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A Full Body Apparition


Sorry for the English mistakes.

Few months ago, I had the most the most terrifying experience in my life. It all started as a normal Friday night out. I went with my cousin and a friend out in town at a pub to meet with other friends. It was 2 am and we didn't like the music at all so we decided to leave the pub. We live in a small town so nothing else was open, so we decided to get in the car and drive randomly on streets listening to music... When suddenly something got our attention.

In front of an old cinema there was a huge bush moving in slow motion surrounded by many dogs and all of them had their attention fixed on that bush. My cousin said that there is something creepy going on in that bush, because of the movement of it when suddenly something from inside scared all the dogs. I was trying to convince my cousin that maybe it was a cat, and in that moment we left talking about the weird incident.

We were driving a street far away from that bush on a steep road that at the end of it would take us to another street, and exactly after we left the bush, exactly a street after the bush incident, when we were going down the steep road at the end of it, at the first house on the new street, on the stairs of the house there was this blonde and very pale girl sitting there with her hands on her lap... And we all had the same reaction in the same time that sounded like: man! What the hell is that?! And my cousin started screaming like a baby that she doesn't look alive and that we need to leave.

This girl was sitting at 2 and a half in the night in cold winter with a little black dress with no jacket and no shoes and wearing a black veil on her head. But but scared us was her eyes, they looked like she had two big black holes instead of eyes. We put the headlights in her face and did not even move a cm. She wasn't even shaking cause it was cold... She had no reaction, it was like looking at a doll.

In that moment we got out of there because I started screaming and wanted to throwup because of her presence. We had to stop at the traffic light, which was 5 houses away from that girl and we meet with a friend that was waiting at the red light too. We told him what happened to us, and showed him the girl sitting on the stairs from the distance. Our friend said that he wants to drive back to look at her face too and after we will meet on the opposite street.

After the light got green, we left in our way and our friend to see the girl and after 3 minutes, we meet... We all got terrified when our friend told us that she was gone. I can never forget those black eyes... And that pale skin... Even today... Call me insane but I still think that she was in that bush.

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lexi-loo (1 stories) (175 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-07)
im not to sure about this one, what position was the house because by the sounds of it if you shined the head lights on her wouldn't you have to be positioned driving straight towards the house like head on... If the lights where reflecting on something else maybe a shadow has made the girls eyes seem black, or you say she was sitting on steps of a house with no jacket... Maybe this was her house and may explain why she was gone when your friend drove up to see her, this is all I can really think of in the non paranormal sense?
mustafa (9 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-10)
If that is true then that what is called black-eyed people,it's very rare but I've read some story about it, many of them see them only once and never see them
Again,and usual outside, not like"ghost" who people say that they saw them repeatedly

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