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Bride Under The Tree


What I am about to tell you is not mere a story about my first encounter with paranormal entity.

It happened to me when I was in 1st year of engineering in the central part of India. I hope you find it interesting.

It starts with my maternal uncle's place which he recently bought from a farmer in a village just next to his district where he lived because of some financial problems he was facing in the year 2013. I went there to spend my vacation after the first term examination, with my mom and younger brother with same intention as any other guy in the world, resting and refreshing my body. It felt so good to be there the first three days, away from all the hectic schedule of college and the up and downs of daily life. We have a quite big place in the city but I felt happier in the small house of my uncle than my own place. I used to sit in the veranda in morning and feel the rush of breeze passing through my face. I could hear the birds chirping, squirrels playing with each other and the best part was that our house was surrounded by the wheat fields expanding to like hundred meters.

The population of village was no more than 500 people. It was a complete new experience to me because literally I have never been to countryside before. My uncle still travelled to the district on a regular basis as his shop was there, it was like 9 km. Drive to the shop with the state highway.

On the second day of our stay the incident happened to me. My uncle as usual left for the shop at 8:30 am so he could be there until 9 as he is a slow driver, but his motorcycle broke down in the midway so he pushed it to the mechanic's shop to nearest village.

He then called home and asked my aunt to see if Shahid uncle's bike was home. Shahid uncle was our nighbour and his house was adjacent to our house, but unluckily it wasn't.So my aunt told my uncle to come back home but he denied and said that he will manage to get to shop as he was already half way from it and told my aunt to not worry.

In the evening my uncle called again and he talked to me now and asked me to pick him up at the shop at 9 in the night and told me the route. As I already knew the way to shop once I entered the district all I had to do was to get through the highway it was no big deal so I told him yes.

Half and hour before 9 I went to Shahid uncle's house and introduced myself and asked Shahid uncle for the bike and he gave me the keys and asked if I wanted him to come along but I said no and thanked him for asking. I left with no knowledge of what horror awaits for me.

I picked up my uncle and then we went to the village were his bike was, unfortunately the mechanic's shop was closed we asked around and someone told us that he closes his shop at 8 pm. We were disappointed and turned our bike back towards home but we still needed to pass through the village to get to the highway.

On our way back, as I was driving, the route was all empty, the road was barely visible. I was driving slowly because of dim headlight of the bike then what I saw still gives me chills.

There was a field beside the road in which there was a tamarind tree not far from the road it was clearly visible. There was a woman standing beneath it in the Indian bridal costume which was all red and had her head covered by the saree pointing it's one hand towards me asking for help or god I don't know what, for I am just telling what it seemed like. I in her enchantment stopped the bike applying brakes suddenly. My uncle asked what is the matter and simply told him that the woman is asking for lift or help let's go and see what is the matter with her. He looked around and asked what woman and I pointed towards her, in the meantime she started walking towards us. I don't know why I felt no threat.

My uncle then told me to move the bike immediately and head towards home but I was in such a trance that I didn't listen to him and asked him that what will happen to the woman, he shouted on me like mad and told me to get the hell out of there and drive as fast as I can and I did what he said this time. I was confused because of sudden change in his behaviour, we reached home and the very first thing he did was slapped me twice in front of all the family members. I was shocked and my mother asked 'bhaiya kya ho gaya?' Brother what happened why are you slapping him?' To which my uncle narrated the whole incident to my mother and I asked what I did wrong? And he gave a very Sophisticated reply 'VOH TUJHE DIKH RAHI THI NA, par MUJHE NAHI DIKH RAHI THI' you were able to see her but I couldn't. I was shocked there was nothing further to understand and explain.

Whatever she was She was not human.

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Nor83 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-08)
Good one... One should say their prays before hitting the highway... Especially the lonely ones
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-24)
I imagine the reaction of your uncle was frightening though, it is hard to say if the ghost had any bad intentions towards you, or if she was only a poor soul in need of someone to tell her that she doesn't belong in this plane anymore and can move on to a new beginning in her journey through this world.

Only a person from the city could enjoy the antics of some noisy and ill tempered squirrels! 😆

Thanks for sharing.

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