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Demon Is Hiding In My Brothers Body?!


Some weird stuff has been going on and I need some input as to what it could be.

I live in New Zealand and there isn't really anything weird or airy in New Zealand so spirits and demons aren't really talked about here I guess and I've told a couple people about these few odd experiences I've had and they have all told me I was dreaming this but I know its real so here I go...

My first odd experience happened on 23rd of December 2017. I was at my aunt's place and I had just come back from seeing my brother at his grave, I was feeling really awful and upset, so I decided to head off to bed early to try sleep off some of the pain I felt. I woke up at 2:26 am according to my phone and I was really thirsty so I got up and got a glass of water and while staring out of the window above the sink, I saw what looked like a young man standing out on the porch just looking out onto the front yard. I was in so much shock I dropped my glass into the sink and it made a loud crashing sound. I looked at the doorway hoping my aunt or mum wasn't going to come out to beat my a** for making so much noise seeing as it was probably 2:30 am at this point.

I stayed silent for another couple seconds and to my luck none of them came out so I reluctantly looked out the window again to find my dead brother staring at me through the glass window with a smile on his face but it wasn't a friendly smile, it felt dark and evil and he looked terrifying, his eyes were open fully, he had his head tilted, and an evil smile on his face. Tears started to well up and I could feel my heart start to the race, I ran to my mum's room and slept with her because I was too scared to sleep by myself after seeing that.

I need help as to what this could be because it looked like my brother but it just wasn't him. My brother has such a sweet energy and he would never look at me the way he did when I saw him through the window. I know what I saw was real. This may sound stupid but is it possible a demon is wearing my brother's body to haunt me?

Please help!

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brenttan (64 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-20)
Rest assured what you saw WAS NOT your brother. Demons are good at taking on certain forms/any forms to impersonate someone. In this case your brother's appearance. It had nothing to do with 'wearing your brother's body'. Rest assured. And pray.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-04-10)
elhat1 - Do your mum and aunt live together? You said your aunt's house but then you talked about your mum's room. Just trying to get the facts straight in my head.
Fariya (7 stories) (52 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-10)
Never ever believe that it is your brother, because it is NOT. It is just some evil spirit or maybe demon trying to impersonate itself as your brother to get a place in your family or in your home. Its only purpose is to trick you into thinking that its actually your brother and to trick you into letting him in. Its not even your brothers body, its just a shape that evil entity has used to fool you. Theres nothing of your brother in it, because his body is resting in the grave and his soul has already passed on to another dimension. Evil entitites feed on fear and sadness. It tied tricking you beacuse you were sad that day. Stay strong and never believe in such things.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-01)
It seems as though a few stories may have popped up belatedly again... Or I skipped a big hunk there at the beginning of the month.

Given that you went to bed in your own bed and woke up in your mother's...something was going on that night. Have you ever sleep walked? You may not know yourself but ask your parents too. Even if you have never sleep walked before, it doesn't mean that the agitated emotional state in which you went to bed couldn't have evoked a one-off sleep walking experience. I say this because this encounter sounds to me like a dream born of your upset and grief. As the surviving sibling, a bit of survivor's grief could be mixed in there too. I just can't fathom why your brother would come back in such a way otherwise.

As to the demon theory... Demons are present in New Zealand culture. The Maori people have an extensive tradition of cultural mythology that includes evil spirits, etc (āori_mythology). The Haka, for example, is a well known ritual that involves frightening off evil spirits. In addition, the topic of demons and possessions seems to have been in the news there fairly recently as of 2016 ( So it would seem that New Zealand too has its demons.

Sleep walking grief-driven episode or demon interference? I'm not sure. It would seem that both are possible. Perhaps you might consider keeping a journal both to record any and all paranormal experiences that occur and to put down your feelings about your brother and his passing- putting things down in words can help the mind to work things out and move beyond them. In the meantime, try taking up something new - perhaps researching and exploring local native culture, you may find information there that could help you in this situation. Either way, a new and engaging pursuit will help get your mind off of things and raise your spirits - keeping yourself happy and strong will do you good and, if this is an evil spirit situation, not give it anything it can use 😉

Good luck and keep us posted ❤

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