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I always loved horses, I ride horses since I was six. I used to spend most of my summer holidays at the horse riding centre of my village (lost in the countryside) with two of my best friends at the time that rode horses too, Michela and Michael. Michael was the owner's nephew and he and his family lived on the horse riding centre, he also had a little sister which at the time was 6 and not allowed to play with us.

In Italy we have three months off school during summer, that summer we were 13 years old and it was a really hot one.

We usually met around 13pm at the horse riding centre and stay there all day, around that time of the day nobody was around, not even the owners because it was too hot, so we were all alone in the stable. We used to lock ourselves in the saddlery which was a pretty small and dark room, with a barn on top of it where the owners used to put old saddles and stuff, you could access the barn/roof with a wooden ladder. It was and still is a very very old building, during the 30' it was used as a stable for cows. We enjoyed telling stories and talk about things in general, they weren't ghost stories because Michael was very afraid of the paranormal.

One day we were locked in the saddlery like usual. I was sitting on a saddle, with the door on my left, Michael was at the end of the room with the lockers behind him and Michela was sitting in front of me. I was listening to Michela when I absentmindedly looked at Michael and I saw one of the lockers slowly opening, there was no wind or anything. I didn't have the time to say anything that I saw fear in my friend's eyes, he knew exactly what was going on at his shoulders. We run like crazy towards the door and Michael even fell on his knees. When we calmed down we tried to explain what happened, there was no wind and it's impossible for the locker to open by itself cause you have to pull and push in order to open it. It was also unlikely that it was already left open because everybody knows that mice could easily enter and eat everything you have in it.

Michael being so easily frightened couldn't sleep for a while after that accident.

Weeks after the first encounter we were still playing in the barn, this time just outside the saddlery, Michela was sitting at the edge of the saddlery roof (which is 2.5 meters high) with her legs dangling off. At some point she yells " Nicole! Get off the Barn! You know you can't climb up here!" (Nicole is Michael's little sister) me and Michael looked up surprised, actually seeing something that looked like a girl. She or It disappeared shortly after and Michela actually flew down the barn scared as hell.

After that we run to Michael's parents telling what happened, they both told us it was just our imagination. We were disappointed cause we knew what we saw!

Time passed and one evening (I was in my 20s) we were eating and drinking at the horse riding centre and Michael's father actually told us, not just to us but to all the people that were there that some nights he would hear the radio turning on in the saddlery (they live close to it). In order to hear it it must have been very loud. And sometimes lights would turn on in the barn by themselves. He and his wife were too scared to take a look because there are no houses around for miles and miles, just the horse riding centre, and so they were afraid that some bad people were trying to lure them away from their home to rob or to do bad things.

After all that time we knew that what we saw and what we experienced was actually real.

I hope you liked my story, I apologize if my english is not perfect.:)

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Jaxxxanator (3 stories) (11 posts)
5 years ago (2018-07-13)
What an interesting story! Considering how old the barn is and isolated location, perhaps you can access the history of the place? That might explain why there is a type of residual energy left over. Who knows what the land could have contained before the barn... Happy history hunting!
Artickpiggy (3 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2018-07-06)
Thank you for your comment,
Actually they blessed the houses but never the barn or the saddlery, we gladly remember this events, they weren't scary memories, we had a lot of fun that summer and nobody was harmed in any way
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
5 years ago (2018-07-05)
Artickpiggy - It's very likely that the old saddlery is haunted, a number of people might have remained attached to the property and some of them in particular to the saddlery.

The owners of the school can of course have the place blessed and/or cleansed, although it appears that the "residents" are rather benign and don't appear to have caused anybody any harm. The noisy radio would be annoying though!

I don't doubt that you and your friends experienced some supernatural activity there but kids being kids, you still went back!

Regards, Melda

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