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Haunted Family And Spirits In The House


I'm from Argentina, exactly from the province of Buenos Aires. My mom's side of the family, mostly women, come from Entre Ríos, a part of the Argentinian litoral. That means many things. For example, that it's very hot, and also it has a very interesting and rich history of hauntings, witches, black and white magic and devotion of Argentinian saints, such as el Gauchito Gil or San La Muerte. My family believes in these things, but it has never shown devotion to them. My grandmother used to be a Jehovah Witness and my mother is devoted of the Virgin (according to her, because she takes care of the ill) and Jesus. I'm a believer of all things from other planes of existence after many years of being sceptical.

The thing is that my mom is very sensitive and, since I was a kid, would share her interactions with The Other Side. I was never much into it for reasons that aren't of interest, but as I grew up, and mostly after her always being right during her card sessions, during the time she made them, I became a little more open to these ideas. Now, many years later, I'm all open ears. My mother also has premonitory dreams: for example, one time she dreamt a friend of mine stole things from our house. Then, I discovered she did (very sad story). Another time, she dreamt she saw another friend's arms and she got very scared and thought she would die. I later talked to my friend about it and she said she was about to self harm. She doesn't think she's a witch but I do.

I don't really know where exactly to start. I think that the root of the story is Entre Ríos. My grandmother had a cousin that hated her very much, but she had no one left and, when my grandfather was sick (and eventually passed away), she asked her to come to Buenos Aires to help her take care of their six children. Days after my grandfather died, my uncle said he found a 'work' of brujería under the bed he died.

The house I grew up in it's divided by three different houses now: my grandma's, one of my aunt's and her family, and my mom's and I. The part in which we lived used to be a garden, a patio, and later a little room where they would put things. Rumor has it, my grandmother used to do brujerías there before she became a Jehovah Witness after my grandpa's passing, but I can't know that for sure since she hasn't told me that herself. But what I do know is that my uncle and his friends would play el juego de la copa (like a Ouija board, but with a cup, google it!). Therefore, I think it has all the negative vibe that can come from it when it's used by people with no experience.

My house is weird. One time, the bathroom door closed by itself after I, angry with my mom for another reason, asked her multiple times to close it. She flipped out but I didn't think much of it, I don't know why. Sometimes, while you were in bed, you could hear spoons or knives or forks falling from their places in the kitchen. My mom swore she could hear footsteps coming up and down the hall, or a chair being pulled. She said my dad used to do that when he couldn't sleep at night: walk through the hall, sit on the chair, drink mate. I don't really think it was my dad, though. I've always believed he's not really in the house. I've gone to a witch's house two times, and one of these times she told me that he wasn't at the house, so she backs me up.

About five years ago, while I was trying to sleep, I heard a voice saying my second name (my mom's first name) in my ear. I didn't say a thing about it because, well, it could've been my mind playing tricks on me. But my mom would later talk about someone calling her during sleep. Other than that, I've never felt much until the last couple of months we lived there. My mom used to talk about being watched while she was on the bedroom. One time, she even said the thing sat on the end of the bed and watched her. Like I said, I've only started to feel things about three months ago, before we moved out. One of my cousins went to my house and said she thought she saw someone on the doorway to the bedroom (we used to sleep in the same room). I was like yeah, mom too.

Then one night we were there, no lights on, I was with my cat Tori on top of me and I saw something for the first time.

It was a presence I cannot describe in many words. It was in the doorway, standing there. I think it was big. And it was darker than the dark. I could make its shadow, darker than the dark. I didn't say anything because my mom would flip out, so I rolled to the other side and fell asleep. The next morning I asked her how she slept and she said bad!, she said someone was calling her name during the night and that she saw something on the doorway. I said I did too. I said it was darker than the dark and she said I described it perfectly.

As I said, we've moved out. Thing is, my family believes (and I do too) that this house is pretty much haunted, even if they don't say it with those words (for example, an aunt of mine said 'I don't know if there are other things in this world, but that place it's like a hole were horrible things repeat itselves all the time'). My relationship with my aunt that lives there went downhill and it made me really depressed and I think the house and whatever inhabits it could sense it. Mold started appearing on the walls, a white thing (I don't know how to explain it) too, then spots of humidity. Our microwave died, then our laundry machine, then the toilet broke and it flooded the whole house. We had it fixed, it broke again and so on. The lights of my old room (I didn't sleep there no more because the humidity and how cold it was made me ill almost all the time) never worked again, the switch broke all of the sudden.

Now, let's talk about the witch! She's the mom of a friend of mine and knows my mom since we're all from the same neighborhood. Lovely lady. I went twice. Almost everything (except for a few things which she has told me the two times that maybe just haven't happened yet) she says ends up happening, even when, at the time, I thought they made no sense. I do believe her because her guide is El Santito, and he's very powerful. He's San La Muerte after all. I respect him and I know he protects the ones that need protection and if you do good he does good. Don't confuse him with the cult of La Santísima Muerte, this one is from Corrientes, also part of the litoral.

Anyways, she told me that our family had a long running curse made in Entre Ríos by a now ill woman. We thought about my grandma's cousin, who lost her feet to diabetes. This curse apparently only affects the women in the family. One time she told us my cousin's girlfriend's family was evil, all Umbandas (a religion from Brazil. It was true! They are) and that she was followed by a kid with no legs. We later talked about it with our cousin and he said she had a brother who died after a train cut him in half.

If you want to know, some of the things that I thought made no sense were: 1) Two people from the family would end up fighting. 2) A marriage would end. 3) Someone was leaving the place and never coming back. 4) There was someone with much dark inside. Now, my aunt and I ended up fighting, and her marriage is now ending, and we've left the place to never come back.

In the new house we don't sense anything.

Anyways! That was the story. Anyone else has these weird super sensitive of the Unknown families? How is it?

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Pink496 (guest)
6 years ago (2018-08-18)
Very interesting experience I enjoyed reading it thank you for sharing I wish all the best to you pink496
Socracy5 (3 stories) (64 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-16)
Hey Lourdessuyai,

Effects of curse hmm... Well if you believe it happened due to a curse of someone more exactly you're suspicious of your grandma's cousin, who you mentioned bears hatred to the family. But for what reason you would say.

An ancient grudge she bears on someone or could it be of a past incident else it could an entirely different matter like residual hauntings as mentioned by Dee or maybe it could be the work of a wicked witch (can't think of an exact word), who bears a grudge to anyone in the family,

I am suggesting this cause according to you it only affects the women in the family due to rich history of Entrè Rios about witches and black magic stuffs. Hope it helps;-).

CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-13)
Greetings Lourdessuyai,

Your account made me think of two possibilities: 1) Poltergeist activity caused by conflict and/or energy manifesting unknowingly by a sensitive individual and 2) Residual activity. The statement from your Aunt; "... Horrible things repeat itselves all the time" would describe residual incidents too.

You mentioned that after moving out, the activity ceased. From your story, it appears that conflict between family members may have caused some of the activity. You described your mother as sensitive to the spirit world, perhaps you are as well?

You asked if anyone else has sensitive family members or are sensitive... Absolutely. I believe many people are opening up to the unknown/paranormal. Thank goodness it's becoming more of the 'norm'. Not too long ago, individuals didn't feel free to speak up about these topics and share their experiences.

Thank you for sharing 😊

- Dee

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