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A Visitor In The House


My parents bought a big house at suburb when I was 14. My bedroom was at the second floor. Up from the staircase, there is a mezzanine where you can look down to the family room next to the staircase and across to the neighbor over the big window. The rooms are lined up along concave mezzanine barrier. At the corner is a bathroom, my brother's room next, followed by mine, a computer room, another seating area, then my other brother's room.

I moved out since I entered college and return a few times a year during holiday. I was 19 at the time and it was around June-July. I never liked that house. It was big with tall ceiling, so many glass windows and rather cold. But that year, it was totally different. The moment I entered that house, I can see visions in my mind, as if I have this image in my head, of a pale man, a little chubby, wearing a traditional clothes. I keep having him in my mind, when I was seated by the family room, or as I lay on my bed at night. But I know the difference between imagination and a vision, so I thought of this as my own imagination.

Until one day, I was stepping out of the bathroom upstairs, as I opened the door, there I saw the man. His entire image is pale, as if I have a blurry vision, but I know what I saw. Somebody was there. He has unkempt hair, pale face, a little plump, slightly rounded belly, wearing traditional clothes, stood by the mezzanine. He was looking across the window to the neighbor house. He seemed undisturbed by my presence. Immediately my heart beat very fast, and in a blink of an eye, he is gone.

I quiver and ran to my mom at the kitchen. I definitely saw somebody. It definitely isn't human. I never had this experience before. But when I told her, I had nothing to say. I told her I saw somebody. I know he's a ghost. My mom reaction was calm. Where I'm from, black magic is common knowledge and many people claim to possess it. We always knew the house was built in what once was a forest with many black magic practices. Those who learned black magic, created a supernatural being. If left incomplete, the half-completed being is released in the jungle, and roam for food. I never completely understand what it means, and how it works.

Still within the same month, I stepped out from my bedroom and I saw a glimpse of white image. He passed by right in front of my face. He wasn't bothering me, he just walked passed me. I can see it is that same man. My heart beat very fast. He vanished in a blink of an eye.

My mom told me next time if I see something, try not to blink, then I will be able to see and observe a little longer.

I have no chance to follow that tips. I didn't stay long in my parents' house and the moment I entered the car to leave the house, even when the car was by the porch, I didn't visualize him in my mind anymore. I never see him anymore over the following holidays. I have no idea if he was visiting or who he was.

The house is now sold away. There are other things happened in the house as well, but I will leave this story for next time.

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Spiritual_Paganist (15 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-03)
Very interesting story, I don't think the entity meant any harm it may have been there because they previously lived there and their attached to the place. I can't say anything about the black magic because its not the strongest of my knowledge but I don't think that this entity is in result of that. Despite the history of the area have you looked into the previous owners of the house, he could have once lived in it. I would love to hear the other stories of this house and what's happened.

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