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Greetings to everyone! My name is Andrew. I found this site by accident while doing some research on one of my crystals. I've had a vast array of experiences over the years and after reading through this site, it seems a genuine and positive space. With well informed, kind, honest, rational, accepting people and a safe environment to share my experiences so as to have sensible discussions with others. As I mentioned before I've had a wealth of experiences over the years and usually I only share them with a select and understanding few. So it's refreshing to be able to discuss things with a wide range of people.

Now that I've explained myself and said hello I'll give you the details of my latest experience. I live in Scotland, near the border with England. For the last few years I've been living with my girlfriend in a home that is owned by my family. It's been in the family for at least 3-4 generations and I took it on about 2 years ago. It's an old bungalow (early 1800s) and was once 2 homes made into 1, although this happened a very long time ago. As well as being two bungalows joined into one a large extension was added maybe 25 years ago. From the entrance (main front door) when you enter the property to the right is the original door with the original stone work exposed, which has a date stone on the top. When you enter the property it has really positive vibes, I mean really positive and happy. The hallway, main bathroom, second living room and sunroom all reflect this feeling. Now going back to that dated doorway, when you pass through that threshold, things become totally different. It's not unpleasant as such... Just a bit "thicker" and more oppressive, if that makes sense? Recently I've felt this worsening and I would of expected it to be better as we're having an unusually amazing summer, so it's full of light, warmth and also I decorated recently with nice light colours, plus all our furniture is light and natural. It's also worth mentioning that it's open plan, so it's nice and open but not so much so that you would get lost in the space. If you took it out and plonked it down in another property you'd be comfortable with the environment.

But here's the thing, I'm not comfortable! Until recently I felt I could go around at night with all the lights off, leave all the doors open so you can see through and sit with my back to the doors. This has all changed, oddly enough my partner won't speak about spiritual things with me as it makes her uncomfortable. So she has no idea what I'm thinking and I would never let on so as not to scare her. So when she brought it up the other day, she would of had no idea what I was thinking. The fact that we are both thinking the same thing, would be impossible for her to know. Also the fact that we are having the same experience in this area made me think I needed to do something about it. Now you could argue that my behaviour had changed with the lights and things, but here's the thing, I suck it up when she's here so she has a feeling of security and safety "well if he's not bothered, why should I be?". When she's here I leave doors open, lights off etc so it would be impossible to put her comments down to mirroring me or from something I've said or done. When I'm in the house with her I act "normal" when we hear something, see something, or experience something I explain it away, putting her at ease, even though I am thinking/knowing otherwise.

I've lived in many places where life has gone on for a long time, and you come to accept that some echo from the past is probably using the bathroom, it's when it gets unpleasant that it's no longer acceptable. So as we both have this feeling of discomfort and shared experiences of activity from speech, unexplainable noises (not related to the age of the house) and seeing shadows/figures - especially with the confirmation that it's affecting us equally from her telling me her perspective and it matching mine, with her having no knowledge of what I was thinking (just to reinforce this point, she started the conversation with "your going to think I'm daft, as you seem absolutely fine and haven't mentioned anything but there's something not right with the old side of the house and I think it's just me, but...").

So with all of the above in mind I felt the evidence was there to act on it. Normally I would just leave things, as I said before life has gone on for a long time in some places and if it's not bothering me, what right do I have to mess with it? But in this instance, enough was enough! So I decided to cleanse and protect the house, myself and my partner. I pulled out my incense, sandalwood, essential oils, candles, sage, crystals (I'm heavily interested in crystal work and their positive uses), sea salt, my talismans of protection and a few other bits and bobs. I mean, I was going to town as I'm not bothered with the above when it just affects me, as I mentioned I've had many experiences, but when it involves the person I love the most on this floating blue dot in space... Well, I'm just not cool with that! Now I was ready to cleanse our home. I'm not a religious person but I am spiritual and I do believe in a higher power. I also believe in the power of positivity, good energies and light. I told my partner what I was going to do and explained that hopefully it will make her feel better and that she could be involved if she wanted, to my surprise she did want to be involved - her reasoning amused me to!

She was fed up that the goings on have been waking her up and disturbing her sleep... Nothing gets in the way of her and her beauty sleep! With my wingman with me I got to work, I explained what I was doing as we went along and she lit the incense around the house and opened all the cupboards etc and got the smoke into all the still, normally dark places. We symbolically swept around the house and carried out everything else until we had finished.

Now, this is the strange part! The part I don't understand and hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me please. After everything was all said and done, throughout the day/night we kept seeing these like white "darts" flying out of the windows. At first I thought it was an extremely fast moth or something flying into my bedroom window, as it moved so fast I didn't catch it properly. But then it happened again, in a different room... And then again. An I then realised these things weren't flying out of the windows, but through them. Through the glass, so far out then they disappeared. What really validated it for me was when my girlfriend came to me and said "I've just seen this thing fly out of the window, it went through the glass! I saw it in the kitchen and the spare bedroom, I don't know what it was". I asked her to describe it fully to me and sure enough it was a complete match. I've never seen anything like that before. I also know it wasn't a fluke or a hallucination as it happened in several different rooms, at different times of the day and I had the validation from my partner. As again I hadn't told her, so she had no way of knowing I'd seen it to! I'm stumped as to what it was. The only explanation I could give myself was that it was things leaving.

We repeated the cleansing over a few days and I'm now happy to say that there is a noticeable difference! To the point that my friends actually commented saying, "there's a really nice atmosphere in here, it's really comfortable and chilled". There comments mirrored what me and my partner where thinking. We're both strangely much happier now and I just can't explain the difference in how this side of the house feels! I look forward to being at home again and my electricity bills probably gone down to seeing as I don't feel I have to have the lights on everywhere I go! But the main thing is my girlfriend feels the same. She now feels safe and secure, plus probably most importantly to her she's able to enjoy her sleep again!

So there we have it, any comments or insight would be very much appreciated. Sorry if it does seem rather long, writing is not my strongest feature (the old dyslexia) but I've done my best to explain and hopefully it makes sense! Thank you for taking the time to read my experience, sending good vibes and happiness your way.


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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-10)
I was totally shocked by your last sentence, actually! I really quite enjoyed your writing style and think you have a definite flare for recounting events in a way that is clear, relatable and sometimes very funny! I would gladly read more!

Your mindset on and approach to the paranormal etc are very similar to my own - I absolutely get where you are coming from. You handled things very much as I would have. I laughed out loud when I read:
"I've lived in many places where life has gone on for a long time, and you come to accept that some echo from the past is probably using the bathroom..."
You hit the nail on the head there in a very Terry Pratchett way!

The experience you had after your cleansing was fascinating - I think you and your girlfriend have got it right though that you were seeing the entities leaving. Maybe they had all become stuck there for some reason and the heaviness you felt was paranormal pressure in a sense from all the buildup.

Looking forward to your future posts!
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-09)
Hi there Andrew,

Welcome to YGS. You are absolutely correct, this site is a safe place to discuss things that go bump in the night or those 'What was that?" moments. I'm glad you found us. 😊

I agree with Jubeele, Tweed and babygoatpuller, the white darts sound like energy dispersing or leaving. Your home sounds lovely, warm and inviting... I'm sure your efforts and positive outlook help create that. Kudos to you and your girlfriend.

I would also suggest having an in depth conversation regarding your spiritual beliefs with your partner. It sounds like you have opened her mind already, which is great. My boyfriend of 10 plus years slowly opened up too. Now, we have wonderful thought provoking conversations on a variety of paranormal/spiritual topics. There is always something that catches the eye, something to hear or something to 'brainstorm' on. 😊

I would love to read about your other experiences as well. YGS has wonderful members that love to discuss possibilities, ideas and experiences. Thanks for sharing a great account!

babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-09)
Good read Andrew and welcome to YGS. And thanks for all the kudos!

First off, I have a question. You said, "When you enter the property it has really positive vibes, I mean really positive and happy. The hallway, main bathroom, second living room and sunroom all reflect this feeling. Now going back to that dated doorway, when you pass through that threshold, things become totally different. It's not unpleasant as such... Just a bit "thicker" and more oppressive, if that makes sense?"
My question is when you pass through the first time it feels positive and happy and then it changes the second time you go through or?

Perhaps when you did the cleansing, you managed to release some of the energies that were "trapped" there that were maybe being held in by a darker one at the entrance. Once you freed them, the darker one felt no choice but to move on. I think Jubeele and Tweed are right on this one. A regular cleansing couldn't hurt.

Another thing should be sitting down and having a rational and truthful discussion with your girlfriend. You have no reason to "suck it up" anymore, since she now seems to have had her own "experience". And with it being fairly recent I assume, she may be more open to your own views on everything. Might take away her fears and a little knowledge will empower her.

Thanks for a good read Andrew and I look forward to hearing more of your experiences.
Tweed (35 stories) (2494 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-09)
Aww shucks Andrew, thanks for the warm and fuzzies, welcome to YGS!

I don't have an answer but I think I know what you're talking about. Are these white things super small like midges? My husband and I have also seen something like this at separate times. What you've shared about this being directly after a home cleansing has really got me thinking. I've not noticed any timeline with this, but I'll now be paying closer attention.
It doesn't happen very often, maybe once a year, if that. We have dried flowers, permanent arrangements in vases dotted around the place. One is a dried bunch of protias. We've both seen, at different times, stark white 'specks' dart in or around those protias. Actually those protias have been shifted to a different part of the room and since then it's still happened, white specks around those flowers.
No idea what it is sorry, but I don't get any menacing vibes from them, I pretty much assumed they'd be some kind of nature spirit. Perhaps these are the same kind of entity as yours.

Do you find energy build ups, negative or positive, at different times of the year? This could be a universal cause, or something to do with the history of the home/land or even you and your loved ones who live there or frequent the home. Perhaps the unease experienced by you both was simply a build up of energy, over time, which became chaotic and needed dispersing, with the ye ole cleanse.😊 You mentioned the doorway threshold feeling thicker. I would pay special attention to doorways when you cleanse. A strong threshold is a good thing, I believe, good fences make good neighbours and all that, even for the paranormal. But perhaps your threshold needed a bit of a 'positivity top up', for lack of a better term. I think energies and thresholds can become stagnant over time and need something of a paranormal hoovering. Perhaps your white zooming things were reacting, or adjusting to the renewed energy.

Thanks for sharing, be thinking about those white specky things for the rest of the day now.
Jubeele (26 stories) (892 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-07)
Hi Andrew, your house sounds wonderfully bright and airy. Scotland is a beautiful place, full of rich history. It is possible for a place to be well-lit and yet be filled with negative energy. For me, it's like walking in thick invisible mud or fighting through sticky cobwebs.

My Grandma's house was said to be "haunted" too. I'm fascinated by your experiences and would love to hear more details about it. You said that you and your partner felt "uncomfortable". Can you please elaborate on the "feeling of discomfort and shared experiences of activity from speech, unexplainable noises"? And they were "not related to the age of the house"? Does that mean that things also happened in the newer part as well? What kept your partner from her "beauty sleep"? That would annoy me too. I believe certain boundaries must be respected. 😠

Those white darts sound really interesting. Many people have reported seeing orbs of light; some believe that such white lights could denote spirits trapped on this plane.

Good to know that your cleansing worked and whatever was causing your discomfort seems to have departed. You seem to have handled everything and hopefully you won't be needing any further help. Perhaps a periodic cleansing schedule to maintain the happy calm won't go amiss...

Peace and light to you and your partner. Welcome to YGS. 😊

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