother who committed suicide over 10 years ago, but not in this house and I feel like I would know or sense if it was him visiting me, even if it was an angry version of him. It doesn't feel like anyone familiar at all. Besides if he was trying to communicate with me, why would he haunt my friend whom he's never met, as I only met her after he's passed... But what do I know, I might be wrong. It's just hard to imagine he'd be emmitting such evil/rage and would gloat at my fear.

I haven't noticed any particular pattern as of yet, as in how often or the time-span between these visits. But maybe I should really keep a journal of it from now on. Thanks for that advice!

I must admit, even though it freaks me out, that a part of me is curious to know who/what this is and get to the bottom of it.

And Tweed, thanks for letting me know that other people also experience unusual noises and that I haven't just imagined it!

With gratitude,

Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-17)
Hi Kaliope,

Thanks for sharing this and I'm sorry you're learning about ghosts because of such negativity. That really sucks.

Rook has given you great advice and I want to let you know that his cleansing/shielding method has been used by many people here, myself included. It's a great place to start.

Also wanted to let you know that I have experienced that strange noise you described. Or something similar, if not the same. A few others have had similar experiences with overwhelming horrible noises too. I don't have any insight into the noise, but wanted you to know you're not alone in that.

Dog entities are great, no matter who the dog is. They are just brilliant at keeping the peace. I'm glad you had one with you that night.

Rook's so right, your reaction to this has been perfect, you could not have done it better! When people tell something like this to 'go away' etc it seems to break some kind of hold they have over us. In that moment at least. It's important to stand your ground.

Please keep us posted and take care.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-16)

Welocome and well met. Thank you for sharing these experiences with us. Lets cut to the chase... Some questions and my opinions follow...

First: Did these experiences begin just after moving into your flat or had you lived there for some time before they began? (This answer may help determine the 'source' of these experiences.

Second: Confirmation is a good thing, I'm sorry your friend cannot stay at your flat, but at least you know its not 'all in your head'.

Thrid: Did I uderstand things right... All of these experiences have happened in the SAME FLAT... This has not followed you around?

Fourth: The 'dog' may have been your old pet 'manifesting' as a younger version of itself in an attempt to warn or protect you. Or maybe even another type of protective spirit just doing what comes naturaly to it.

Fifth: Your reaction has been PERFECT... By controling your fear you have not 'fed' this spirit, entity, ghost... Call it what you will. At the same time you have angered it, all of these actions, including the timing of these experiences, give us 'hints' as to what it may be.

Sixth: My Opinion as to what may be happening...

IF these experinces began soon after you moving into the flat then I feel there is a former owner that has not crossed over... That does not like anyones presence in what HE considers HIS home (something about the way you describe the feelings you get makes me think this spirit is male).

IF these experiences started long after you moving in then I can think of one or two reasons for that... A purchase (something old) or a gift that you brought home had a spirit attached OR if you began any renovations to the home, these may have disturbed this former resident.

This spirit (I feel) is a Ghost (spirit of a former living human) and HE needs time to 'build up energy' so that you feel the things you do... Have you noticed a 'pattern' in the timing of these experiences... Are they evenly spaced apart... Not counting your time abroad... Do tey happen every two weeks... Every 3 something like that? Consider begining a Journal... Keep track of these experiences... Look for a pattern...

Time for some research into the Property... How old is the Flat, former owners, history of the area... IF its not related to the Flat itself then you will want to research any history of items purchased just before these experiences,clocks, mirrors, music boxes, dolls and jewlery are the first things that come to mind.

Whats more... Keep up your strong attitude, DO NOT give in to the fear this spirit is trying to generate... If you really feel the need to be more proactive than doing the research please check my profile, there you will find a Cleansing and Shielding Method I have developed of the years. Feel free to use it.

Oh and please feel free to ask any questions you may have.



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