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Confuse A Gnome


This is a follow up to our resident brownie (home dwelling gnome).

In the second week of November I was exercising in the lounge room. It was the first time I'd done a workout in the lounge room, as I normally do it in the bedroom. I don't know why it never occurred to me before to do it in the lounge, where there's more room. I started in the lounge in mid November. I've done similar workouts to this since I was a teenager and I'm confident the bumps and footsteps I felt in November were not done by me.

I love dancing and the workout I do is geared for that. It's a ballet workout, there's no equipment or running or jumping around. Most of it's done on the floor and it's pretty quiet for the most part. I mention this because I don't know how it got the attention of our little friend.

So the first time in the lounge I'd been working out for about ten minutes. I was doing a stomach exercise where I'm laid on my back, knees bent up, legs parted in a '10 to 2' position. I've seen this exercise demonstrated on aerobic instructor things on TV, but the ballet version is a little different. It's the one where you raise your pelvis off the floor and come down again, repeat. In this variation you bring your knees together as you lift, and apart as you lower, to engage the thighs and butt. Also in other aerobic fitness I think they lower the pelvis down to the floor and up again. In this one you stop just shy of the floor, without touching the floor and come up again. It keeps the muscles engaged. Your feet are in a demi pointe position for the same reason. So there's very little contact with the ground and next to no noise or vibration through the floor.

I started feeling vibration through the floor like something was running around the room. It was light, like a dog or a cat. It kept doing this in bursts here and there. It continued for the duration of the workout and I'm pretty sure it stopped around when I finished. I thought of our brownie, but also thought of the neighbour's dog, maybe I was feeling the dog through the floor. We've never noticed neighbour's pets through the floor, but then doing activity on the floor might let you receive more than say, hanging out on the couch.

The next day, the same thing happened. But I paid closer attention to it. A lot of the workout is spent stretching/flexing throughout. So I do one group of exercise, stretch it out, move onto the next, always stretching/flexing the appropriate muscle groups in between. This time, while stretching in between, I could focus my attention better to analyse the bumps I was feeling. It felt like a small dog or a cat running around in short bursts. I could also feel a bit of a direction to it. I particularly didn't like when it felt closer to me because it was very distracting. But apart from this I wasn't bothered by it.

The day after that same thing. Except this time before I started I laid on the floor and felt for vibrations and footsteps, nothing for a good two minutes. I started my warm up, a lot of stretching, some done standing. No bumps on the floor. It wasn't until I got into the workout that the shuffle of quick, light, footsteps could be felt again, like the days before.

I was doing leg exercises and, just like with the pelvis lifts, you bring your leg up and down but stop just shy of the floor and come up again, repeat. So it was very confusing when I could feel a slight bump in the floor here and there, where there shouldn't have been. When I started another leg exercise the bumps kept up. This one I was holding the leg out and rotating round and round with toes pointed. I could feel the bumps through the floor, as I was laying back. I watch the circles I draw with my toes with this one so I know I'm keeping straight. But I cannot multi task for nicks and the bumps and what have you distracted me so much I forgot which direction I was up to (rotation wise) when I switched legs. I started getting a bit pissed off.

So I stopped and spoke out loud to whatever ghost was present. Assuming it was our little brownie, I addressed him. Said something like 'Hey little guy, this is an exercise routine I do. I've been doing it for many years. It might look strange or painful to you, but it's actually good. You might not know but before I was doing it here, I was doing it up in the bedroom. I'd prefer to do it down here though.' Just like that, no more bumps or scuttling through the floor, and I've not felt a peep since. Conclusion? I don't know, maybe brownies hate a change in routine. That figures, they're reported as being methodical and temperamental little so and so's, though we love ours. What gets me is what alerted him, assuming it was him, to my doing this in the lounge. I guess I'm giving off a different energy while working out and he followed that to investigate, found me, thought 'What the HELL is she doing?!' and freaked out. Maybe that's it, poor little dude, but that would be funny.

A typical workout goes for half an hour to forty minutes, depending on how much time I have. The bumps and padding around through the floor were felt in very short bursts throughout the workout for those three days in a row. It felt like they were coming mostly from the doorway and up in the direction of the bathroom. Then I might feel another closer to me, more scuttling in another direction in the lounge. Then some more at random points, I couldn't predict where. There might have been a pattern to it, but I wasn't really paying attention. Well, I was sort of but it's hard counting four sets of this and that, holding some position for thirty seconds blah blah blah, and keeping track of random bumps.

Our little brownie hangs out mostly in the bathroom and kitchen. We've heard, but never seen, the noisy lounge door open or close slowly. This could be any of our ghosties though, and that was going on way before I started exercising in the lounge room. Maybe the little guy hangs out in the lounge room and we don't know it. Or maybe I was giving off a different energy, one unknown to him, in part of his perceived territory. We've never heard any brownie type activity in the bedroom. He seems to hang out downstairs.

I wonder what he was doing scampering about like that. Probably jumping up and down, telling me off.

Thanks for reading.

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MaybeADreamer (4 stories) (58 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-16)
Hi Tweed

I love this story - just thinking of a little brownie trying to do an aerobic workout (like a toddler copying mum) LOL

Thanks for sharing 😁 Sara x
babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-13)
Tweed- As soon as I saw "Gnome" in the title, I thought "Oh good, Tweed's posted again!" 😜

I think he was probably doing his own routine along with you. He probably freaked out the first time but when you continued doing it, he just joined in the "fun".

Wonder what would happen if you left a "brownie" for the Brownie? 😊 ❀
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-12)
Hey everyone, thanks for your cool input. Sorry for the late replies, been super busy lately.

Lady Glow, haha your cat sounds utterly typical. Better to have her rub her ears on your toes than have her pounce on them. Had a few cats that used to do that. Not fun when you're asleep! Lol I actually figured the little brownie guy was freaked out to a certain extent. Whatever he was doing he seemed intent on getting my attention.

Melda, we've been lazy on the feeding. We should leave something fresh out for him, poor blighter. Bacon and bread haha, I'll have to borrow some bacon from the other person's resident ghost, we're vegetarians.
Huh, a brownie joining in with the exercise routine, that'd be something. I guess he could've been trying to work out what I was doing. He's been very quiet apart from this. We think it was him, used to rattle the saucepan lids, but that was ages ago, doesn't happen anymore. I think he was probably either concerned at what I was doing, or annoyed I was doing it, one or the other. I can't work out what got his attention though, unless he was in the room while I was doing it.

Val, I kind of knew the difference between a gnome and a brownie subconsciously, if that makes sense, but I never really thought about it. You've confirmed there is indeed a difference, so thanks! I knew 'gnome' was the wrong word for the title but 'Confuse A Gnome' sounded too amusing to resist.
The weird thing about the brownie acting up is that the exercises don't make vibrations through the floor. I mean walking from one side of the room to the other would make more vibration than the workout. It's hard to explain but ballet stuff is different to many other exercises in that there's next to no contact with the floor, so up down, round and round, whichever, it's free of vibration. Which makes me wonder if the little guy is in the lounge room sometimes, or I was giving off some kind of energy to get his attention. If that's it, I've a feeling I was disturbing him lol.

Jubeele, you may have just nailed it. Perhaps it's a bit of everything, confusion, irritation, curiosity, or maybe the other way around lol. The popping up at different points around the room was odd though, made me think he was a tad annoyed.

Roylyx, I learned some of what I do from a couple of teachers as a child and teenager. The rest I've added over the years. I'm not sure if you've ever read my encounter about the dancer, but I did, as a child at least, used to feel bumps in the floor while I danced around. After a few years I saw a woman in a leotard. But these bumps don't feel like her. They don't follow a logical pattern of either dance or exercise. They feel more scattered and unstructured.
You know, I'd never noticed how much bumps through the floor I get, but it is an awful lot, you're right! Even in other locations, what's up with that I wonder? Odd stuff alright.
I love that your teacher feels his own teacher around him, that sounds very comforting. I love also that your culture in Brazil seems to embrace the existence of ghosts, rather than refusing to believe anything.
roylynx (guest)
6 years ago (2018-02-11)
Tweed, My capoeira instructor had been telling me that his Mestre (Teacher), has been with him all this years after he passed away. I wonder if it is something like that.

Did anyone teach you how to do your routine? Like a very close instructor, who has passed away for some issues... Just a thought.

I do exercises too nowadays, capoeira stretches. My instructor said that some of those are good for my back. No one bothers me because I either do it in the old studio (maybe once a week or twice), otherwise, in the GYM (almost every Saturdays). But sometimes I feel like someone is watching me when I am wiggling around hope in loops, doing one of those very hard balancing posts... Is something around me? (No, I know that it is just me feeling embarrassed LOL)

Well, yes, I remember reading your story about the brownie at your home and some other entities. Well, it is hard to conclude what you have encountered since in almost every case there are bumps and sounds and vibrations involved... Well, if it bothers you it's better to "change the atmosphere" a bit or just do any cleansing of your choice. But really as some comments here will and had already said anything which was there their energy will remain, and as you may have already felt those kinds of entities are most of the time just very curious and meant no harm.

Love from SΓ£o Paulo
Jubeele (26 stories) (897 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-10)
Melda and lady-glow have just planted the mental image of a little bearded man in a brown suit warming up with the Plié in 5th position, who then finishes off with a yoga exercise "Salute to the Sun". (Sorry, silly thought!) 😁

I had the same impression that the brownie came to see what you were doing, was worried and confused at first. Then he got curious and tried to follow your routine. Maybe the bumps and vibrations were him jumping up and down, or doing energetic leg-lifts? Kind of sweet really.

Thanks Val for explaining the difference between a gnome and a brownie.

Enjoyed this interesting read, Tweed. Thanks for sharing.
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-02-10)
I wonder if, just as you could feel his 'vibrations' he perhaps could feel yours and came to investigate.lady-glow may not be far off in he might have thought you needed aid of some sort. Kind of touching, really. On the other hand, perhaps your movements were disturbing HIM.
Please don't confuse poor brownie with a gnome. There are differences. Most basic is that gnomes prefer the outdoors, close to nature and care for animals. Brownies on the other hand, will live indoors and care for folks.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-10)
Tweed - Since you first shared the existence of your brownie with us, I have at times wondered whether he's still hanging around and whether you put food out for him, or perhaps he just helps himself. If you leave some bacon and bread around he might just have a breakfast surprise for you one lazy Sunday morning πŸ˜†

Perhaps little brownie is trying an exercise routine of his own? Could be he's looking to spend some quality time with you!

Love this account 😊

Regards, Melda
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-10)
Perhaps he thought you were having a seizure and freaked out running around you without knowing what to do to help?
Ha ha... Just me being silly!

I do yoga in my bedroom and one of my cats likes to rub her ears on my big toes when I'm trying to relax... I have told her off so many times but, unlike your gnome, she hasn't listened!

Thanks for sharing, reading your experiences is always a pleasure.❀

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