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On the weekend of the 14th of January the kids and I moved out of the house and back in to the flat (the same flat we had lived when they were still babies, and where my grandfather had manifested and terrorised my mother about 2 years ago)

The first night there Tim and Elaine slept over (they had helped me move), so my kids slept in my room with me. From the second night that I've been sleeping in my room alone I've been very aware of a presence. What freaks me out is that I have not felt either of my grans or Charlie since the move.

The presence is not negative per se, however it WANTS to be noticed. The first night I was sitting watching a series until late. I leave the bedroom door open so the kids can get to the toilet at night. As I sat watching I distinctly heard the sound of a teaspoon dropping in to an empty coffee mug. No doubt what the sound was. It came from the kitchen. The kids were fast asleep, so I got up and checked. No mugs on the counter, no spoons out of place.

I can't go to sleep with the lights off (considering I slept like a baby when the house was pitch black it's alarming), I constantly feel like someone is watching me from the closet. Incidentally that's exactly where my grandfather used to hover when he was pestering my mom. But he was banished, so I know it wasn't him.

This morning (24 January 2017) I was busy brushing my teeth. Bent over the basin I had my back to the door. I heard the sound of someone squeezing in between the door and the bath. The shower curtain made a noise as someone brushed against it and I immediately felt someone right behind me. I jolted upright and looked around, nothing there. I hyperventilated for a few seconds and then bent back over to finish when someone breathed directly in to my left ear. I left the bathroom as quickly as I could. While I was sitting at my dressing table doing my make-up I saw my one closet door edging open, until it caught on the latch. I heard the door connect with it.

My friend, Peter came to visit on Thursday evening. We had been talking and he wanted to go for a smoke. So we went outside, to the front yard. He walked out ahead of me, headed to the front gate. I stopped by the kitchen door. Outside lights are still not fixed after lightning struck the house in December, so it was quite dark. But I could see him in the glow of the street light. I watched him checking his phone, and he was standing there talking. I was quite amused because I knew he wasn't talking to me, I figured he must be talking to the phone. And then he looked up, before quickly looking to his left where I was standing. I was about 6m away from him to his left. He looks at me and he asks if I've been there the whole time. I said yes, I hadn't moved. He says it's impossible, he could see me standing right in front of him as he looked over his phone. He could see a woman's bare legs inches in front of him and as he thought it was me he was talking to. I said no, it definitely wasn't me. He left less than 30 minutes later, he was really freaked out.

Friday night another friend stopped by. This time we went to the back yard when he wanted to smoke, I still had the previous night fresh in my mind. The lady in the house (the new tenant) switched the back yard lights off by accident. So it was dark. I didn't notice anything, but at some point my friend said to me he is sure he saw a woman standing in the back yard by the jungle gym, watching us.

I can't get past the feeling that things are going to get worse, for the first time in a long time I am really afraid of a presence. I have had mental flashes of lying in bed and being grabbed and pulled off the bed. Could be paranoia, could be a warning. Either way I am really afraid.

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PunkysMama (4 stories) (62 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-08)
Hello triden07!

When I first found YGS years ago yours were one of the first stories I came across and I was fascinated. Came back to the site a bit later and forgot your username and then recently (within the last week) found you again. I have spent the last few days reading ALL of your stories.


I used to be very sensitive in my mid-teens to early 20's and now it's mostly gone. I never liked it before and now that my sensitivity has waned tremendously I miss it. LOL That's life. 😕

Anyway - thank you for sharing all of your experiences with us! I look forward to more.
triden07 (70 stories) (279 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-03)
Hi Guys
Thank you so much for your responses. The boys can't sleep without a night light (where they also preferred the dark in the house). Troubling for me is that T started asking for this from the first night they had to sleep in their room alone. H is the one who sees Adam often, though T has seen him and once played with him as well. But T has never been afraid of the dark. Now some would say it is due to him having to adjust to his new surroundings, but my gut tells me it's something else.

I can still get in to the house, luckily, the flat is so small that I can't keep my freezer (its a big chest freezer) in the flat, so the tenants said I can leave it in the house and just come and get meat as we need it. I've been thinking about going and calling to my ghosties since the incident last week, so I'll make a plan this weekend to do that.

The few times I have been in the house to get to the freezer the atmosphere in the house has been different. Not warm and inviting as it used to be when we were there. I think Adam is very confused, poor little guy must not have a clue why we aren't there anymore.

I asked Tim for help, but he has shied away from his gift, he refuses to get involved. So I am kind of on my own in this. But its fine, I can handle it.

Rook, I'm going to do your cleansing before this escalates (my gut tells me this was only the beginning). I will keep you guys posted
KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-02)
Hmmm triden07! I feel so terrible for you! Sometimes, when you're scared of something it feels like this huge weight that you cannot get rid of! Fortunately, we are on Everyone on this site knows how awful it is when you have this kind of situation in front of you.

Rook has been dealing with this kind of thing for a while, and his cleansing method is recommended.
My Sister-in-Law from Prague used to use the same method. I could not understand why, when I would visit her flat at night, it would have an atmosphere of comfort, love and safety, BUT when I went to the flat on my own, I would hear things and experience footsteps and lights turning off-and-on on their own! I think, that is why the Readers suggested you invite the people who experienced this WITH you to do the cleansing and shielding method WITH you.

Remember that our mind, emotions and belief system goes a long way, too. If you think something can beat you, you give it that unconditional handout. Like a bully that will bully a child, until, the day that the child rejects his notion. I am not saying that you should not think with your wits and be on your toes, Just, that your body, soul and mind is your own! Nobody has the right to ill-treat you in any way - including: burden, sadden or bulldoze you. Keep this in your thoughts and prayers!

According to an article I read once on the net, areas and landmarks which are busy or have a lot of energy are more well known to experience ghostly or paranormal activity. That - coupled with the fact that in the old days witches could not be buried on sacred ground because of their affiliation and they would / ask to / be buried near such sites ie. Where lightning has struck, where a lot of electricity resides like near a train station, or near roads because of the many people who drove those roads and their energy. If there is any truth to this theory, I am not surprised if you have encountered more then one ghost or activity close to your house. Although, I have never fully understood this concept or seen it at work so I cannot grant on its plausibility.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-02)

Thanks for sharing.

The time to do something concerning this is sooner, not later. A Cleansing/Shielding (use anyone of your choice, it's your comfort level that is important) could go a long way towards keeping things from escalating or getting rid of them totally. They could also help determine just 'what' kind of spirit (s) may be Haunting the Flat.

Please keep us posted.


valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-02-02)
Have you tried Rook's cleansing and shielding method? It's on his profile. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention.
Do you still have access to the house? If so you might try going and inviting gran and Charlie (maybe Adam too?) to come be with you. If you no longer do, you could just sit outside the house (in the street even) and do it.
Do the boys have negative feelings towards the flat? You are all still very much in my prayers.
bluemer04 (1 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-02)
This is alarming. Well I can say that somehow you are used to these kind of events however if you feel uncomfortable this is really something. Have you asked your friends? Hope everything goes well.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-02)
Hi Triden

I am new to this site, although I have been reading people's experiences for a number of years. I believe I have read all of yours and enjoyed every one of them.
By the way, I am also South African, currently living in Gauteng.
Perhaps Charlie and the grans are a little bit confused about why you moved out of the house? I don't doubt that they will catch up with you sooner rather than later. What does Tim say?
Regards, Melda

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