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Ghost With Glowing White Eyes


Today, I had an abnormal new to me experience. I have occasionally seen an older woman always from the side profile never showing face or lower half of body. She would walk from the door to the fridge. It's been a few months since I've seen her. Today she appeared in human form except she looked at me with these glowing White Eyes and hissed.

She was a frail very elderly woman with white hair pulled into a tight bun at the top of head. I could actually see that she was wearing a purple sweater. There was a misty light blue and white glow around her. I don't know if it was shock or what, but all I could do was laugh when she hissed. Odd response to this experience, but when I'm in a situation I'm unsure of, laughter always overcomes me. Normally, I'd be terrified. But when I laughed she disappeared into thin air.

I'm not sure what to make of this. I find it strange that I've only been able to see glimpses of her before and now today she decided to show me her face. Be it a strange anomaly but nevertheless a woman form. She doesn't have any resemblance to anyone I know or knew.

I do always have the feeling of being watched. I hear things late at night. I can hear the mouse clicking to my computer. Also this morning I awoke to a pen clicking. Like she or someone was annoyed furiously clicking nervously the pen next to my bed.

Not sure if related to glowing eyes ghost woman but since all happened in same day I figure has to be. Anyone else have an explanation or experience like this? What do I need to do since she seems to be trying to scare me.

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IrishGuy (30 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-01)
ButterflyBabe i'm thinking if that was the ghost of the old lady who previously lived in the house then maybe it possible she doesn't realise that she has passed on. She maybe wondering who you and your family are and what you are doing in what she considers to be still her home,it's just a thought. You mentioned that you have not seen her since you laughed at her so maybe you laughing at her was the push she needed to make her realise she was no longer living and she simply went to the other side, again it's just a thought. Keep us up to date if anything else happens.
ButterflyBabe (2 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-01)
She hasn't come back since. Usually she comes and visits nightly but ever since I laughed at her she hasn't come back. Now that you mention it IrishGuy, she did look like the previous owner who died in the house. I didn't put the two together until now. 🤔
roylynx (guest)
6 years ago (2018-01-30)
Well, like I will always comment, don't fear it. Don't let fear conquer you.
I know of, that most spirits cannot harm you physical but can do psychological damages, most of the time they will use your emotions and weakness, in most of the case, fear.

You have to let the spirit know that it has no right to be there and that the place belongs to you not her, you need to stay strong. Do not try to "fight" with it because it will use the emotion as an energy source, be calm, and stay strong. If you need, do a cleansing of your choice and change the atmosphere of the surrounding.

IrishGuy (30 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-27)
Sorry ButterflyBabe my comment somehow got a little muddled. I meant to say if you show no fear and laugh at them they start losing their power and vanish.
IrishGuy (30 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-27)
ButterflyBabe that was a scary experience you had with the alleged ghost of the old woman. You said that when she hissed at you your reaction was to laugh which at that point the spirit disappeared into thin air. I have heard that entities feed off a persons fear,it's like they need that fear to manifest fully but apparently if you show no fear and laugh at them they staI appear and they start to vanish.I'm not sure how true that is but its something I read before. Do you know the history of the building? Could she have been a past tenant? Maybe you could try doing some research and see if you come with anything. Thanks for shareing.

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