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Creepy Night- Our Visitor


We live in Cairns Australia and this happened 08/DEC/2016

This morning I woke up and told my partner that I'd had the weirdest dream last night that there was something in the house. But I never went into detail with him.

[I call it a dream because I wasn't panicking or terrified, but it wasn't pleasant] I have never had a dream like this. I couldn't escape this dream, I knew I was dreaming. It was strange, like I was hyper-aware of this fact but I couldn't escape it- I couldn't wake up, couldn't even change the dream. Normally I sort of bounce between dreams (if that makes sense.)

In addition, while knowing that there was something unfriendly in the house, the dream was strangely empty - as if I was in some computer-generated version on our house-, the basics were there but no details.

My partner got very quiet and said "funny you should say that, because I got woken by *my daughter* trying to climb into bed. I sat up to take her back to her bed and realised it wasn't her. She was too tall and had long hair but it was a little girl holding something. I told you to turn the light on and then she was gone"

It's not my first experience with a spirit and I've had good, heartbreaking and scary experiences and I normally go with my gut feeling in these situations, but whenever I think about it, I feel a sinking feeling as if I am missing something and it is important, but overall it's not a good feeling.

My normal reaction to encountering another being is to firstly acknowledge their presence and then let them know that while I'm aware that they are there, I will act if they are not and I get on with things as normal. I just don't know if that's the right path this time an was looking for some advice?

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1088 posts)
6 years ago (2016-12-17)
Greetings, SarahMaree, and Welcome to YGS.

First, an explanation of my starting point, then to specifics. When I dream, I have no idea I'm dreaming. My dreams have always been in color (I know this because I had one dream about stage-managing/producing the musical "Showboat;" everyone/everything was in black & white, but yellow was still visible and red objects looked like they'd been painted over in watercolor, like old postcards. The surprising thing -to me- was that everything else *lacked* color). The dreams I remember either wake me up, or occur immediately before I wake. I don't hear in my dreams -everyone seems to have instant telepathy- and my sense of taste/smell is absent, too. About 50% of my dreams are in the 3rd person (I'm watching me or someone else as the 'clown' happens). However, when I am asleep but having a metacognitive (usually precognitive) experience, I am aware of the fact that what I am experiencing is not a dream; I try to remember as much as possible so I'll recall it when I wake. One obvious clue to my metacognitive experiences is that I don't need my glasses to see because everything is in crystal-clear focus all the way to the horizon, even in the periphery of my vision.

As with your "computer-generated" version of your home, the blank canvas calls attention to itself. Our brains process billions of pieces of information per minute by filtering out the distractions. When your brain does not have to perform that normal function, if there is a hyper-awareness of the lack of information. Think of walking around outside when the background noises all stop at the same moment; you pause, too. This can be unsettling, or it can be dismissed after a moment as an odd, but harmless occurrence. Bearing this example of an odd situation in mind, I'd like to examine your statement "knowing that there was something unfriendly in the house," from two points of view, starting with Augusta's speculation that you and your partner experienced different aspects of the same phenomenon.

Were you dreaming from someone else's point of view, such as the frightened clown's perspective? If so, was she lost/abandoned/worried, or was there someone specific whom she feared? She sought comfort from your partner; was he surprised or was he frightened in his dream by her *not* being his daughter? In both cases, if you were unsettled but NOT frightened, then I'll go ahead with fully endorsing Augusta's recommendation for moving her along. Tell her you're glad she visited with you and made herself known, but that you're willing to help her move toward the light, where everyone else has gone. If Augusta's correct, then she may be a little reluctant to go and will need some encouragement.

On the other hand, if either of you experienced direct or vicarious terror, there may be a more dangerous aspect to your experience. Please let us know which of the two scenarios is more accurate and -barring complications- if the clown has moved on.

AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2016-12-16)
I have the same questions as Tweed. Your dream sounds very much like the sensation I had when I walked through 'my' house (I say mine because I grew up there but technically it belonged to my clown) after it had been packed up and repainted. I hadn't been a part of the process so the last time I closed that door behind me, the house had been normal... Just as it had always been... And now, EVERYTHING was gone down to the paint and wallpaper that I had picked out when we first moved in... Even the beautiful murals on my bedroom walls. It was so deeply unsettling... I wish I had never gone back - I wound up sitting in my bedroom closet (because it was the only thing that hadn't changed) balling my eyes out. I wonder if that very feeling isn't exactly the problem. Perhaps the little clown once lived in the house - whether or not she actually died there - but the last time she saw it, it looked like *her* house and now... Everything is gone and everything is different and she can't understand why - your dream might have been caused by your tuning into her feeling. Your dream reads to me very much like what I would imagine the experience of a lost clown trapped (for whatever reason) in a place to be. I think she may have been reaching out for help that night. You got her emotions and she appeared to your partner - maybe something about him lead her to feel comfortable with him... Something may have looked or seemed familiar about him - a resemblance maybe or even a smell... It could have been something that she simply perceived from wishing to see it so badly. My advice would be a gentle cleansing to help her cross over. Granted, I might be way off base with my interpretation but that's how the pieces fit to me and a cleansing couldn't hurt:-)
Tweed (31 stories) (2390 posts)
6 years ago (2016-12-16)
Hi SarahMaree,

Quite an odd set of events. How long have you been there? Do you cleanse your home?

Thanks for sharing. Don't have any advice at the moment, just questions. 😊
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
6 years ago (2016-12-15)

Welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing
Very interesting experience.

I kind of understand what your saying. I dream every night but sometimes
There will be a dream that I have that is "different". Its hard to put into words but I'm sure you understand what I mean.
At this point I think the way you have acted is a good path and seems to work for you. The only advice I could offer is this.
If you feel there is something in the house with you then I think it would be important to verbally let it know that its your house and you are in charge. Only you can decide if it is a good or bad clown, clown, or whatever. Being in charge is what's important. I think you have to trust your instinct as to whether you demand it to leave.
I say demand because if you want it gone, don't ask, tell.
I think a lot of folks would be surprised at how often just telling a clown to leave actually works.
Wish I could offer you more but please keep checking back and keep us updated on how this progresses.

Good luck and best wishes

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