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My First Incident


I'm a kind of guy who doesn't believe in ghosts and all until I experienced it myself when I was doing my graduation. This happened on the month of December in 2014, In Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

Being a local guy, I've a big friends circle who all meets up in the evening at a cafe nearby my home everyday and does some chit-chat as or daily routine. When one day me and one of my friends went late to the cafe for our routine chit-chats then I've got to know that it was one of our friends birthday and wished him and asked how did they celebrated. Then they said that, they went to their Godown (place where they keep their agricultural equipment and seeds) and did party and each guy had a beer. And suddenly my friend got very tensed as he forgot to lock the Godown and he asked me to go to their Godown and lock it as he's drunk and couldn't drive his bike.

So me and my friend took his bike and started to his Godown which was located on the outskirts of Tirupati. The Godown is around half a mile far from the main road and after the Godown there are field with rice crops for so long and for our bad luck there's not even a single light around that area but just our bikes head light.

Then I kept the bike ON for some light to lock the Godown, The bike was in such a position that half of the light falls on the shutter of the Godown and the remaining light goes into the fields where there is an old well which is all covered with some trees and plants then it took me some time to lock the Godown and after I did it, I turned back and saw my friend who didn't even spoke a single word all this time and was looking at the fields without blinking his eyes. I tried to talk to him in which he didn't give any response.

I felt weird about his behavior and tried to see what he's looking all this time and when I saw it my knees started to shiver as it was the first time I saw a ghost with a white Saree and long black hair until its foot which was sitting and swinging on the branches of the tree which was on the side of that old well where the remaining bikes light was falling which was hardly 50 meters away from us.

Then I asked my friend in a shock "what do you see? " then it is the first time he screamed saying "GHOSTTT...", then within no time we sat on the bike as it was already turned ON and moving fast towards the main road and then the ghost started to scream very loud and chased us until the main road and then we've somehow escaped from it and entered into the city and went straight to a temple and slept the whole night there and went to our home the next day.

This is that first time I've experienced a ghost... I kindly request you all to forgive me for my grammatical errors...

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dilip506 (1 stories) (8 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-20)
I agree with lady glow... Your frns might have pranked with u...
Kaavalane mimalni akadiki rappinchi, already akada vaallu plan cheskoni, mimalni bayapetti untaru...
lady-glow (13 stories) (2973 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-19)
I have to agree with Rook and Mark, the apparition could have been a person.

What are the chances that your friends decided to play a prank on the only two people missing the party at the godow?
I find it suspicious that the drunk birthday boy would suddenly 'remember' that he forgot to lock the godow. 🤔

Perhaps that was his best birthday present... Having a good laugh at you!
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-19)
I do not mean to disbelieve your experience, however I must agree with Mack...

Was your experience anything like what is seen in these vids?


Thanks for sharing.


Meghana23 (3 stories) (32 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-19)
Creepy story bro... 😨

Nuvu mi frnd ni adagaledha a incident gurnchi next day.
...adagakapothe adigi comment cheyi bro... It's really interesting
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-18)
Hi Surya

Welcome to YGS, and thanks for sharing this. However, what makes you (particularly your friend - who, let's not forget, was "drunk" by your own description) so sure that what he experienced was a spirit / ghost?

Is it possible it was a "flesh and blood" human being? Either with possibly some behavioral issues, and / or a warped sense of humor?

If the branch it was sitting on was, in fact "swinging" that suggests some kind of physical weight, and if it was running after you, that suggests a human body, otherwise it would simply float around your bike, screaming for maximum underwear-filling effect?

I have no idea, I wasn't there but it's always good to first attempt to rule out other more mundane possibilities before we yell "GHOST!"



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