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The Knocks


During one hot Saturday morning, my mom decided that she wanted to go to our hot springs resort so she brought my older sister, a maid and I with her. While there, my sister and I had a huge argument. I was so angry that I left and took a shower in my brother's room. My brother's room has two doors. One connecting to the living room and the other one to the bathroom. The bathroom has two doors also - one connecting to the living room and to my brother's bedroom.

While taking a shower, I heard a knock from the door of my brother's bedroom so I turned off the shower and I said out loud. "who is there?" And no one answered. I thought maybe it was just my imagination so I let it go. I turned on the shower again and then after a few minutes, I heard a knock again and this time it was loud. I turned off the shower again and again I asked "who is there?" and again no one answered. At this point, I was getting angry - thinking that it was my sister who was doing the knocking. I opened the door to my brother's room and there was no one there. I closed the door again and turned the shower on.

After 5 minutes or so, I heard several knocks but this time it was very loud and clear and felt whoever was outside had to use the cr badly. I ran to the door with wet hair and shampoo and about to scream whoever was in my brother's bedroom but no one was there. I grabbed my robe and ran to the swimming pool cursing and yelling and when I saw my sister at the pool, I screamed at her. She looked quite shocked. Our mom who heard everything, approached me told me to calm down. I told her - how can I calm down, when sis here kept knocking at the door! It is not funny! I am trying to take a shower! She should be more mature! I looked at my sister and she said, "I was here all the time, swimming". And I called her a liar and she said, "no really, I was here all time. Right mom?". My mom said, "yes that is correct". She was here the whole time. And I said still fuming mad: well I heard knocks! Loud knocks and it's not funny.

My mom then decided to look at my brother's room. She told my sister to get out of the pool and we both accompanied our mom to the living room and she quietly said, "if M got out of the pool, she would have wet footprints inside your brother's room, in the living room, all the way to the swimming pool area, there would be water around this area but there is none so it couldn't be her". She does have a point. It would take my sister maybe 5 minutes to run back and forth from the bedroom to the swimming pool and there would be water splattered all over the floor.

After that, my sister finally said sorry. I was spooked. We all were. But it didn't stop there.

Throughout the years there were stories from tenants that they would hear knocks on the second floor of the other house at 3am. Dogs barking in the living room at 2am. A white lady looking out of the 2nd hall balcony. Footsteps on the stairs. A little boy staring at my sister while she was sleeping...

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lady-glow (13 stories) (2924 posts)
5 years ago (2017-06-23)
Did these events happen before or after your previous experience?

I don't understand why your sister had to apologise, was it because of the argument you both had before or because she was not the one knocking on the bathroom door?😕

Anyway, I hope you had a good time after that incident.

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