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Grandma's Paranormal Experience


I have heard this experience from my maternal grandma. The paranormal experience of the family started way before my grandma and her siblings were born. However, they were present during the end of it. Most of the incidents take place in their apartment in Mumbai and around the area they lived in.

This story begins with my grandma's father, I will refer to him as Grandpa Babu (Babu=baby), as Grandpa was born many years after his parents had been trying, he was called babu. It is said that calling a young child by it's name can attract negative energy and jinx it, hence such a generic petname was preferred. However, for Grandpa Babu this petname stuck more than his real name.

In the 1920s (I'm not very sure of the exact years), Grandpa Babu was an excellent businessman and his work was flourishing. One specific day every year he would have food prepared for the people living in his neighborhood (around 100 families). The food was cooked by grandpa babu's mom (Grandma K). A little background on Grandma K, she was very hot tempered and meticulous in her work kind of a lady.

So grandma K was preparing the meal for around 700-800 people. In those days the kitchen of the house had a separate entrance for the service staff to enter. As this meal was a big thing for everybody there was immense energy all around the house. In the meanwhile, a beggar came through the service entrance in the kitchen and started eating food from the barrels kept aside. Grandma K noticed this and started fuming (she had been working very hard on the meal and somebody misbehaving like this by eating her food without her permission was an invitation to her wrath). She said a lot of mean things to the beggar in the heat of the moment. The beggar also got angry and said that he'll be the cause of her fall and will take revenge for this insult.

Now in my community the time of sunset is considered very auspicious and any paranormal activities or possessions are always witnessed during this time.

On the same day as the incident with the beggar, Grandma K at the time of sunset, untied her hair and started roaming around the house muttering something. Mind you this is in 1920s where this kind of behavior of untying ones hair and especially at the time of sunset was a complete no no and signifies paranormal possession. This muttering and weird behavior would only happen for a couple of minutes in the evening and then stop. The family did not take it very seriously, this continued for a few days where the behavior of Grandma K became even more evil, she started muttering in third person about killing herself.

Finally, Grandpa Babu went to our spiritual leader for a solution to save his mother. The spiritual leader (SL) gave Grandpa Babu a task to complete with very specific instructions. Grandpa Babu had to take a metal container (we call it a kalash) filled with water. He had to do this at sunset, he had to move the kalash in circular movement around Grandma K all the time praying. The SL had asked grandpa to keep people around to hold grandma down if she tries escaping. Grandma K became extremely violent when the ritual started and was difficult for 4 men to hold her down. Finally after Grandpa Babu finished praying the SL had said that Grandma would become unconscious, and Grandpa is to sit next to her bed with the kalash in his hand, held near her head.

At midnight, Grandpa Babu was to carry the kalash to a specific tree and pour all the water on the base of the tree. The SL warned Grandpa to take somebody along with him, as while he was going to and returning from the tree there might be voices calling to him from behind, he's not to turn. Grandpa left at midnight with a friend, walked to the tree (it was a huge banyan tree), emptied the water from the kalash. As he turned to return home, Grandpa Babu heard voices calling him, begging him to turn, telling him that his family was being slaughtered there and he should turn to help then. But Grandpa Babu did not turn and kept walking home along with his friend only to reach home and find his family alright.

The next day, Grandpa Babu returned to the SL to tell him he was successful in the task. The SL already knew that he had completed the task, the tree the water was emptied on had been uprooted entirely because of the number of spirits captured in the water by the ritual. The SL said that there were more than a thousand spirits attacking Grandma K, he explained the incident with the beggar to my Grandpa. The SL said the beggar was a master of black magic and on being insulted had sworn on taking revenge. He said that Grandma K is not entirely free from the beggar and further prayers are required.

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3160 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-24)
What happened to all those spirits after they uprooted the tree? Were they set free or did they go to some specific place? 🤔

There are a lot of weird things that only seem to take place in India.

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