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My husband and I moved into a house in Simons Town, Western Cape in 2011.

He worked abroad and I was alone at home most of the time, thinking back on visiting the house the 1st time with the estate agent, I should have trusted my sixth sense and walked out the door then and there.

This is a double storey old home, renovated and gorgeous. It has a long flight of steps that lead up to the house from the street, large veranda and double doors leading into the entrance hall, on the left is the living room, and on the rigth is the entrance to the dining room and kitchen, from the entrance is a flight of steps leading to 3 bedrooms, with a open balcony looking down onto the living room.

I loved the open spaces, wood staircase and farmstyle kitchen, it truly is a very beautiful house and very cosy.

This house was always very cold inside, regardless the fact that it has very large sunny windows, I remember dreading having to use the stairs, it always felt like someone was walking behind you, and if you were in the living room, it always felt like someone was watching you from the stairs.

I don't spook easily and actually do not believe in ghosts, but my experiences in this house has always haunted me, because there was no logic to our experiences there.

The day we moved in, my hubby was in SA and we had a couple of people helping us move in, I was in the main bedroom and clearly heard a woman's voice saying something in French, or what sounded like French. It sounded like she was right next to me and I was alone in the room, I walked to the door, looked up and down the hallway, there was no one else upstairs at the time, I decided that it was my imagination and went down stairs, unfortunately I was wrong, because we would hear her talk often during our stay.

We went to bed late that evening, my hubby woke up at 4 a.m to the sound of running water, he investigated but could not find the source, while he was walking around the house, he heard a woman's voice say something in what sounded like French, I could not believe when he told me about it, since I didn't mention my experience from earlier that day with him, it confirmed my experience and that thought was scary. He was walking down the stairs and clearly heard this voice from the living room, upon investigation, there was no one there. The house is not close to neighbours, so we didn't know what to make of it.

Two weeks later I was home alone, hubby was back in Dubai. I slept with the light on all the time, for the very 1st time in my life, at the age of 36.

We had a alarm system, I often heard footsteps in the house, and our two dogs would react to this by barking and investigating, but there was never a source and the alarm would not pick up any intruders or movement in the house.

Our dogs would often sit in the living room with me, and start barking at the stairs or refuse to go downstairs with us, they were annoyed and behaved out of character often while we lived here.

My husband and myself woke up a couple of times because it felt like someone was watching you, or we would hear a loud thump coming from the kitchen, the source is still a mystery to us.

I had guests over one evening, we were all sitting at the dining room table having dinner, when someone walked by the entrance of the living room, towards the stairs, my hubby and a friend investigated but could not find anyone, we all saw this. This happened many times during our time in this house...

I was home alone watching tv one evening, and saw someone walking by the entrance of the dining room, my dogs started barking, I was terrified and pushed the panic buton on my alarm, the alarm company came out but found no one.

My husband was cooking supper one afternoon, his back turned to the dining room, someone walked in and stood right behind him, he thought it was me, but when he turned around to see why I wasn't answering him, there was no one there, I was outside.

We would often find water puddles in the house but could not explain where they came from.

I also often experienced tapping on my shoulder, I thought it could be a muscle spasm, but never had them before or after we moved out.

We lived in this house for 8 months, the constant stress, uneasy feeling, fear and lack of sleep eventualy got the better of me and we moved out, we had many strange experiences there, here I mention just a few.

It was only after we moved out and lived in a normal house again, that we realized just how bizarre this all was, looking back, I won't go into this house again and left some of my things behind, but didn't have the nerve to go back to get it.

This house is often empty or has new tenants every few months.

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Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-29)
Hi Kate,

I would have liked many more S Africans to have read, and commented on your experiences; they are fascinating. I am sorry you marked your expectations "you won't participate in the discussion", it puts many people off, who would normally comment.

Was it only the feeling of being watched that gave you the bad vibes? Have you never encountered paranormal activity before? If that is the case, maybe there were no malignant spirits, maybe they were just watching out of curiosity, wondering who these new people were, and what they were doing in 'their' house.

Besides waking you up, they didn't show any malice towards you, did they?

I would love to read more from you, in connection with this house. Even if you started out a skeptic when you moved in, you have surely changed your mind by now?

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. 😊
Manafon1 (7 stories) (717 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-24)
Hi Kate - Welcome to YGS. I really enjoyed reading your account. I have experienced many of the things you describe during the course of my life (not all at the same location) but I think it is safe to say that you and your husband lived in a very haunted house. It surprises me that you state that you don't believe in ghosts. You saw and heard one multiple times during your eight months in that house!

I see that you won't be participating in discussing your story so I will end this by simply stating that if everything happened as you described that it might be time for you to admit to yourself that ghosts are indeed "real".

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