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The Grumpy Ghost Who Doesn't Like Men.


I've done a piece on my dad's house and one about my mum's house, now it's my first house, my first home for me and my family. (and a tiny bit about our second home)

I moved into a house around 7 doors down from my dad, it was a two up two down house. Stairs from the front door, tiny square landing with two doors leading to the bedrooms. Small but not too small. When I first moved in it was with my partner but after a while things didn't work out and he moved out. Up until now nothing had happened in the house to the best of my knowledge.

I had both my daughters living with me, they had the big bedroom at the front of the house to share and I had the bedroom at the back of the house which was plenty enough space for me (I'd grown up in box rooms so this was an upgrade)

After me and my partner split up I heavily depended on my friends, they kept me sane and happy, just a side note, I am a tomboy and most of my friends are male and all my female friends are tomboys too.

So, to where it all started. I'd have friends stop on the sofa from time to time, when we had plans first thing or if it was getting late. I started noticing weird bangs upstairs if I had specifically male friends around. They would look up too so I knew it wasn't just imagining it. I once asked one of them to check it out as it sounded like the girls' wardrobe was being dragged across the floor (the girls were spending the day at their grandad's and are also not equipped with hulk strength) he went up and said nothing seemed to have moved.

One night, my daughters were stopping at their Grandad's for the night, it was my eldest's 3rd birthday coming up so I was getting the house done up for a big party the next day. I had been up late, probably getting to bed around 1-2am, my friend was asleep on the sofa and I stopped on my daughter's bed (because I'm soppy and I missed them) her headboard is right next to the bedroom door/landing. I got woken up at around 5.30 with someone banging their feet on the landing/top step, I thought it was my friend so I went down to ask what he wanted, he was fast asleep, I woke him up going into the front room.

This became common if I had a male friend on my sofa sleeping the night. (just the clarify it was usually the same 3 friends, I'll call them James (my best friend) Ryan (my friend who came to visit on leave from the army so needed a place to crash) and Dan.

One day I had a few people stopping because we were going to the seaside the next day so, I had "Grace" staying in my bed with me, her daughter in my daughter's bedroom, both were 3 years old, my youngest who was under 1 in a cot in my room near my bedroom door and I had James sleeping on the sofa downstairs.

It was summer and it was ridiculously hot, all the kids were asleep, me and Grace kept going to stand in the back garden to cool off while James who didn't seem to mind the heat fell asleep on the sofa around 9pm. Me and Grace decided to try to sleep not long after, we had all the windows upstairs open to give a nice through-draft... We finally got to sleep around 11pm I'd say, mainly out of exhaustion.

Around 2am we both shot up in bed and stared at the bedroom door, I felt like something was stood there behind the door out of eye shot (it was always open) my 3 year old was notorious for getting up in the night to come for a cuddle so I called her name... No answer... Called it again... No answer... The more I called the more a feeling of fear washed over me. She ALWAYS answered on the second calling of her name. My friend muttered quietly that it wasn't her daughter. Whatever it was still stood there, it felt evil. We slowly held each others hands and laid back down and fell back to sleep, don't ask me how we managed it, I never wanted to sleep.

The next morning I brought it up with Grace assuming I'd had a really bad dream, nope, she remembered it all exactly how I did and she admitted that she felt terrified the entire time. She also admitted she didn't want to go back to sleep either. We went down to ask James about it and he groggily opened his eyes and said he'd not even woken up during the night.

Maybe I pushed my luck having 3 people having a sleepover? Lol anyway the seaside was a welcome distraction.

A few months later it was Halloween I did the whole downstairs up, covered walls with binbags and fake cobweb, the playhouse was inside and had been given a spooky witch makeover. The lights were switched out with red lights and we were ready to have a party. It was a moderately quiet one as it was child friendly. There were 5 children and around 13/14 adults in the house. My brothers were in the kitchen with their best friends, the rest of us were in the front room, suddenly one of my brothers friends shouted through to me that someone was banging upstairs. Me and a friend thinking it was one of our children, went to bring them down, there wasn't anybody in either room. We decided to sit at the bottom of stairs/doorway of the front room so nobody could sneak up, again the lads in the kitchen mentioned banging upstairs but louder, now, we KNEW there wasn't anybody upstairs. So I admitted to my friend what the banging was, we carried on sitting where we were and we actually started hearing the banging on the top step.

It was like a grumpy old man stomping his foot so the "youths" stopped making a ruckus.

A few months later I moved house. I said goodbye in an effort to not be followed, which I don't think I was. However within days of moving my 4 year old refused to go into the new dining room because of the shadow people...

The stairgate opened on it's own one night. It's a 3 step process to open which even I struggled with and the girls wouldn't be able to figure out.

And one night I was woken up to one of my daughter's toys under my bed loudly go "TOOT TOOT, I am the number 1 steam engine" I had a mild heart attack with that.

That's it, we lived there for 2 and a half years and they were the only things that happened which the train could have been on it's last legs battery-wise so wanted a last hurrah, who knows.

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the_0lympians (10 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-17)
it seems that there was a paranormal being there he probably was asking you to be a bit more quiet

The ghost king 👻🤴
Nico di Angelo
MrsRamsay (guest)
3 years ago (2021-02-10)
Great stories, all that you've posted. I imagine living in Great Britain with its thousands of years of history keeps people who can sense things pretty busy!

I woke up to a firetruck in my daughter's closet one time, just making all kinds of noise. It freaked me out, my husband had recently passed away. Turned it off. A few weeks later, cleaning out her closet, I was going to take the batteries out so it wouldn't happen again, and there were no batteries in it! Your story caused THAT memory to surface, haha. Thanks!

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