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The Little Boy With No Hair


My dad has Two articles on this site, 'the Black Dog Of Arrochsr' and 'my other mum and dad' which features me and my weirdness as a child. These articles have inspired me to recall and retell some of my own paranormal memories as from a very young age and even to now at 25 and married. I have a lot of them.

One particularly chilling story I remember was the day my mum had taken me to her friends mums house to visit in Stevenson, Scotland. I would have been around 4 or 5 or younger. Her friend and her friends mother were there.

After a while I had asked my mum to go to take me to the toilet.

My mum and me went hand and hand upstairs to the bathroom, which was a sharp right as soon as you reached the top of the stairs. According to my mum I stopped, looked left down the hall and just stared.

'Toilets in there' my mum said, pointing in the opposite direction.

'Mum, that wee boy' I said and kept staring down the hallway to a bedroom with its door wide open.

'What wee boy?' my mum said confused but very used to this sort of weirdness at the time.

'The wee boy in that room, he has no hair. Why doesn't he have hair?' I kept staring.

My mum was weirded out and just passed it off, took me into the bathroom and never asked any more about it.

When we got downstairs to the living room again my mum began to tell her friend and her friends mum about what I had just said. They both paused and drained In colour. The mother of my mums friend explained that that was the room that a little boy had died in just before they moved in to the family home. They were especially freaked out because that little boy had died of cancer -'why has the little boy got no hair mummy'. It still gives me chills to this day. And I don't ever remember being invited back to that house.

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CatsInBlackDresses (3 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-23)
Thank you for your comment Lady-Glow. As I remember it, I believe I only seen or sensed a boy like I was seeing the past sort of. He never acknowledged me in any sort of way but I just remember a mental image still in my mind today of him cross legged on the bed. As a child it bothered and concerned me although I never truely understood. Very sad. I'm fact I spoke to a lady yesterday who is my hair dresser and lives close to where this happened and she actually remembered the little boy as we got chatting about it. X
lady-glow (16 stories) (3161 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-23)
Welcome to YGS.

This is such an interesting story. It makes me wonder if the little boy wasn't aware of his passing and if your mother's friends had noticed any paranormal activity in the house.

Do you remember if he seemed to acknowledge your presence or if he tried to communicate with you?
I hope he was able to move on and isn't stuck sharing the house with people who are afraid of him.

Looking forward to read more of your experiences. ❤

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