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Traumatic Out Of Body Experience


This is a story of mine about an out of body experience that my grandfather had while I was sleeping over. For those of you who don't know what an out of body experience is I'll give you a short brief sentence on generally what it is. It's when your spirit leaves your human body, often floating, and often occurs when relaxing or sleeping. Sorry if my explanation sucks I kind of suck at explaining things.

Now it wasn't me who had a out of body experience but my grandfather. However I was sleeping over when it happened. Also my grandfather comes from Trinidad and has seen many unexplainable paranormal things, and he also never lies. He's the most serious person I've ever met but considering the upbringing he had and the things he has seen I do not blame him. Now I,ll start my story no more beating around the bush.

So I was sleeping in my aunts room when I heard my grandfather screaming ''JASMINE, HELP, JASMINE'' Honestly my grandfather is super weird so I figured whatever it was he was probably ok and went back to bed. Also I was half asleep and wasn't sure if I really heard him calling me for help so I said to myself I'll wait to see if he calls again. I know I should of probably got up and checked right away but it really creeped me out. That morning I woke up and went to the kitchen and found my grandfather sitting at the table. I asked him if he called my name last night and if he did why. His response will forever give me the chills. He told me he was having an out of body experience (which has happened to him before, and even my mother) but that this time it wasn't like the others. He went on to explain that he woke up floating towards the ceiling and saw himself sleeping in the bed. He said as he was floating he felt an overwhelming feeling of uneasiness and that someone was watching him. He told me something was urging him back to his body. So he did. When he did he woke up immediately and that's when he began to yell for me. When he opened his eyes he saw the spirit of a man staring at him through his second floor window. Yes second floor. No balcony. Second story drop to the ground. And he told me the look in the spirits eyes was cold. He said right away he knew why he felt so uneasy and why he felt an urge to go back to his body. He believes that that spirit was there because my grandfather had left his body and his body was vulnerable to the spirit. I'll never forget how scared I felt after hearing his story. Never slept over there again.

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4 years ago (2020-06-16)
Hello Jasmine08. That was an interesting experience you shared with us. It is believed that when a soul is close to leaving it's physical body, other spirits and the grim reaper lie in wait, which could explain the entity your grand-dad saw.
svvar (4 stories) (22 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-22)
Good read. Good thing he came back right on time... Thanks for sharing!

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