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Butt Squeezing, Arm Squeezing And Hair Yanking


I went to Tombstone, Arizona about 2 weeks ago. It was my first paranormal trip ever. I went with my father and his girlfriend. Our main event was the birdcage experience. Our tour started at 6:15 pm, and I was nervous as all hell. My heart dropped repeatedly when inside. The stories were what made me scared the most. Anyways, after we began and the tour guide finished her first part of her story, we went to the main room - where all the artifacts are. While the tour guide was talking, mostly everyone besides my dad, his girlfriend and myself were all standing near her. And as scared as I was, I happened to be standing nowhere near my family. A few minutes passed and I was still standing by myself, I then felt my butt get squeezed aggressively - at first I tried debunking it as my phone moving in my pocket but it was too aggressive to be that. I freaked out and went by my dad. As we were walking downstairs to the poker room, I felt something grab my arm extremely aggressive, I again freaked out and stood by my dad.

Finally, when the actual ghost 'hunt' began, I felt my hair being yanked a few times. I almost forgot one of the main things - as we were sitting in the circle, and before the tour guide turned off the lights, one of the electromagnetic devices went off, and as we saw that and asked the spirits, who it was; the lights flickered intensively. Those were pretty much the main things I saw/felt. I did hear a few things such as - a dog whimpering, or sniffling and aggressive tappings near the hearse which is said to be a spot where a little boy plays. I tried debunking it as paranoia since I was really nervous, but who really knows?

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Cuddlebear (4 stories) (173 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-13)
I visited Tombstone many years ago, before it became a Haunted Location, then it was just the site of the famous shootout. I was 14 or so, so it was in the mid 1970's. I had a mug of sarsaparilla in the Birdcage.

Your visit sounds a lot creepier than mine. Hope you had good time.

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