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What Was Laughing In The Room?


This is the very first paranormal fact that happened to me. I was 14 at the time and my friends and I were always attracted by the paranormal world. Back then, we would try to write down a Ouija board (the adults never wanted us to use one), and try to contact spirits but thank god it never worked out (maybe it was written wrong?) We would visit old abandoned buildings searching for ghosts but never found one.

We lived and still live in a small village in Italy with a big church in the middle and the country side all around, the winter nights and sometimes days are pretty scary cause a thick fog would cover everything to the point you wouldn't see anything around you. One evening I was at my friend's house playing playstation like we always did, his parents were downstairs and his sister was out.

We were having fun playing a soccer game, suddenly I hear a very creepy laugh, it seemed very weird, not human at all and it was coming from within the room, (I can still hear it, even after all the time that has passed) it was short like a "HEHEHE" it was too weird and for a moment I thought I dreamed it, I looked at Ricky's face and he was staring a me pale white, I understood he heard it too, we screamed like crazy and run as fast as we could down the stairs (we were at the first story, in her sister's bedroom, where he has the tv and playstation) we stood in the kitchen shaking, we told what happened to his mom, she said that she didn't laugh nor his father did and the tv was off. We couldn't go upstair again cause we were too scared so his mom and dad went up but they didn't find anything. We checked outside but no one was around cause it was a very cold night. And we were sure it was coming from INSIDE.

From that day on we tried to explain what happened with logic cause we couldn't sleep. Maybe it was from the game? But the game was a soccer game and it was clear to us that didn't come from it. It came from behind us and we didn't even dare to look while escaping. Maybe it was one of his sister's dolls? But Ricky's sister was 24 and she gave all of her dolls away. Me and my friend are 26 now and we still bring up the laugh story sometimes.

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Artickpiggy (3 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-19)
Thank you for reading, it didn't sound an evil laugh but neither sounded human, wasn't a male nor female voice that's why was so scary.
Tweed (31 stories) (2388 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-12)
Hi Artick,

Jeesh, that would've been frightening. Did it sound like an evil laugh to you at the time? Or was it more innocent? I imagined it kind of like a weird cartoon sounding laugh. Whatever it was it's cool you have this weird occurrence to look back on.
Thanks for sharing.

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