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Mystery Of The Mill


This incident happened when I had been to my aunt's house in my village.

My aunt's house is built on their farmland where they own a cotton mill. The farm is outside the village and in a deserted place surrounded by empty barren lands all around.

Almost 10 years back from this incident happened a very old servant who worked for my aunt's house had hanged himself in the mill for some reasons. He was very much attached to our family and had worked for our house and the mill from years.

Nobody knew the reason for his death and after he died there were unusual happenings and noises from the mill. Sometimes my uncle had to wake up in the late night, walk up to the mill to see machines running that were switched off before he returned home.

My uncle never believed in paranormal but my aunt did, She always told him that something was unusual in the mill and she was scared to go there alone.

Now back to the incident, I was at my aunt's house during my summer vacations. The house is surrounded by trees and therefore it is always cool even in summer.

One night I was sleeping in one of the rooms and the power was out. Since it was summer I felt extremely hot and woke up from deep sleep to open the window. The cool air from the trees made me comfortable and I went back to sleep. After sometime I woke up to a loud continuous noise (like a machine turn on) and peeped out of the window. It was coming from the mill and I felt strange as there was a power cut.

My uncle came out of his room with a torch and opened the main door. He walked towards the mill and I followed him out of curiosity. It was dark all around and we both reached the mill. First he opened the office door and went in, searched for the keys of the machinery room. It was missing, he then asked me to stay there until he would get the spare keys from the house.

He went back home and I was all alone in the office. Again I heard that noise from the machinery room. I started sweating due to the scorching heat and the fear of being alone in that huge mill. I took the torch and moved towards the machinery room. It was locked but the sound continued.

My uncle came back with the keys and opened the machinery room. I was more shocked than my uncle who had experienced this many times before. The machine was running in a thundering speed making loud noise without power. My uncle asked me to sit there and went to the power room to check for the supply. I kept gazing in wonder how the machine was running and it stopped slowly after a few minutes. Now there was total silence in the mill and then I heard footsteps and saw a light source from the godown area coming towards me. I thought it was my uncle but as it neared me I started trembling in fear. It was an old man with a lantern in his hand standing at the entrance of the machinery. I screamed and he quickly vanished in the air. The power came and the lights switched on and I saw no one there.

My uncle came running towards the room I sat in and asked why I screamed!? I pointed towards a space and told that I saw an old man standing there and he disappeared when I screamed. My uncle did not believe me and said that there was no one except the two of us. I asked him' what was the problem? Why was the machine making noise!?' He told me that even he didn't understand despite it happening multiple times.

He then switched off the main power and locked the machinery and moved towards the office. As I followed him I felt heavy as if someone tried to pull me back. I then turned back to see no one.

We locked the office and I walked back home thinking about that old man.

The next day I told my aunt about this and she was frightened. Only then she told me about the old servant who once used to work in their house and how he died hanging in the storage area of the mill. After his death the storage area was locked as many unusual things started happening in the mill. I still believe that old man was the same old servant I saw that day!

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-01)
So,by the time this experience happened, the machines had been turning on inexplicably regularly for TEN years?!?! Do you know if your uncle had tried to find a solution to this problem?

For some reason I find it hard to believe than a businessman would do nothing to stop the increasing costs of the power bill after all those years, regardless of he considered this to be a technical problem. 🤔

What happened after your visit? Do you know if the activity continues or if your uncle has done something to find what is causing the machines to start working on their own?
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-24)
Greetings, Sagar.

I'm always fascinated by people's reactions to supernatural events. You stated, "My uncle never believed in paranormal," which is fine. What strikes me as bizarre is that he automatically presumed that your scream of surprise/fear was unjustified. He entered his mill **during a power cut,** had to turn off the machines that **run on a power source** you had already established was absent, and then, when you claim to have seen someone else, he tells you that no-one is there. His mill was inexplicably running, but he dismissed the idea you'd seen a person? Even if *he* had not believed you'd seen a ghost, it certainly could have been an intruder who was hiding somewhere else. He hustled you out of the building without searching for a potential burglar, insisting you had not seen anyone.

I apologize for this in advance, because I am not calling him names, but your uncle is a liar. His disbelief is a lie he keeps telling himself & others; when there is the possibility of confronting the supernatural, he simply insists on his opinion and runs away. I strongly suspect that your uncle's lies are a self-defense mechanism, possibly because he had a supernatural experience that terrified him more than he could understand, so he convinced himself it was not true in order to maintain his sanity. I do hope your uncle has the opportunity, and the courage, to face his fears.


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