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I can often pick up on the presence of souls and their emotions are often projected onto me.

I have been living in my apartment now for a year and had an incredibly bad feeling about a particular corner in my closet, My cat often goes crazy by this corner, even with the doors open and looking right at it I have heard huge thumps coming from the closet.

I get the sense this spirit is scared, lonely and jealous, at times I have felt I am in danger. My husband had been having incredibly vivid dreams, waking up and talking to me and not remembering (I know many of you are thinking easily explainable but please trust my instinct as much as I do). He has woken up almost every other night "protecting me" begging for me not to be taken, this stopped after having us moved to the spare room, started again when moving back in to our main room.

I have also repeatedly felt this soul's emotions overcome myself and my husband.

My Mother also has this ability and after entering my apartment found the same issue with exaclty the same closet, on the same shelf in the same corner.

My husband can feel and see souls but often ignores this skill or any signs of them.

After my Mother confirmed the existence too, I didn't feel so crazy and am now sure my apartment is "haunted", for a lack of a better word. Since then I have communicated with it. My mother and I felt it move around the room, into certain areas.

I am now quite sure that this soul was murdered. Before thinking it was a man I thought perhaps it wasn't a pure soul and was afraid to move on, but the soul wasn't quite agreeing with that.

I had an incredibly vivid dream (only happens when seeing pieces of the future or important messages) of this soul in child form, being aggressive and pushed back by me (as I have done many time) but this time in a physical form.

I have felt the amount of anger lessen since conversing and thought it was getting better but after this dream I am quite afraid.

I am now 99% sure this is a child's soul, scared to pass on as it is lonely (it is also afraid of the dark) but I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO DO, I was OK living with him as he was not threatening after our talk but this dream was so incredibly vivid. I have only had around 5 vivid dreams in my life, I remember all to this day and all have true.

Any advice or similar experiences are much appreciated, my end goal is to help him pass if at all possible, he has strongly shown that professional help is not wanted.

Thank you

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Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-19)
rosaid - You have received some good advice from RC Ruskin.

You say "he has strongly shown that professional help is not wanted". I'm not quite sure why you say that. Did he tell you this in a dream? (I'm referring to this soul as "he" as you seem convinced that this is a young boy.) By "professional help" does he mean assistance by a priest or medium?

This sounds like a frightened, confused soul. He's probably afraid of moving from where he is because he doesn't know or understand where he'll be going if anybody interferes with what he knows at the moment. He also sounds very unhappy.

If I were in your situation I would take matters into my own hands. Rook's cleansing method is used by a number of people. As Rook himself says, his method will not cause a benign spirit to cross over but anything not so good will take its leave. At least have a look at the link provided by RCRuskin.

I don't know what your religious beliefs are or whether you practise any religion at all. I am Catholic (lapsed). Years ago I was being haunted by a spirit who was not evil at all but he became a huge pest. I called on a Catholic priest who duly conducted a blessing of the house. That was the end of my uninvited guest. I have always believed that he moved on to a good place.

Well, I guess it's in your hands. It seems that you will need some assistance to get this lost soul to move on.

Regards, Melda
RCRuskin (9 stories) (826 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-16)
A few pieces of advice, and not necessarily in the order they should be carried out.

First, pray to whatever deity you believe in, or the universe generally, for peace and patience, and for protection of this soul hiding in your closet, and call for whatever spirit guides there are to show it the way to the light.

Second, research. Check with the local newspapers, TV and radio stations for murders in, around or near your apartment involving a young child. Perhaps try to have a conversation with the soul, after proper protections, to find out its name.

Third, and this really should be done last, imo, go to and follow Rook's cleansing procedure.

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