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Mystery Noise In My House


My family has been living in this house for the past 8years in Mumbai, India. I've lived in and around this area all my life. The building is a new construction high rise building. Our flat is on the 14th floor.

Very regularly we can hear this weird noise in our house. It sounds similar to a squeaking of a swing that has not been oiled. It sounds as if somebody is swinging on a swing slowly (keeek keeek keeek). Over these 8 years we (my mom, my younger brother and myself can only hear the squeaking) have lived here, the noise comes from different parts of the house. It is a 2 bedroom flat. The volume of the noise also varied from time to time.

During our early years living here we used to only hear the noise when one of use was alone at home. Along with the squeaking some other incidents also took place when we were alone at home but that's for another story for now I'll concentrate on the squeaking.

As this squeaking was odd we tried investigating of the source. We checked with our neighbors both next door, above and below, but no one owned a swing.

Over the years we've noticed the squeaking is not coming from a certain place (like if the squeak is from a swing it should be from a certain area) but it seems to move at times. We would start feeling nervous and apprehensive when we would hear it. It used to be at odd hours, sometimes at 4 in the morning, 6 in the evening, and would last mostly for a few minutes and then the quiet.

We have now noticed that this squeaking is like a premonition of a death. It starts around a month prior to the actual death.

We realized this once my paternal grandmother passed away in 2012 who lived with us. The volume of the squeaking is according to the closeness of the family member to us. The louder the squeaking the closer the relative.

In April, 2017 my maternal grandmother passed away fighting with cancer (she was also living with us during her treatment). A month prior to her death we started hearing the squeaking again, at first it was soft and it got louder closer to her death.

Even after her death I could hear the squeaking (only me). Within a week I found out I'm pregnant. I had to abort the baby due to personal reasons. The squeaking was so loud, it was as if it was right near my head. The moment I took the pill the squeaking stopped all of a sudden. My mother and brother did not know of this so, they did not hear this squeaking only I could.

Since this incident I'm sure it indicates death. I am open to any ideas of what this thing might be. It is mostly not dangerous or harmful. It just feels eerie now when we hear it, because we understand what it is signifying.

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Ashraf (4 stories) (13 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-26)
Those days must have been very difficult. Thanks for sharing though.
BettinaMarie (14 stories) (80 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-25)
What spooky signals! It makes you wonder how or who, and I can see why you'd ask all the neighbors trying to narrow it down. Do you have any idea if a certain ancestor or loved one may be sending the noise? I am sure it was a relief that other people could hear it, and therefore it is not just in your mind, so to speak. Has anyone ever heard it away from home? Do other relatives who live elsewhere receive any sort of "message" before a loved one passes? Maybe this gift is a family trait, as it gets stronger the closer your were.
Once at the park a random person walked up to me and explained that she was an empath, and that the constant ringing in my [right] ear was "a message" that I was not hearing or ignoring. The stranger said simply that I "share what I had to teach people." I had been holding back to save feelings, but I accepted the advice. The painful noise had been there for almost a year and Doctor said no cure, etc., but just a few days after that lady talked to me, it dimmed and went away. Who knows...
Because of that I can relate to how odd it feels to have a strange noise come and go, and to find out there is perhaps a personal reasoning or message to it. That would have never crossed my mind before. It makes me wonder if the noise happened when you were nearby, or thinking of the person who was soon to pass, or perhaps handling or contemplating a gift or item that reminded you of them? I hope you are able to ask your family; I find this story quite intriguing.
valkricry (49 stories) (3276 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-03-18)
We have a bird out here who's call sounds like a squeaky swing. It's called a bluejay. But that doesn't explain the timing of when you hear it.
I agree with RC, try and confirm the pattern.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (831 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-17)
I'll admit my first thought was a cricket/crickets. There is also a thing called a death watch beetle, but it makes a different sound, from gnawing on wood, if I recall correctly.

So, you first heard the noise about 2010, and it is connected with death, the closer the person to you, the louder, as confirmed in 2012. Could you dig into things, about who in the family died in 2010, for example, just to confirm the pattern?

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