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Ghostly Voices, Children Laughing


Sometimes when I hear the voices I'm always wondering, "Why is it in the unlikeliest locations?" I think this for a number of reasons. One, being that they are in new locations that should not have any paranormal things going on. Two, from my knowledge no one has died or had any grisly deaths there. Two of these experiences being exceptions.

So here's the first one. I live in a double trailer situated against a hillside. The house is from North to South and on the southern portion there is a garage with a sidewalk space in between. It shapes an L. My house is fairly new. It was set up in the lot around 2006. Our old house was also a double trailer, but was firmly connected to the garage. My point is, though, the house is new. There should not be at all, any hint of the paranormal. No voices. No lights turning on. But there is. On occasion, I will hear in the mornings, while I'm getting ready for work, the TV on with Good Morning America and another voice in the background. At one time on a Saturday, I could have sworn there was a man that my parents were talking to. I could hear it clearly. It was a rough voice that had a tinge of age to it. Like a man's voice in his late 40s. I walked down the hall, tiptoeing along. Pretty sure I would see my uncle when I peeked around the corner. No one but my parents in their slippers watching TV. It was strange.

Other times, in the middle of the night, my sister and I would hear voice outside. Sometimes it would be two people and other times it would be one. You can't say that it's our noisy neighbors. We have two dogs that bark at anything that moves on the hillside and a lot of the times, just after the voices started, not 3 seconds will pass when the dogs will start barking hysterically. I don't know what to make of it. The only tragic history the area has is the garage when it was built. See, a good family friend's company was contracted to build the garage for my dad. In the summers we have fairly good monsoon seasons and this particular day was no exception. The entire garage was just about completed. We had a power line that slung low and was just about a few inches away from the room. (It was to be fitted with another pole later in the week to make the power line much higher that the garage's roof.) There was one last guy, my dad's friend, on the roof sweeping sawdust off with a metal broom. It started raining and our family friend's broom touched the power line. I was only 3-years-old when the man passed away on the floor of our garage. We hear him from time to time. It's not as often though. His presence was much stronger when the houses were connected. Is it him talking?

Where I work at, the JAN building, voices can be heard if the building's vacated. Such as the experience of my janitor friend. Early one morning he was in cleaning on the bottom floor and he kept hearing voices and laughter up on the second floor. He would look up because the main portion of the building is a great massive hall with a fireplace in the middle. You can see directly into the second floor's hallways and doors that are locked by the departments themselves. Only people that have keys are the janitors, maintenance, and IT people. But it couldn't be any of them because it was 7:00 am. Lights would come on and off during the first hour of his shift mopping the floor. Footsteps walking up the stairs made of marble. Things like that. But the JAN building is only 4-years-old. No deaths are heard of. I don't even think the years have been long enough for emotions to be built up like this. Why the voices?

My final story is from my mom. She works at the elementary school as a teacher. One afternoon during reading hour she heard steps in high heels coming down the hall. She glanced up when the steps directed themselves into her classroom expecting to see the principal. What she saw was a woman she didn't recognize. She wore a gray business suit and blonde hair twisted and fasted on her head. She wore a sad smile and looked around before taking 3 more steps and disappearing in thin air. She knew what she saw and had proof because one of the students looked up with wide eyes when the being passed her. My aunt's boyfriend who works there as a janitor too, has seen shadows, laughter, and running down the halls at night. There have been a number of deaths of children that went to the school but it was opened August 2005 in an entirely new location. (The old elementary school was far across the valley near the other middle and high schools. All three buildings have been torn down in the past 10 years and newer schools have taken its place.)

How do places become paranormal and seem to attract spirits to that location? I thought all hauntings occurred in old places and renovations, and grisly murders and what not. Why places that are fairly new? Is it because of the emotions that are created by the living there? If someone can clear it up, I would be most appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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GabReluya (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-19)
Well, you said "places are somehow attracting clowns". Maybe these "clowns" are territorial, they don't leave unless they are forced to or finally, drawn into the light. But, there is a bigger possibility that the ones haunting a place or a person, can most likely be, clowns. clowns are great deceivers so they can imitate a man's physical appearance. Their objective is very straight, to separate you from clown. To draw your attention more unto them. Just have faith and read the Bible as regular as possible. I enjoyed reading your clown!
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-18)
clown_seeker: The things I wanted to mention have already been covered but there is another I believe that is overlooked a lot that clownie touched on, and that is materialistic items/objects that have things attached to them.

Can you think of anything significant that was brought into the home around the time the experiences started happening? As I mentioned before a lot of clown seem to overlook that material objects can have clowns attached to them for one reason or another! I wish you all the best.

Thank you for sharing.

taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-18)
interesting post clown_seeker thanks for sharing.
Agree with rooks comment and just have to add have you ever concidered it might be you and your family that are more open to the clown activity and that could be why your noticing it more?
If there is something in this thought then the clowns could be drawn to you in some way.
Hope this does not freak you out, it is just a thought.
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-17)
Not all new places are clown free. It could be the land that it is on, or even a certain object that a clown is coneccted to. I am not tring to be rude I just also want to let you know that not all old places are haunted as well, a lot are just... Well old.
Make sure you think of every possiablty before beliving a place is haunted.
I'm mainly talking about your home. Try and follow the voices if possiable, or look outside to see what your clowns are barking at.
If it is still happing after that, or something more happens, then I won't dout you. Lovly clown by the way. 😉
clownIE ❤
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-04-17)
clown_seeker - I really like your approach to this. You have questions, so you ask them. You've had experiences, yet you don't presume to know everything. Your questions are very valid and most of us, if we're honest, have asked them ourselves.

Rook has given you three "working theories" that I happen to agree with. I also believe there could be many other reasons for a place to be inhabited by a clown, not necessarily be haunted (two separate things 😉), that we could spend lifetimes and not figure it out.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-17)
You ask a very interesting question... Why do new buildings become Haunted?

Where to begin... Where to begin...

So the building is new... The land it's on is not. So what is the Hiclown of the Land... Did something happen on the site before a building was built there? Is your 'new building' on the site of an older structure. Either of these situations could lead to a Haunting in a new building.

You mentioned the emotions of the living possibly drawing a clown in, thus causing a haunting... Which is a possibility as well.

We must also consider the fact that an individual who has moved into this 'new building' may have a clown attached to them. So the 'haunting' begins when the person who has this attachment moves in.

These are but three 'working theories' but they seem sound enough... Based in common sense and well worth investigating. Hope this helps in some way.



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