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Sorry to bob up again with a simple but "mystic" encounter.

I have moved out of my house to give my sister some privacy and live with my once very good friend, now my dearest.

I have moved into a quiet apartment with my friend, she said she loved the place and it reminds her of her childhood. So, I have decided to move in with her. Oh, yes, I am old enough to do that so no worries. LOL

It was the day before St. Valentine's Day. I gave my dear friend some roses and took her to a good Italian Restaurant. We both enjoyed our great lunch and decided to watch a movie during that night. OK, too much information? Here we go.

We drove to an old cinema right past an alleyway. Well, if you know the place you will know it, I will not be detailed on where that cinema is. The cinema is built during late 70's the facilities were old but was maintained well by the old staffs that has almost spent their life there. I forget what time it was, but it was after sunset. The place was cool and there were lots of couples like us trying to enjoy the hours together.

The popcorn "boy" came by and offered us some free water since it was dry and hot. The guy at the corner seat took some cups and passed them along, I took 2 cups and passed the rest to the back, I thought someone had taken the tray that I have passed on. The guy beside me tapped me and asked "who are you passing to, No one's there?" the tray was right on the seat, so I took it and passed it along back to the popcorn "boy".

I thought I felt someone kicking on my seat as if they were adjusting their butts. I turned around to see again but there were no one. The guy next to me joked and said "Hey, funny you seemed to feel that there are people at the back seats. You know the rumors about this cinema? This cinema was once a theater, and those seats are for what they called the old boys. You know, actors and actresses whom has passed away on stage."

Thinking about what that guy has told me, I did some research on old theaters in Brazil but there were lack of information, there is only some information on some Portuguese Operas. Other than that, some information that I was interested in is that there were some underground theaters for "dirty shows". Not that I am interested on the shows, I wonder how many victims were there in those underground theaters. If the cinema that I and my dear friend went was one of those theaters, I here want to pray for the victims whom have died on stage and at the back stage, hope they can rest in peace.

Love from São Paulo


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roylynx (guest)
4 years ago (2018-03-19)
Lady-glow, Oh my bad LOL
I meant it was a clean cinema kept well for more than 40 years!
But you are right, it isn't that "old" compared to some century old spots.

Well, I know the staff there well since our family... I mean me, my mother and my sister, only would watch movies in that cinema, many staff had retired, and the ones there now is some of the "younger ones", like the popcorn "boy", he's in his late 50s now, sorry no offend lol.

Well, I have heard of many rumors about this cinema, but like most of the remaining cinemas around, some said there are secret passages; some said there are secret seats for VIPs, etc. And those "secrets" could be misunderstood by people through the years.

And I have to say this, there are many abandoned buildings in Brazil, not all of them are haunted. It would either be a once very wealthy place and had to close down for a while, and would re-open doing other business... Complicated to say the truth. So it would be really hard to track back what had been going on...

Well, unless you talk to the owner... Or the previous owner perhaps? You might have a chance on knowing the history, but not any staff, time would just let the rumor grow. I think you get me, right? Are we both on the same track?

By the way, that cinema is the best place to go for locals like me (wink wink)
They still sell those home-made buttery "carnival" popcorns! But think Coca Cola had took over those classical pop-drinks sold in glass bottles, I just miss the old days sometimes... No, sorry I meant no offence at all lol 😁

Cheers and thanks for reading!

lady-glow (13 stories) (2911 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-19)
Hi roylynx.

Being born in the 60's, I couldn't help but to feel a bit offended by you calling 'old cinema' to a place that was built "during late 70's" 😠 (just kidding!)

Now seriously, if some of the staff have been working at this particular cinema since it was built, I imagine they should be aware if, at some point, it was one of those underground theaters and of some other historical facts about it. With some luck including the identity of the ghosts haunting the place... After all, the late 70's isn't that long ago, is it? 🤔

And I'm pleasantly surprised at the generosity of that cinema's staff handling FREE water to the patrons during the function, or, was it during the intermission?

Interesting read. Thanks for sharing.
roylynx (guest)
4 years ago (2018-03-18)
Rex-T, Thanks for reading along!
Well, I have heard that most of those old underground theaters had closed down long ago, so unfortunately there is too little information about them. But there were stories on how actresses started their first stage in those underground theaters and became big stars, you know, perhaps being "on stage" was a high pressure already during those days. By that it is easy to imagine people dying on stage or suiciding whether or not if they were ever famous. Yes, very mysterious indeed.

The old boy's seats were quite creepy after all. It was like if there were people there. You know, how they thump your seat "accidentally" trying to get their best position, things like that? That!

The thumping was not like if they would want to be annoying... It's like..."nature"? I don't know how else I could describe it. 🤔 Like if really a person was there but no one was there 😕 LOL

Rex-T (5 stories) (288 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-16)
Hi Roy,

I have felt real 'back of the seat' thumps, both in cinemas and on planes. I ignore for as long as I can but eventually I'll get up and turn around with my most evil 'Rex-T is not happy face'. To find out that nobody's there would concern me greatly.

Did the 'thumps' stop, after you turned around? Just trying to figure out if the 'old boys (and girls) ' were trying to get rid of you or were they just letting you know that they were there.

The stories about actors/actresses dying on stage or back stage raises some questions. Is the information pointing towards people 'working until they drop'? If so, were they in this situation because of their love of the theater or were they pressured to stay until the end?

The answer may give some indication of why these souls are still tied to the theater. Are they victims or are they reliving the 'glory days'?

Great account Roy. Sometimes the simple ones raise the most questions.


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