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Little Foot Steps In The Office


This happened on October 26th. The day before yesterday. That was Thursday if I am not mistaken. Since the students had no class because it is their semester break for college and a vacation for preparing the upcoming All Saint's and All Soul's Day for elementary and high school students, there are no available canteens or cafe inside the University.

In line with this, we employees are considered to buy outside the University for lunch break. Our lunch break is from 12:00-1:00pm. So we had a one hour to eat and make chitchats. I will not tell anymore the rest happened during the lunch break.

I am with my co-employee. We came back inside the office five minutes before 1pm. I decided to brush my teeth so I went straight inside the restroom. After that, while I was walking to go straight in my workplace, I saw some little footsteps on the floor. Footsteps that is not actually a mud, but an ink form a stamp pad. The ink was scattered on the floor. As if a kid had played it or something.

I followed the footsteps. Until I reached the workplace of my other co-employee. But it didn't stop there. So I got curious about it. I go back to my workplace to see some footsteps. I followed it once again. Until I reached the restroom. I stopped there.

But before I saw those footsteps, our working student Grace (not her real name), asked me about the books that are left in the shelves. I was about to get the books but I saw an ink at the top of my hand. Which I do not know where I got that. But I ignored it and wipe it using my right palm. After Grace left to have her lunch, I saw this footsteps. But I am still not clarified where did I got that ink on top of my hand because I didn't touch the bottle of the ink (which is kept inside the supply cabinet) and the stamp pad. I too, went to the restroom to removed the ink.

So my co-employees are wondering how did that ink scattered on the floor. We decided to wait for Grace to ask her about it.

When she arrived, we asked her right away. But she said she used the stamp pad in the morning not in my workplace, but in the area where our working students were staying. We also look under our shoes to see prints and inks and we didn't saw any ink at the bottom of our shoes.

So those footsteps are unexplained. They were really very tiny. But maybe, a spirit of a child came inside the office and played the ink of my stamp pad.

Because inside our office, there are many spirits. An old man, a boy, a priest and many more. But this time, it's a baby.

This footsteps are still marked on the floor.

Hope you guys, understand the story. It's free to ask questions which you might had confused in reading it.

I will participate in the comments.

Thank you and God bless!

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majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-23)
If it is possible, can you share the pictures with us? I would like to see how it looked like.

When I was in High School, my journalism adviser told us similar story. Our school was built in 1996, and since my teacher was one of the pioneer teachers, she was already teaching there when our school was using 3 rooms only, the other rooms being built yet. One day, while finishing her lesson plan for the next day, students gone for that day, she stayed inside one of the rooms near the garden. She just went to the CR for like 5mins and when she came back, there were little muddy footprints all around the room. It was as if an infant walked around the garden barefooted and then went inside the room.

What she did was, she asked a janitress to clean it, though they were both wondering how footprints were scattered there.
eloisa28 (6 stories) (25 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-08)
Hi Jubeele,

Anyone from us are not aloud to come inside the office with a child. My co-employees are inside our office during that time, they were taking their lunch in the pantry. We also have a working student that time. If there somebody came with a child, my working student will definitely approach them and avoid that mischief. But our working student doesn't know about the ink. No one came with a child.

I don't know if it is a dwarf. It was like a footprints of a 1 year old baby.

I will definitely do that if ever.

Thanks for reading.

Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-08)
Eloise, is it possible that someone with access to your office came in with a child while you were out from 12-1pm? That child may have gotten into mischief and was hurriedly whisked away, but there wasn't time to clean up the spilled ink. Also, because there was a mess, that person pretended all innocence later, so as not to get into trouble?

On the other hand, could it be a "duwende", come out at 12pm to look around? I remember reading that they're like a dwarf or hobgoblin, either good or mischievous, depending on how they're treated. Like the hob, isn't it the practice to leave food on the floor to appease them?

Maybe you can set up some type of spy-cam and a plate of biscuits to see what happens when everyone's out for lunch...🤔
eloisa28 (6 stories) (25 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-08)
Hi lady-glow.

Animals are not aloud inside our campus or our university. Our office is located at the second floor of the SFJ building. It is impossible for an animal to enter inside our office. My co-employees are inside the office to take their lunch in our pantry. Our office is a library.

I'm so sorry to say that the footprints are already clean by our janitor here in the office. It was suggested by our head of the office to clean it as soon as possible. So, I wasn't able to capture it. But I can't explain the ink at the top if my hand. I don't know how I got it.

My colleagues and I discussed about it. We have a fire exit door behind our restroom inside the office. It is open the whole morning. They say that there are entities in that fire exit. They were actually telling that this entity came inside the office and decided to play our ink.

Since that day, preparing for the November 1st and November 2nd as the All saint's and all soul's day, that entity, maybe want some attention and prayers.

But I'm still confused with what happened. Even my colleagues are still confused too.

lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-07)
Eloise: given the richness and variety of the Filipino fauna, and since your narrative is not specific about the footprints being barefooted of with shoes, have you considered the possibility of an animal entering into your work area and gaining access to the supply cabinet and dropping the ink pad and then walking around the office?
If barefooted, have you compared them to pictures of the tracks of the local animals.
Could you take pictures of the prints and share them with us?

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