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The Ringing Thing


This happened last January 28, 2018. We all know that Christmas is over. But this story I will share relates with Christmas.

As I arrived at the school where I worked at, I saw our janitor and asked him about the key in the office. He said he's not holding it yet. So I decided to go to the main gate where the keys of other offices including ours were kept to get it. We, or me is authorized to get the key.

Fast forward...

Ma'am Lani (one of the librarians, not her real name) arrived as I enter the elevator. I waited for her to come in even our janitor. Our janitor get the key from me to open the locked glass doors. Since our office is a library, upon entering it's definitely quiet. We're just three inside. I get the key from our janitor to unlock our glass door in the office. Ma'am Lani and I entered the office but our janitor was left outside in the reading area.

But before we could close our glass door, our janitor went inside to tell us that something is ringing. He even mentioned that before that day, at night, Ma'am Arlyn (one of the librarians, not her real name) left her phone on her table. She even asked our janitor to accompany her to get it. That was nearly 8:30 pm. Since the ringing is coming from the workplace of Ma'am Arlyn, our janitor got confused.

Ma'am Lani and I went outside the office to check the phone ringing or something. The ringtone of the phone got us confused too. The ringing tone is a Christmas song! We all know that Ma'am Arlyn got her phone back at night and our janitor is sure of that. So I and Ma'am Lani decided to go to the workplace of Ma'am Arlyn.

When we got there, I checked her table and even the cabinets of her table if there is a phone there. We still can hear the Christmas song. But whatever I do to check her table and everywhere in her workplace there is no phone to be found. But as I can hear the song where it really coming from, I looked under the table...

I saw the Santa Claus decoration moving! It's actually dancing! And that Christmas song is coming from that Santa Claus! I told Ma'am Lani what I saw and started to have goosebumps and run to go back in the office. That was really frightening!

But I decided to go back there to turn it off. Because it can't stay that longer because it is a library. I let our student aid to accompany me there because I am still scared. Before we can enter there, we felt goosebumps. Then I definitely get the Santa Claus to turn it off, and went straight inside the office.

We told Ma'am Arlyn about what happened in her Santa Claus. She never used that when its Christmas. But around 2015 she displayed it in her workplace. But never happened for past 2 years.

Maybe a spirit welcomed us. And that night when Ma'am Arlyn get her phone maybe, the spirit who stays there got disturbed and trying to scare us after that night.

Hope you guys understand the story.

If you might get confused, it's free to ask questions. And I will definitely answer them all.

Thank you!


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eloisa28 (6 stories) (25 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-19)
Hi lady-glow.

But that Santa doesn't have any batteries. How can that be possible?

Anyway, thanks for reading my story. That happened on Saturday not on Sunday.

lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-16)
Hello Eloisa.

The scariest part about your story (at least for me), is that you had to work on a Sunday!

I imagine it was frightening to see and hear dear old Santa dancing and playing his Christmas music after the holidays but you should keep in mind that electronic items tend to make noise when their batteries are starting to get low.

By now, I hope Santa is resting in the North pole and hasn't spooked any one else.

Thanks for sharing.

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