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The Dead Drunk Man


It was a stormy night and I was going home from a friend of mine at about 10PM and I was stopping to take pictures of the lightnings and to smoke a cigarette.

I was looking around myself if somebody was coming since I was 14 years old and people who would see me smoking would tell that to my parents.

Nobody was coming so I smoked one, at about half cigarette I suddenly saw a man about 3 meters away from me coming my way I was throwing away the cigarette and the guy said "don't worry boy I won't tell that to nobody" so picked up the smoke and started to make my way home with the company of that man.

We were talking about many things on the way we walked together and I noticed that he was a drunk man since he was smelling

Like alcohol and sweat.

On the last 50 meters on our way together he started to telling me weird things like "why is it so late" and "I wish I could turn back time to never make this mistakes I have made" his voice sounded like he will start to cry in a second.

We finally came to the crossroad where I was going left and he was going strait ahead I felt sorry for that guy and that sudden feeling of sadness came over me I turned around to see where he was going and he wasn't there. It was impossible for him to walk or run that fast that I would loss his sight, after a minute I didn't bother anymore so I walked home.

When I came home I asked my father about that weird drunk guy and described his look (I didn't mention it before he was wearing a red cap, jeans and a jeans' jacket he had a mustache and a bit longer hair) and he told me that he had past away a few weeks before and he doesn't know his real name but every one used to call him Pep.

I walked the same road many times after that but Pep never joined me on the way to the crossroad again.

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Pink496 (guest)
6 years ago (2018-07-11)
This made my hear smile great experience
All the best to you:)
toosexysof (4 stories) (18 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-18)
Hi, smigo95!

Very interesting. I've had a similar experience to you. It's just that the apparition didn't talk to me. There are times that we get to interact with wandering spirits and would just found out later what it really was. I guess we're lucky the ones we encountered wasn't malevolent.

elnoraemily (guest)
7 years ago (2017-01-18)
This made me smile. I'm not sure if you see it as a positive experience, but I find it quite sweet that he just wanted to walk with you.

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