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The House At The Front


This is one incident which happened way back when I was a kid, around 7 years of age. I grew up at my maternal grandmother's place. There were few kids in my neighborhood and we all used to play in the evening and continued to do so until someone from our respective homes would come and take us away. The incident is of one such evening.

In front of my house there was an empty house. As far as I remember, once a family used to live there. They were a married couple and the wife was expecting. They gave birth to a boy. After few months the boy died and they also soon after left the home.

No one came to stay in that home after that and hence it was vacant. The house had a small wall as its boundary to the veranda and the veranda was connected to the main entrance of the house. At the back side of the house was a mini garden or you can say a lawn. But that wasn't a lawn anymore. Those were like wild grass which had popped out everywhere at the backyard. In that backyard was a small storeroom which was locked from outside and had just one grilled window.

One evening we friends decided to play hide and seek. One of us started counting and the other began to hide. I went into that house to hide. I went to the backyard thinking that no one would guess I am there. Few minutes passed and no one came searching for me so I began to roam around and went near that storeroom and tried to peek through the window. All I could see was darkness.

After few seconds I decided to walk back and it was then when I saw a faint light in that room. I focused and that light became bright and all of a sudden I saw a shadow passing by. I screamed and ran and was busted by my friend who was searching for the hidden ones.

He told me to stay at the front of the house while he was searching for the others. I was too scared to stay alone. I was in shock and didn't utter a single word. After few minutes all of us gathered at a single place. I was still quiet and when they asked me the reason I told them everything. A few of them were scared but rest of them laughed. I kept mum.

Then me and one of my friend discovered something lying on the veranda. When we had a close look it were two earthen pots of very small size like, approximately of a tennis ball's size, and a red cloth was wrapped on their openings/mouth. We didn't knew what it was. I tried to open it but my friends started scaring me and I left it.

I came back home and told everything to my grandmother and she scolded me for having gone there. She asked e to not to go to that place ever again. I told her everything except for the fact that I had brought with me one of those pots. At night I just tried to open it, but it won't. I kept it by my pillow side and slept. I had horrendous nightmares that night and next morning I woke up with a high fever.

My grandmother discovered that pot and immediately got rid of it. She didn't scold me as I was not well but what I remember next was that we had a 'puja' conducted in our house and something was tied on my hand and I was told to not to take it off. I was well again and after a couple of days started playing with my friends again.

One friend told me that her mom told that those pots were evil as somebody performs black magic. I didn't knew what black magic was neither did my friend but we knew that whatever it was, it wasn't good.

We never went to that house again. Today there is a whole new house constructed at that place and I heard that a family moved in there but they also moved out of there after the elder of their family passed away.

I don't know what is there that still exists and neither do I exactly know what it was back then.

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_heart_hacker_utkarsh_ (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-05)
So gud story it was, I think the house was something wrong and a evil spirit was there...don't do this again because the spirits was very powerful sometimes, neither mind you are just a kid on that time!😊

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